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Series Level Information
Series Key BSI.M.U2.N.A.A25.J.1.U2.2250.EUR.E
Title Credit for consumption & other lendingeuro area households reported by MFI excluding ESCB in the euro area (stock)
Title Complement Euro area (changing composition), Outstanding amounts at the end of the period (stocks), MFIs excluding ESCB reporting sector - A21 plus A23, Over 5 years maturity, Euro - Euro area (changing composition) counterpart, Households and non-profit institutions serving households (S.14 and S.15) sector, denominated in Euro, data Neither seasonally nor working day adjusted
Unit Millions of Euro
Dataset BSI : Balance Sheet Items

Data Structure Definition (DSD)
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CL_OBS_CONF Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
R Discontinued from October 2006
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 Euro area (changing composition), Outstanding amounts at the end of the period (stocks), MFIs excluding ESCB reporting sector - A21 plus A23, Over 5 years maturity, Euro - Euro area (changing composition) counterpart, Households and non-profit institutions serving households (S.14 and S.15) sector, denominated in Euro, data Neither seasonally nor working day adjusted
(Balance Sheet Items )
Period valueobs. status
2021-03877639Provisional value (P)
2021-02875113Normal value (A)
2021-01874884Normal value (A)
2020-12875784Normal value (A)
2020-11878681Normal value (A)
2020-10879918Normal value (A)
2020-09876987Normal value (A)
2020-08876228Normal value (A)
2020-07881218Normal value (A)
2020-06876886Normal value (A)
2020-05875988Normal value (A)
2020-04870666Normal value (A)
2020-03871406Normal value (A)
2020-02868511Normal value (A)
2020-01866501Normal value (A)
2019-12865081Normal value (A)
2019-11867779Normal value (A)
2019-10863538Normal value (A)
2019-09863862Normal value (A)
2019-08865261Normal value (A)
2019-07864060Normal value (A)
2019-06862692Normal value (A)
2019-05856959Normal value (A)
2019-04853295Normal value (A)
2019-03854785Normal value (A)
2019-02851154Normal value (A)
2019-01850772Normal value (A)
2018-12849423Normal value (A)
2018-11855040Normal value (A)
2018-10853134Normal value (A)
2018-09851829Normal value (A)
2018-08851963Normal value (A)
2018-07850709Normal value (A)
2018-06850219Normal value (A)
2018-05849069Normal value (A)
2018-04847211Normal value (A)
2018-03845175Normal value (A)
2018-02848326Normal value (A)
2018-01848749Normal value (A)
2017-12848226Normal value (A)
2017-11852423Normal value (A)
2017-10850773Normal value (A)
2017-09848813Normal value (A)
2017-08849012Normal value (A)
2017-07847288Normal value (A)
2017-06847709Normal value (A)
2017-05845231Normal value (A)
2017-04840526Normal value (A)
2017-03840863Normal value (A)
2017-02839154Normal value (A)
2017-01838703Normal value (A)
2016-12837265Normal value (A)
2016-11840584Normal value (A)
2016-10840402Normal value (A)
2016-09837624Normal value (A)
2016-08838710Normal value (A)
2016-07839028Normal value (A)
2016-06838043Normal value (A)
2016-05837640Normal value (A)
2016-04839389Normal value (A)
2016-03837945Normal value (A)
2016-02837080Normal value (A)
2016-01836036Normal value (A)
2015-12836901Normal value (A)
2015-11839114Normal value (A)
2015-10840238Normal value (A)
2015-09833300Normal value (A)
2015-08833796Normal value (A)
2015-07833360Normal value (A)
2015-06831836Normal value (A)
2015-05827118Normal value (A)
2015-04825376Normal value (A)
2015-03825345Normal value (A)
2015-02826098Normal value (A)
2015-01829356Normal value (A)
2014-12831597Normal value (A)
2014-11839314Normal value (A)
2014-10839019Normal value (A)
2014-09839845Normal value (A)
2014-08841731Normal value (A)
2014-07839584Normal value (A)
2014-06843424Normal value (A)
2014-05846272Normal value (A)
2014-04842684Normal value (A)
2014-03846498Normal value (A)
2014-02847143Normal value (A)
2014-01849207Normal value (A)
2013-12848931Normal value (A)
2013-11854167Normal value (A)
2013-10856741Normal value (A)
2013-09860396Normal value (A)
2013-08861863Normal value (A)
2013-07863058Normal value (A)
2013-06863492Normal value (A)
2013-05867109Normal value (A)
2013-04865986Normal value (A)
2013-03867625Normal value (A)
2013-02868439Normal value (A)
2013-01870116Normal value (A)
2012-12873615Normal value (A)
2012-11878321Normal value (A)
2012-10879933Normal value (A)
2012-09879839Normal value (A)
2012-08880355Normal value (A)
2012-07879569Normal value (A)
2012-06884176Normal value (A)
2012-05884753Normal value (A)
2012-04882793Normal value (A)
2012-03882644Normal value (A)
2012-02881703Normal value (A)
2012-01883211Normal value (A)
2011-12884501Normal value (A)
2011-11886515Normal value (A)
2011-10886238Normal value (A)
2011-09885650Normal value (A)
2011-08884835Normal value (A)
2011-07886421Normal value (A)
2011-06885863Normal value (A)
2011-05885313Normal value (A)
