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Series Level Information
Title Complement United States - Unit Labour Cost - Manufacturing - Index
Unit Index
Dataset vintage Dataset vintage
Dataset RTD : Real Time Database (research database)

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CL_OBS_CONF Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
R Discontinued from October 2006
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 United States - Unit Labour Cost - Manufacturing - Index
(Real Time Database (research database))
Period valueobs. status
2020-Q3121.1Normal value (A)
2020-Q2127.4Normal value (A)
2020-Q1119.6Normal value (A)
2019-Q4118.4Normal value (A)
2019-Q3116.7Normal value (A)
2019-Q2117.1Normal value (A)
2019-Q1116.0Normal value (A)
2018-Q4114.5Normal value (A)
2018-Q3113.8Normal value (A)
2018-Q2112.9Normal value (A)
2018-Q1114.2Normal value (A)
2017-Q4113.5Normal value (A)
2017-Q3113.0Normal value (A)
2017-Q2110.8Normal value (A)
2017-Q1110.1Normal value (A)
2016-Q4108.9Normal value (A)
2016-Q3108.0Normal value (A)
2016-Q2107.7Normal value (A)
2016-Q1107.1Normal value (A)
2015-Q4108.1Normal value (A)
2015-Q3107.5Normal value (A)
2015-Q2106.9Normal value (A)
2015-Q1106.1Normal value (A)
2014-Q4104.3Normal value (A)
2014-Q3102.3Normal value (A)
2014-Q2101.5Normal value (A)
2014-Q1102.2Normal value (A)
2013-Q4100.0Normal value (A)
2013-Q399.6Normal value (A)
2013-Q299.1Normal value (A)
2013-Q199.0Normal value (A)
2012-Q4100.7Normal value (A)
2012-Q3100.1Normal value (A)
2012-Q2100.0Normal value (A)
2012-Q199.2Normal value (A)
2011-Q496.9Normal value (A)
2011-Q397.3Normal value (A)
2011-Q297.7Normal value (A)
2011-Q197.5Normal value (A)
2010-Q497.1Normal value (A)
2010-Q396.3Normal value (A)
2010-Q296.0Normal value (A)
2010-Q196.1Normal value (A)
2009-Q499.4Normal value (A)
2009-Q3100.0Normal value (A)
2009-Q2103.2Normal value (A)
2009-Q1102.8Normal value (A)
2008-Q4104.0Normal value (A)
2008-Q3100.0Normal value (A)
2008-Q297.4Normal value (A)
2008-Q195.4Normal value (A)
2007-Q495.1Normal value (A)
2007-Q395.3Normal value (A)
2007-Q296.1Normal value (A)
2007-Q197.3Normal value (A)
2006-Q496.8Normal value (A)
2006-Q396.1Normal value (A)
2006-Q296.7Normal value (A)
2006-Q197.1Normal value (A)
2005-Q495.2Normal value (A)
2005-Q395.8Normal value (A)
2005-Q294.9Normal value (A)
2005-Q195.0Normal value (A)
2004-Q496.7Normal value (A)
2004-Q398.0Normal value (A)
2004-Q296.4Normal value (A)
2004-Q195.1Normal value (A)
2003-Q497.0Normal value (A)
2003-Q395.2Normal value (A)
2003-Q295.5Normal value (A)
2003-Q194.7Normal value (A)
2002-Q495.8Normal value (A)
2002-Q395.9Normal value (A)
2002-Q297.0Normal value (A)
2002-Q197.9Normal value (A)
2001-Q4100.9Normal value (A)
2001-Q3101.5Normal value (A)
2001-Q2101.8Normal value (A)
2001-Q1102.0Normal value (A)
