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Series Level Information
Title ECB Main refinancing operations - fixed rate tenders (fixed rate) (date of changes) - Level
Title Complement Euro area (changing composition) - Key interest rate - ECB Main refinancing operations - fixed rate tenders (fixed rate) (date of changes) - Level - Euro, provided by ECB
Unit Percent per annum
Dataset FM : Financial market data

Data Structure Definition (DSD)
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CL_OBS_CONF Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
R Discontinued from October 2006
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 Euro area (changing composition) - Key interest rate - ECB Main refinancing operations - fixed rate tenders (fixed rate) (date of changes) - Level - Euro, provided by ECB
(Financial market data)
Period valueobs. status
2021-10-150.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-140.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-130.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-120.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-110.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-100.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-090.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-080.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-070.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-060.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-050.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-040.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-030.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-020.0000Normal value (A)
2021-10-010.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-300.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-290.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-280.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-270.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-260.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-250.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-240.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-230.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-220.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-210.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-200.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-190.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-180.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-170.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-160.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-150.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-140.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-130.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-120.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-110.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-100.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-090.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-080.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-070.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-060.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-050.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-040.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-030.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-020.0000Normal value (A)
2021-09-010.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-310.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-300.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-290.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-280.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-270.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-260.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-250.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-240.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-230.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-220.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-210.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-200.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-190.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-180.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-170.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-160.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-150.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-140.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-130.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-120.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-110.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-100.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-090.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-080.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-070.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-060.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-050.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-040.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-030.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-020.0000Normal value (A)
2021-08-010.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-310.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-300.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-290.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-280.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-270.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-260.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-250.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-240.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-230.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-220.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-210.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-200.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-190.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-180.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-170.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-160.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-150.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-140.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-130.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-120.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-110.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-100.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-090.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-080.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-070.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-060.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-050.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-040.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-030.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-020.0000Normal value (A)
2021-07-010.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-300.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-290.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-280.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-270.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-260.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-250.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-240.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-230.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-220.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-210.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-200.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-190.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-180.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-170.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-160.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-150.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-140.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-130.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-120.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-110.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-100.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-090.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-080.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-070.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-060.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-050.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-040.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-030.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-020.0000Normal value (A)
2021-06-010.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-310.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-300.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-290.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-280.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-270.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-260.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-250.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-240.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-230.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-220.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-210.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-200.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-190.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-180.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-170.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-160.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-150.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-140.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-130.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-120.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-110.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-100.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-090.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-080.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-070.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-060.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-050.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-040.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-030.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-020.0000Normal value (A)
2021-05-010.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-300.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-290.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-280.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-270.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-260.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-250.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-240.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-230.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-220.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-210.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-200.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-190.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-180.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-170.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-160.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-150.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-140.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-130.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-120.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-110.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-100.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-090.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-080.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-070.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-060.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-050.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-040.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-030.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-020.0000Normal value (A)
2021-04-010.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-310.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-300.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-290.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-280.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-270.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-260.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-250.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-240.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-230.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-220.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-210.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-200.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-190.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-180.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-170.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-160.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-150.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-140.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-130.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-120.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-110.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-100.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-090.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-080.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-070.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-060.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-050.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-040.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-030.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-020.0000Normal value (A)
2021-03-010.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-280.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-270.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-260.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-250.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-240.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-230.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-220.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-210.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-200.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-190.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-180.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-170.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-160.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-150.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-140.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-130.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-120.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-110.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-100.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-090.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-080.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-070.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-060.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-050.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-040.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-030.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-020.0000Normal value (A)
2021-02-010.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-310.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-300.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-290.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-280.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-270.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-260.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-250.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-240.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-230.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-220.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-210.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-200.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-190.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-180.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-170.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-160.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-150.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-140.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-130.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-120.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-110.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-100.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-090.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-080.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-070.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-060.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-050.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-040.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-030.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-020.0000Normal value (A)
2021-01-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-310.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-300.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-12-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-300.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-11-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-310.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-300.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-10-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-300.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-09-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-310.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-300.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-08-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-310.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-300.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-07-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-300.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-06-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-310.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-300.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-05-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-300.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-04-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-310.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-300.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-03-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-02-010.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-310.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-300.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-290.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-280.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-270.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-260.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-250.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-240.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-230.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-220.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-210.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-200.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-190.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-180.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-170.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-160.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-150.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-140.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-130.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-120.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-110.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-100.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-090.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-080.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-070.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-060.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-050.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-040.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-030.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-020.0000Normal value (A)
