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Series Level Information
Title Country Level Index of Financial Stress (CLIFS) Bulgaria
Title Complement Bulgaria, Country-Level Index of Financial Stress (CLIFS) Composite Indicator , Index
Unit Pure number
Dataset CLIFS : Country-Level Index of Financial Stress (CLIFS)

Data Structure Definition (DSD)
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CL_OBS_CONF Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
R Discontinued from October 2006
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
Dataset Source : European Central Bank (ECB)
 Bulgaria, Country-Level Index of Financial Stress (CLIFS) Composite Indicator , Index
(Country-Level Index of Financial Stress (CLIFS))
Period valueobs. status
2023-020.1878Normal value (A)
2023-010.1337Normal value (A)
2022-120.0822Normal value (A)
2022-110.1421Normal value (A)
2022-100.0612Normal value (A)
2022-090.0621Normal value (A)
2022-080.0930Normal value (A)
2022-070.0420Normal value (A)
2022-060.0603Normal value (A)
2022-050.1031Normal value (A)
2022-040.0790Normal value (A)
2022-030.2014Normal value (A)
2022-020.0963Normal value (A)
2022-010.0558Normal value (A)
2021-120.1018Normal value (A)
2021-110.0916Normal value (A)
2021-100.0808Normal value (A)
2021-090.0286Normal value (A)
2021-080.0397Normal value (A)
2021-070.0484Normal value (A)
2021-060.0878Normal value (A)
2021-050.0292Normal value (A)
2021-040.0632Normal value (A)
2021-030.0450Normal value (A)
2021-020.0837Normal value (A)
2021-010.1310Normal value (A)
2020-120.1071Normal value (A)
2020-110.1044Normal value (A)
2020-100.1584Normal value (A)
2020-090.0979Normal value (A)
2020-080.1852Normal value (A)
2020-070.1370Normal value (A)
2020-060.1094Normal value (A)
2020-050.1342Normal value (A)
2020-040.1992Normal value (A)
2020-030.2380Normal value (A)
2020-020.0584Normal value (A)
2020-010.0812Normal value (A)
2019-120.0728Normal value (A)
2019-110.0326Normal value (A)
2019-100.0593Normal value (A)
2019-090.0406Normal value (A)
2019-080.0507Normal value (A)
2019-070.0653Normal value (A)
2019-060.1022Normal value (A)
2019-050.0643Normal value (A)
2019-040.0519Normal value (A)
2019-030.0953Normal value (A)
2019-020.0846Normal value (A)
2019-010.1025Normal value (A)
2018-120.0458Normal value (A)
2018-110.0843Normal value (A)
2018-100.0814Normal value (A)
2018-090.0718Normal value (A)
2018-080.0939Normal value (A)
2018-070.1348Normal value (A)
2018-060.0491Normal value (A)
2018-050.0343Normal value (A)
2018-040.0484Normal value (A)
2018-030.0792Normal value (A)
2018-020.0669Normal value (A)
2018-010.0837Normal value (A)
2017-120.0632Normal value (A)
2017-110.0810Normal value (A)
2017-100.1484Normal value (A)
2017-090.0974Normal value (A)
2017-080.0800Normal value (A)
2017-070.0656Normal value (A)
2017-060.0583Normal value (A)
2017-050.0521Normal value (A)
2017-040.0617Normal value (A)
2017-030.0538Normal value (A)
2017-020.1045Normal value (A)
2017-010.1096Normal value (A)
2016-120.0449Normal value (A)
2016-110.0976Normal value (A)
2016-100.0404Normal value (A)
2016-090.0598Normal value (A)
2016-080.0473Normal value (A)
2016-070.0538Normal value (A)
2016-060.0751Normal value (A)
2016-050.0348Normal value (A)
2016-040.0530Normal value (A)
2016-030.0724Normal value (A)
2016-020.0571Normal value (A)
2016-010.0832Normal value (A)
2015-120.0584Normal value (A)
2015-110.0767Normal value (A)
2015-100.0738Normal value (A)
2015-090.0684Normal value (A)
2015-080.0821Normal value (A)
2015-070.1035Normal value (A)
2015-060.0612Normal value (A)
2015-050.0905Normal value (A)
2015-040.1054Normal value (A)
2015-030.1485Normal value (A)
2015-020.1649Normal value (A)
2015-010.1843Normal value (A)
2014-120.1105Normal value (A)
2014-110.0957Normal value (A)
2014-100.1200Normal value (A)
2014-090.1355Normal value (A)
2014-080.0845Normal value (A)
2014-070.1277Normal value (A)
2014-060.1385Normal value (A)
2014-050.0530Normal value (A)
2014-040.0371Normal value (A)
2014-030.0581Normal value (A)
2014-020.0735Normal value (A)
2014-010.0662Normal value (A)
2013-120.0397Normal value (A)
2013-110.0241Normal value (A)
2013-100.0371Normal value (A)
2013-090.0302Normal value (A)
2013-080.0384Normal value (A)
2013-070.0728Normal value (A)
2013-060.0787Normal value (A)
2013-050.0704Normal value (A)
2013-040.0878Normal value (A)
2013-030.1191Normal value (A)
2013-020.1400Normal value (A)