2000-Q4101.1Normal value (A)
2000-Q3101.6Normal value (A)
2000-Q299.5Normal value (A)
2000-Q1101.2Normal value (A)
1999-Q498.1Normal value (A)
1999-Q398.4Normal value (A)
1999-Q297.4Normal value (A)
1999-Q197.8Normal value (A)
1998-Q498.0Normal value (A)
1998-Q398.6Normal value (A)
1998-Q298.3Normal value (A)
1998-Q196.9Normal value (A)
1997-Q496.8Normal value (A)
1997-Q396.5Normal value (A)
1997-Q297.3Normal value (A)
1997-Q197.7Normal value (A)
1996-Q498.9Normal value (A)
1996-Q399.5Normal value (A)
1996-Q2100.4Normal value (A)
1996-Q1100.8Normal value (A)
1995-Q4101.3Normal value (A)
1995-Q3101.5Normal value (A)
1995-Q2101.1Normal value (A)
1995-Q1100.5Normal value (A)
1994-Q4102.1Normal value (A)
1994-Q3102.4Normal value (A)
1994-Q2102.2Normal value (A)
1994-Q1102.1Normal value (A)
1993-Q4105.6Normal value (A)
1993-Q3104.7Normal value (A)
1993-Q2104.0Normal value (A)
1993-Q1100.2Normal value (A)
1992-Q4105.9Normal value (A)
1992-Q3104.1Normal value (A)
1992-Q2104.4Normal value (A)
1992-Q1105.0Normal value (A)
1991-Q4104.4Normal value (A)
1991-Q3104.0Normal value (A)
1991-Q2104.6Normal value (A)
1991-Q1104.2Normal value (A)
1990-Q4102.8Normal value (A)
1990-Q3101.4Normal value (A)
1990-Q2101.5Normal value (A)
1990-Q1100.2Normal value (A)
1989-Q4101.0Normal value (A)
1989-Q3100.1Normal value (A)
1989-Q298.5Normal value (A)
1989-Q198.1Normal value (A)
1988-Q498.1Normal value (A)
1988-Q397.4Normal value (A)
1988-Q296.1Normal value (A)
1988-Q195.5Normal value (A)
1987-Q493.4Normal value (A)
1987-Q393.9Normal value (A)
1987-Q294.0Normal value (A)
1987-Q195.1Normal value (A)
1986-Q494.1Normal value (A)
1986-Q394.1Normal value (A)
1986-Q293.6Normal value (A)
1986-Q193.9Normal value (A)
1985-Q494.5Normal value (A)
1985-Q393.7Normal value (A)
1985-Q293.1Normal value (A)
1985-Q194.1Normal value (A)
1984-Q493.3Normal value (A)
1984-Q392.1Normal value (A)
1984-Q291.7Normal value (A)
1984-Q191.4Normal value (A)
1983-Q492.0Normal value (A)
1983-Q391.5Normal value (A)
1983-Q292.5Normal value (A)
1983-Q193.0Normal value (A)
1982-Q493.7Normal value (A)
1982-Q392.7Normal value (A)
1982-Q292.4Normal value (A)
1982-Q192.4Normal value (A)
1981-Q491.7Normal value (A)
1981-Q389.3Normal value (A)
1981-Q287.9Normal value (A)
1981-Q186.3Normal value (A)
1980-Q484.5Normal value (A)
1980-Q383.2Normal value (A)
1980-Q280.9Normal value (A)
1980-Q177.6Normal value (A)
1979-Q476.0Normal value (A)
1979-Q374.3Normal value (A)
1979-Q272.0Normal value (A)
1979-Q170.1Normal value (A)
1978-Q467.9Normal value (A)
1978-Q366.1Normal value (A)
1978-Q265.0Normal value (A)
1978-Q164.9Normal value (A)
1977-Q463.4Normal value (A)
1977-Q362.0Normal value (A)
1977-Q260.9Normal value (A)
1977-Q160.4Normal value (A)
1976-Q459.9Normal value (A)
1976-Q359.4Normal value (A)
1976-Q258.8Normal value (A)