2020-01-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-310.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-300.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-290.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-12-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-300.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-290.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-11-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-310.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-300.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-290.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-10-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-300.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-290.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-09-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-310.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-300.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-290.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-08-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-310.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-300.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-290.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-07-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-300.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-290.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-06-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-310.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-300.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-290.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-05-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-300.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-290.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-04-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-310.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-300.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-290.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-03-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-02-010.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-310.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-300.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-290.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-280.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-270.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-260.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-250.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-240.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-230.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-220.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-210.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-200.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-190.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-180.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-170.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-160.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-150.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-140.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-130.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-120.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-110.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-100.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-090.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-080.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-070.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-060.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-050.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-040.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-030.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-020.0000Normal value (A)
2019-01-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-310.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-300.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-290.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-12-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-300.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-290.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-11-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-310.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-300.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-290.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-10-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-300.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-290.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-09-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-310.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-300.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-290.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-08-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-310.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-300.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-290.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-07-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-300.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-290.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-06-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-310.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-300.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-290.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-05-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-300.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-290.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-04-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-310.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-300.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-290.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-03-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-02-010.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-310.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-300.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-290.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-280.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-270.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-260.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-250.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-240.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-230.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-220.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-210.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-200.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-190.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-180.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-170.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-160.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-150.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-140.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-130.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-120.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-110.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-100.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-090.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-080.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-070.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-060.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-050.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-040.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-030.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-020.0000Normal value (A)
2018-01-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-310.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-300.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-290.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-12-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-300.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-290.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-11-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-310.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-300.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-290.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-10-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-300.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-290.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-09-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-310.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-300.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-290.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-08-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-310.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-300.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-290.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-07-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-300.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-290.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-06-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-310.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-300.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-290.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-05-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-300.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-290.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-04-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-310.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-300.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-290.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-03-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-02-010.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-310.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-300.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-290.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-280.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-270.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-260.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-250.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-240.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-230.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-220.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-210.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-200.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-190.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-180.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-170.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-160.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-150.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-140.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-130.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-120.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-110.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-100.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-090.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-080.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-070.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-060.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-050.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-040.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-030.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-020.0000Normal value (A)
2017-01-010.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-310.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-300.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-290.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-280.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-270.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-260.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-250.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-240.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-230.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-220.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-210.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-200.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-190.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-180.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-170.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-160.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-150.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-140.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-130.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-120.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-110.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-100.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-090.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-080.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-070.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-060.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-050.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-040.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-030.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-020.0000Normal value (A)
2016-12-010.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-300.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-290.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-280.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-270.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-260.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-250.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-240.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-230.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-220.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-210.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-200.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-190.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-180.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-170.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-160.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-150.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-140.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-130.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-120.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-110.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-100.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-090.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-080.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-070.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-060.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-050.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-040.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-030.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-020.0000Normal value (A)
2016-11-010.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-310.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-300.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-290.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-280.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-270.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-260.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-250.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-240.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-230.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-220.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-210.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-200.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-190.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-180.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-170.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-160.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-150.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-140.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-130.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-120.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-110.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-100.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-090.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-080.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-070.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-060.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-050.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-040.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-030.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-020.0000Normal value (A)
2016-10-010.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-300.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-290.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-280.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-270.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-260.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-250.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-240.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-230.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-220.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-210.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-200.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-190.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-180.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-170.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-160.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-150.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-140.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-130.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-120.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-110.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-100.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-090.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-080.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-070.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-060.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-050.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-040.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-030.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-020.0000Normal value (A)
2016-09-010.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-310.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-300.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-290.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-280.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-270.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-260.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-250.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-240.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-230.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-220.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-210.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-200.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-190.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-180.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-170.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-160.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-150.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-140.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-130.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-120.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-110.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-100.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-090.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-080.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-070.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-060.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-050.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-040.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-030.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-020.0000Normal value (A)
2016-08-010.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-310.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-300.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-290.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-280.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-270.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-260.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-250.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-240.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-230.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-220.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-210.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-200.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-190.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-180.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-170.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-160.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-150.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-140.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-130.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-120.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-110.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-100.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-090.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-080.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-070.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-060.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-050.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-040.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-030.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-020.0000Normal value (A)
2016-07-010.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-300.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-290.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-280.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-270.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-260.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-250.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-240.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-230.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-220.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-210.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-200.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-190.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-180.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-170.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-160.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-150.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-140.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-130.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-120.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-110.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-100.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-090.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-080.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-070.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-060.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-050.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-040.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-030.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-020.0000Normal value (A)