2011-04882870Normal value (A)
2011-03880505Normal value (A)
2011-02880390Normal value (A)
2011-01877494Normal value (A)
2010-12875613Normal value (A)
2010-11877435Normal value (A)
2010-10875058Normal value (A)
2010-09872141Normal value (A)
2010-08869774Normal value (A)
2010-07867810Normal value (A)
2010-06867483Normal value (A)
2010-05835880Normal value (A)
2010-04833088Normal value (A)
2010-03829298Normal value (A)
2010-02825879Normal value (A)
2010-01824501Normal value (A)
2009-12825452Normal value (A)
2009-11828568Normal value (A)
2009-10822833Normal value (A)
2009-09820333Normal value (A)
2009-08818589Normal value (A)
2009-07818845Normal value (A)
2009-06818339Normal value (A)
2009-05813937Normal value (A)
2009-04809796Normal value (A)
2009-03806396Normal value (A)
2009-02802271Normal value (A)
2009-01801951Normal value (A)
2008-12801198Normal value (A)
2008-11799081Normal value (A)
2008-10798000Normal value (A)
2008-09794960Normal value (A)
2008-08792292Normal value (A)
2008-07791235Normal value (A)
2008-06786878Normal value (A)
2008-05781811Normal value (A)
2008-04778659Normal value (A)
2008-03773701Normal value (A)
2008-02771424Normal value (A)
2008-01766768Normal value (A)
2007-12760332Normal value (A)
2007-11760122Normal value (A)
2007-10756992Normal value (A)
2007-09753176Normal value (A)
2007-08749460Normal value (A)
2007-07746726Normal value (A)
2007-06742679Normal value (A)
2007-05740015Normal value (A)
2007-04737308Normal value (A)
2007-03734410Normal value (A)
2007-02726490Normal value (A)
2007-01723603Normal value (A)
2006-12720787Normal value (A)
2006-11713875Normal value (A)
2006-10711250Normal value (A)
2006-09708846Normal value (A)
2006-08704538Normal value (A)
2006-07702758Normal value (A)
2006-06698761Normal value (A)
2006-05693226Normal value (A)
2006-04688367Normal value (A)
2006-03684727Normal value (A)
2006-02681151Normal value (A)
2006-01681723Normal value (A)
2005-12679428Normal value (A)
2005-11680140Normal value (A)
2005-10678448Normal value (A)
2005-09672892Normal value (A)
2005-08671431Normal value (A)
2005-07669514Normal value (A)
2005-06666724Normal value (A)
2005-05657277Normal value (A)
2005-04653873Normal value (A)
2005-03649399Normal value (A)
2005-02649114Normal value (A)
2005-01647932Normal value (A)
2004-12647582Normal value (A)
2004-11642723Normal value (A)
2004-10640347Normal value (A)
2004-09639236Normal value (A)
2004-08638947Normal value (A)
2004-07638453Normal value (A)
2004-06634660Normal value (A)
2004-05629958Normal value (A)
2004-04627410Normal value (A)
2004-03623831Normal value (A)
2004-02618436Normal value (A)
2004-01615165Normal value (A)
2003-12615513Normal value (A)
2003-11614297Normal value (A)
2003-10613107Normal value (A)
2003-09611945Normal value (A)
2003-08611678Normal value (A)
2003-07609595Normal value (A)
2003-06603802Normal value (A)
2003-05599161Normal value (A)
2003-04595959Normal value (A)
2003-03593597Normal value (A)
2003-02598855Normal value (A)
2003-01596838Normal value (A)
2002-12589639Normal value (A)
2002-11588972Normal value (A)
2002-10588401Normal value (A)
2002-09586528Normal value (A)
2002-08584674Normal value (A)
2002-07582067Normal value (A)
2002-06579871Normal value (A)
2002-05577341Normal value (A)
2002-04576145Normal value (A)
2002-03573162Normal value (A)
2002-02576904Normal value (A)
2002-01576783Normal value (A)
2001-12576726Normal value (A)
2001-11582489Normal value (A)
2001-10579397Normal value (A)
2001-09575699Normal value (A)
2001-08575657Normal value (A)
2001-07575136Normal value (A)
2001-06573033Normal value (A)
2001-05571365Normal value (A)
2001-04569222Normal value (A)
2001-03566893Normal value (A)
2001-02566555Normal value (A)
2001-01567385Normal value (A)
2000-12566003Normal value (A)
2000-11566125Normal value (A)
2000-10566692Normal value (A)
2000-09562796Normal value (A)
2000-08560995Normal value (A)
2000-07559189Normal value (A)
2000-06555976Normal value (A)
2000-05555278Normal value (A)
2000-04555798Normal value (A)
2000-03555479Normal value (A)
2000-02551189Normal value (A)
2000-01548504Normal value (A)
1999-12545590Normal value (A)
1999-11544752Normal value (A)
1999-10546011Normal value (A)
1999-09546311Normal value (A)
1999-08542213Normal value (A)
1999-07539212Normal value (A)
1999-06535529Normal value (A)
1999-05531816Normal value (A)
1999-04530426Normal value (A)
1999-03527712Normal value (A)
1999-02523723Normal value (A)
1999-01524553Normal value (A)
1998-12542949Normal value (A)
1998-11534076Normal value (A)
1998-10527690Normal value (A)
1998-09519000Normal value (A)
1998-08518709Normal value (A)
1998-07518944Normal value (A)
1998-06519143Normal value (A)
1998-05517398Normal value (A)
1998-04516058Normal value (A)
1998-03512463Normal value (A)
1998-02510683Normal value (A)
1998-01508469Normal value (A)
1997-12508945Normal value (A)
1997-11505351Normal value (A)
1997-10504420Normal value (A)
1997-09497499Normal value (A)