1976-Q158.0Normal value (A)
1975-Q456.9Normal value (A)
1975-Q356.4Normal value (A)
1975-Q256.8Normal value (A)
1975-Q157.0Normal value (A)
1974-Q454.9Normal value (A)
1974-Q353.5Normal value (A)
1974-Q252.6Normal value (A)
1974-Q151.6Normal value (A)
1973-Q449.2Normal value (A)
1973-Q347.7Normal value (A)
1973-Q247.3Normal value (A)
1973-Q146.6Normal value (A)
1972-Q445.5Normal value (A)
1972-Q345.4Normal value (A)
1972-Q245.0Normal value (A)
1972-Q144.6Normal value (A)
1971-Q444.4Normal value (A)
1971-Q344.8Normal value (A)
1971-Q244.8Normal value (A)
1971-Q144.9Normal value (A)
1970-Q445.0Normal value (A)
1970-Q345.1Normal value (A)
1970-Q245.0Normal value (A)
1970-Q145.0Normal value (A)
1969-Q443.7Normal value (A)
1969-Q342.9Normal value (A)
1969-Q242.3Normal value (A)
1969-Q141.4Normal value (A)
1968-Q441.1Normal value (A)
1968-Q340.6Normal value (A)
1968-Q240.1Normal value (A)
1968-Q139.5Normal value (A)
1967-Q438.8Normal value (A)
1967-Q339.2Normal value (A)
1967-Q238.8Normal value (A)
1967-Q138.7Normal value (A)
1966-Q438.6Normal value (A)
1966-Q338.4Normal value (A)
1966-Q238.1Normal value (A)
1966-Q137.6Normal value (A)
1965-Q437.2Normal value (A)
1965-Q336.7Normal value (A)
1965-Q236.7Normal value (A)
1965-Q136.8Normal value (A)
1964-Q437.0Normal value (A)
1964-Q337.1Normal value (A)
1964-Q236.8Normal value (A)
1964-Q136.8Normal value (A)
1963-Q436.9Normal value (A)
1963-Q336.8Normal value (A)
1963-Q236.5Normal value (A)
1963-Q137.0Normal value (A)
1962-Q437.1Normal value (A)
1962-Q337.1Normal value (A)
1962-Q237.1Normal value (A)
1962-Q136.6Normal value (A)
1961-Q436.2Normal value (A)
1961-Q336.4Normal value (A)
1961-Q236.9Normal value (A)
1961-Q137.6Normal value (A)
1960-Q437.1Normal value (A)
1960-Q336.7Normal value (A)
1960-Q236.6Normal value (A)
1960-Q135.9Normal value (A)
1959-Q436.6Normal value (A)
1959-Q336.5Normal value (A)
1959-Q235.2Normal value (A)
1959-Q135.2Normal value (A)
1958-Q435.1Normal value (A)
1958-Q335.2Normal value (A)
1958-Q235.6Normal value (A)
1958-Q135.7Normal value (A)
1957-Q435.1Normal value (A)
1957-Q334.2Normal value (A)
1957-Q234.2Normal value (A)
1957-Q133.8Normal value (A)
1956-Q433.8Normal value (A)
1956-Q333.6Normal value (A)
1956-Q232.7Normal value (A)
1956-Q132.0Normal value (A)
1955-Q431.6Normal value (A)
1955-Q331.1Normal value (A)
1955-Q230.5Normal value (A)
1955-Q130.5Normal value (A)
1954-Q431.0Normal value (A)
1954-Q330.8Normal value (A)
1954-Q231.0Normal value (A)
1954-Q131.2Normal value (A)
1953-Q430.9Normal value (A)
1953-Q330.2Normal value (A)
1953-Q230.3Normal value (A)
1953-Q130.1Normal value (A)
1952-Q429.7Normal value (A)
1952-Q329.6Normal value (A)
1952-Q229.8Normal value (A)
1952-Q129.6Normal value (A)
1951-Q429.7Normal value (A)
1951-Q329.7Normal value (A)
1951-Q228.9Normal value (A)
1951-Q128.0Normal value (A)