2016-06-010.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-310.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-300.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-290.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-280.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-270.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-260.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-250.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-240.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-230.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-220.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-210.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-200.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-190.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-180.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-170.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-160.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-150.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-140.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-130.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-120.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-110.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-100.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-090.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-080.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-070.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-060.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-050.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-040.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-030.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-020.0000Normal value (A)
2016-05-010.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-300.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-290.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-280.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-270.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-260.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-250.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-240.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-230.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-220.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-210.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-200.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-190.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-180.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-170.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-160.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-150.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-140.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-130.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-120.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-110.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-100.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-090.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-080.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-070.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-060.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-050.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-040.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-030.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-020.0000Normal value (A)
2016-04-010.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-310.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-300.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-290.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-280.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-270.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-260.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-250.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-240.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-230.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-220.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-210.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-200.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-190.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-180.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-170.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-160.0000Normal value (A)
2016-03-150.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-140.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-130.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-120.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-110.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-100.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-090.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-080.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-070.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-060.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-050.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-040.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-030.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-020.0500Normal value (A)
2016-03-010.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-290.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-280.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-270.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-260.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-250.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-240.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-230.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-220.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-210.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-200.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-190.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-180.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-170.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-160.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-150.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-140.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-130.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-120.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-110.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-100.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-090.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-080.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-070.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-060.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-050.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-040.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-030.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-020.0500Normal value (A)
2016-02-010.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-310.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-300.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-290.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-280.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-270.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-260.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-250.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-240.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-230.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-220.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-210.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-200.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-190.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-180.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-170.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-160.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-150.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-140.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-130.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-120.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-110.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-100.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-090.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-080.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-070.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-060.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-050.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-040.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-030.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-020.0500Normal value (A)
2016-01-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-310.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-300.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-290.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-12-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-300.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-290.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-11-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-310.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-300.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-290.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-10-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-300.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-290.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-09-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-310.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-300.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-290.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-08-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-310.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-300.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-290.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-07-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-300.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-290.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-06-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-310.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-300.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-290.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-05-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-300.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-290.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-04-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-310.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-300.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-290.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-03-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-02-010.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-310.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-300.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-290.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-280.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-270.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-260.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-250.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-240.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-230.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-220.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-210.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-200.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-190.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-180.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-170.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-160.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-150.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-140.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-130.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-120.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-110.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-100.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-090.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-080.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-070.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-060.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-050.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-040.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-030.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-020.0500Normal value (A)
2015-01-010.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-310.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-300.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-290.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-280.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-270.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-260.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-250.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-240.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-230.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-220.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-210.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-200.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-190.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-180.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-170.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-160.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-150.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-140.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-130.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-120.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-110.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-100.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-090.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-080.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-070.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-060.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-050.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-040.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-030.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-020.0500Normal value (A)
2014-12-010.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-300.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-290.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-280.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-270.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-260.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-250.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-240.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-230.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-220.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-210.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-200.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-190.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-180.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-170.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-160.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-150.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-140.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-130.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-120.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-110.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-100.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-090.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-080.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-070.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-060.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-050.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-040.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-030.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-020.0500Normal value (A)
2014-11-010.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-310.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-300.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-290.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-280.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-270.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-260.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-250.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-240.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-230.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-220.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-210.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-200.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-190.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-180.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-170.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-160.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-150.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-140.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-130.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-120.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-110.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-100.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-090.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-080.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-070.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-060.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-050.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-040.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-030.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-020.0500Normal value (A)
2014-10-010.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-300.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-290.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-280.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-270.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-260.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-250.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-240.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-230.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-220.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-210.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-200.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-190.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-180.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-170.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-160.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-150.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-140.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-130.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-120.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-110.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-100.0500Normal value (A)
2014-09-090.1500Normal value (A)
2014-09-080.1500Normal value (A)
2014-09-070.1500Normal value (A)
2014-09-060.1500Normal value (A)
2014-09-050.1500Normal value (A)
2014-09-040.1500Normal value (A)
2014-09-030.1500Normal value (A)
2014-09-020.1500Normal value (A)
2014-09-010.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-310.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-300.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-290.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-280.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-270.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-260.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-250.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-240.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-230.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-220.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-210.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-200.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-190.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-180.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-170.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-160.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-150.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-140.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-130.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-120.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-110.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-100.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-090.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-080.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-070.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-060.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-050.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-040.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-030.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-020.1500Normal value (A)
2014-08-010.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-310.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-300.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-290.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-280.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-270.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-260.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-250.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-240.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-230.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-220.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-210.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-200.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-190.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-180.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-170.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-160.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-150.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-140.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-130.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-120.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-110.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-100.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-090.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-080.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-070.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-060.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-050.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-040.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-030.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-020.1500Normal value (A)