2013-010.1956Normal value (A)
2012-120.0993Normal value (A)
2012-110.0927Normal value (A)
2012-100.0957Normal value (A)
2012-090.1217Normal value (A)
2012-080.0875Normal value (A)
2012-070.2174Normal value (A)
2012-060.2111Normal value (A)
2012-050.1311Normal value (A)
2012-040.0952Normal value (A)
2012-030.0999Normal value (A)
2012-020.1449Normal value (A)
2012-010.1423Normal value (A)
2011-120.1325Normal value (A)
2011-110.0992Normal value (A)
2011-100.1244Normal value (A)
2011-090.1543Normal value (A)
2011-080.1283Normal value (A)
2011-070.1110Normal value (A)
2011-060.1354Normal value (A)
2011-050.1085Normal value (A)
2011-040.0632Normal value (A)
2011-030.1216Normal value (A)
2011-020.2349Normal value (A)
2011-010.1885Normal value (A)
2010-120.1533Normal value (A)
2010-110.1555Normal value (A)
2010-100.2555Normal value (A)
2010-090.2096Normal value (A)
2010-080.2592Normal value (A)
2010-070.3009Normal value (A)
2010-060.3003Normal value (A)
2010-050.3368Normal value (A)
2010-040.1550Normal value (A)
2010-030.2184Normal value (A)
2010-020.2123Normal value (A)
2010-010.2045Normal value (A)
2009-120.2280Normal value (A)
2009-110.2525Normal value (A)
2009-100.2913Normal value (A)
2009-090.4031Normal value (A)
2009-080.4462Normal value (A)
2009-070.3581Normal value (A)
2009-060.3098Normal value (A)
2009-050.4954Normal value (A)
2009-040.5972Normal value (A)
2009-030.5134Normal value (A)
2009-020.3976Normal value (A)
2009-010.5663Normal value (A)
2008-120.3601Normal value (A)
2008-110.3553Normal value (A)
2008-100.3263Normal value (A)
2008-090.2832Normal value (A)
2008-080.1957Normal value (A)
2008-070.2662Normal value (A)
2008-060.2095Normal value (A)
2008-050.2544Normal value (A)
2008-040.2437Normal value (A)
2008-030.2698Normal value (A)
2008-020.1562Normal value (A)
2008-010.2465Normal value (A)
2007-120.1414Normal value (A)
2007-110.1684Normal value (A)
2007-100.0386Normal value (A)
2007-090.0915Normal value (A)
2007-080.0816Normal value (A)
2007-070.1066Normal value (A)
2007-060.0769Normal value (A)
2007-050.1426Normal value (A)
2007-040.0945Normal value (A)
2007-030.1004Normal value (A)
2007-020.1487Normal value (A)
2007-010.1985Normal value (A)
2006-120.0829Normal value (A)
2006-110.0975Normal value (A)
2006-100.0655Normal value (A)
2006-090.0357Normal value (A)
2006-080.0434Normal value (A)
2006-070.0670Normal value (A)
2006-060.0745Normal value (A)
2006-050.0776Normal value (A)
2006-040.0929Normal value (A)
2006-030.0430Normal value (A)
2006-020.1512Normal value (A)
2006-010.0920Normal value (A)
2005-120.0644Normal value (A)
2005-110.0255Normal value (A)
2005-100.0724Normal value (A)
2005-090.0534Normal value (A)
2005-080.0556Normal value (A)
2005-070.0570Normal value (A)
2005-060.1649Normal value (A)
2005-050.0523Normal value (A)
2005-040.0676Normal value (A)
2005-030.0704Normal value (A)
2005-020.1257Normal value (A)
2005-010.0957Normal value (A)
2004-120.1116Normal value (A)
2004-110.0984Normal value (A)
2004-100.0447Normal value (A)
2004-090.0228Normal value (A)
2004-080.0264Normal value (A)
2004-070.0210Normal value (A)
2004-060.0281Normal value (A)
2004-050.0194Normal value (A)
2004-040.0166Normal value (A)
2004-030.0164Normal value (A)
2004-020.0136Normal value (A)
2004-010.0225Normal value (A)
2003-120.0259Normal value (A)
2003-110.0165Normal value (A)
2003-100.0160Normal value (A)
2003-090.0306Normal value (A)
2003-080.0423Normal value (A)
2003-070.0461Normal value (A)
2003-060.0376Normal value (A)
2003-050.0293Normal value (A)
2003-040.0624Normal value (A)
2003-030.0720Normal value (A)
2003-020.0504Normal value (A)
2003-010.0697Normal value (A)
2002-120.0793Normal value (A)
2002-110.0838Normal value (A)
2002-100.0773Normal value (A)
2002-090.0794Normal value (A)
2002-080.0425Normal value (A)
2002-070.0372Normal value (A)
2002-060.0977Normal value (A)
2002-050.0832Normal value (A)
2002-040.0546Normal value (A)
2002-030.0478Normal value (A)
2002-020.0856Normal value (A)
2002-010.0941Normal value (A)
2001-120.0615Normal value (A)
2001-110.0601Normal value (A)
2001-100.1011Normal value (A)
2001-090.0795Normal value (A)
2001-080.1008Normal value (A)
2001-070.0630Normal value (A)
2001-060.1267Normal value (A)
2001-050.1345Normal value (A)
2001-040.0992Normal value (A)
2001-030.2002Normal value (A)
2001-020.2106Normal value (A)
2001-010.1451Normal value (A)
2000-120.1043Normal value (A)
2000-110.0933Normal value (A)