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This section offers statistical press releases tables, statistical annexes of the official publications and a large variety of statistical reports of the European Central Bank.



Statistics Bulletin | Economic Bulletin | ESRB Risk Dashboard

ECB/Eurosystem policy

Breakdown of Eurosystem aggregated balance sheet | Breakdown of the Eurosystem consolidated financial statement | Banknotes and coins statistics | TARGET balances

Money, credit and banking

Press release monetary developments | Monetary aggregates | MFI balance sheets | Credit institutions and money market funds balance sheets | Electronic money | Estimated MFI loans to NFCs by economic activity (NACE)

Financial corporations

Statistical release investment funds | Investment funds | Statistical release financial vehicle corporations | Financial vehicle corporations | Financial corporations engaged in lending | Statistical release insurance corporations | Insurance corporations (balance sheet information) | Insurance corporations (premiums, claims and acquisition expenses) | Statistical release pension funds | Pension funds | Structural Financial Indicators

Financial Market and Interest Rates

Bank interest rates statistics | Long-term interest rates | Press release securities issued

Macroeconomic and sector indicators

Euro area accounts | Household Sector Report | Experimental indicators of commercial property prices | Debt securities issuance and service by EU governments | Quarterly Fiscal Position | Annual Fiscal Position | General government expenditure by function (COFOG) | Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure (MIP) Scoreboard

Payments statistics

Payments Statistics | Securities trading, clearing and settlement