2014-07-010.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-300.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-290.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-280.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-270.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-260.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-250.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-240.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-230.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-220.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-210.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-200.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-190.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-180.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-170.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-160.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-150.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-140.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-130.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-120.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-110.1500Normal value (A)
2014-06-100.2500Normal value (A)
2014-06-090.2500Normal value (A)
2014-06-080.2500Normal value (A)
2014-06-070.2500Normal value (A)
2014-06-060.2500Normal value (A)
2014-06-050.2500Normal value (A)
2014-06-040.2500Normal value (A)
2014-06-030.2500Normal value (A)
2014-06-020.2500Normal value (A)
2014-06-010.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-310.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-300.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-290.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-280.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-270.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-260.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-250.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-240.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-230.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-220.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-210.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-200.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-190.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-180.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-170.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-160.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-150.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-140.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-130.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-120.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-110.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-100.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-090.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-080.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-070.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-060.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-050.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-040.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-030.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-020.2500Normal value (A)
2014-05-010.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-300.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-290.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-280.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-270.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-260.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-250.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-240.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-230.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-220.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-210.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-200.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-190.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-180.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-170.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-160.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-150.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-140.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-130.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-120.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-110.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-100.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-090.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-080.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-070.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-060.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-050.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-040.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-030.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-020.2500Normal value (A)
2014-04-010.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-310.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-300.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-290.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-280.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-270.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-260.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-250.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-240.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-230.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-220.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-210.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-200.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-190.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-180.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-170.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-160.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-150.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-140.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-130.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-120.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-110.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-100.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-090.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-080.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-070.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-060.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-050.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-040.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-030.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-020.2500Normal value (A)
2014-03-010.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-280.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-270.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-260.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-250.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-240.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-230.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-220.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-210.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-200.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-190.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-180.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-170.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-160.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-150.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-140.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-130.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-120.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-110.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-100.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-090.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-080.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-070.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-060.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-050.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-040.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-030.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-020.2500Normal value (A)
2014-02-010.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-310.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-300.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-290.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-280.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-270.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-260.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-250.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-240.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-230.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-220.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-210.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-200.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-190.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-180.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-170.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-160.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-150.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-140.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-130.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-120.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-110.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-100.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-090.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-080.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-070.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-060.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-050.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-040.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-030.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-020.2500Normal value (A)
2014-01-010.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-310.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-300.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-290.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-280.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-270.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-260.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-250.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-240.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-230.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-220.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-210.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-200.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-190.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-180.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-170.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-160.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-150.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-140.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-130.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-120.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-110.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-100.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-090.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-080.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-070.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-060.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-050.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-040.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-030.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-020.2500Normal value (A)
2013-12-010.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-300.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-290.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-280.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-270.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-260.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-250.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-240.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-230.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-220.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-210.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-200.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-190.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-180.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-170.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-160.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-150.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-140.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-130.2500Normal value (A)
2013-11-120.5000Normal value (A)
2013-11-110.5000Normal value (A)
2013-11-100.5000Normal value (A)
2013-11-090.5000Normal value (A)
2013-11-080.5000Normal value (A)
2013-11-070.5000Normal value (A)
2013-11-060.5000Normal value (A)
2013-11-050.5000Normal value (A)
2013-11-040.5000Normal value (A)
2013-11-030.5000Normal value (A)
2013-11-020.5000Normal value (A)
2013-11-010.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-310.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-300.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-290.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-280.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-270.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-260.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-250.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-240.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-230.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-220.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-210.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-200.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-190.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-180.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-170.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-160.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-150.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-140.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-130.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-120.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-110.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-100.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-090.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-080.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-070.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-060.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-050.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-040.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-030.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-020.5000Normal value (A)
2013-10-010.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-300.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-290.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-280.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-270.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-260.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-250.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-240.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-230.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-220.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-210.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-200.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-190.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-180.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-170.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-160.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-150.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-140.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-130.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-120.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-110.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-100.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-090.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-080.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-070.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-060.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-050.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-040.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-030.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-020.5000Normal value (A)
2013-09-010.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-310.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-300.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-290.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-280.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-270.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-260.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-250.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-240.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-230.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-220.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-210.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-200.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-190.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-180.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-170.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-160.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-150.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-140.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-130.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-120.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-110.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-100.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-090.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-080.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-070.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-060.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-050.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-040.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-030.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-020.5000Normal value (A)
2013-08-010.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-310.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-300.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-290.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-280.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-270.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-260.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-250.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-240.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-230.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-220.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-210.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-200.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-190.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-180.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-170.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-160.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-150.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-140.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-130.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-120.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-110.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-100.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-090.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-080.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-070.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-060.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-050.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-040.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-030.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-020.5000Normal value (A)
2013-07-010.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-300.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-290.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-280.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-270.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-260.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-250.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-240.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-230.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-220.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-210.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-200.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-190.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-180.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-170.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-160.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-150.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-140.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-130.5000Normal value (A)
2013-06-120.5000Normal value (A)