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Series Level Information
Title Country Level Index of Financial Stress (CLIFS) Austria
Title Complement Austria, Country-Level Index of Financial Stress (CLIFS) Composite Indicator , Index
Unit Pure number
Dataset CLIFS : Country-Level Index of Financial Stress (CLIFS)

Data Structure Definition (DSD)
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CL_OBS_CONF Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
R Discontinued from October 2006
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
Dataset Source : European Central Bank (ECB)
 Austria, Country-Level Index of Financial Stress (CLIFS) Composite Indicator , Index
(Country-Level Index of Financial Stress (CLIFS))
Period valueobs. status
2022-060.1725Normal value (A)
2022-050.1928Normal value (A)
2022-040.1895Normal value (A)
2022-030.1698Normal value (A)
2022-020.0825Normal value (A)
2022-010.0493Normal value (A)
2021-120.0300Normal value (A)
2021-110.0432Normal value (A)
2021-100.0447Normal value (A)
2021-090.0537Normal value (A)
2021-080.0232Normal value (A)
2021-070.0389Normal value (A)
2021-060.0229Normal value (A)
2021-050.0208Normal value (A)
2021-040.0267Normal value (A)
2021-030.0326Normal value (A)
2021-020.0583Normal value (A)
2021-010.0831Normal value (A)
2020-120.1282Normal value (A)
2020-110.1779Normal value (A)
2020-100.0847Normal value (A)
2020-090.1445Normal value (A)
2020-080.1415Normal value (A)
2020-070.1520Normal value (A)
2020-060.1686Normal value (A)
2020-050.2183Normal value (A)
2020-040.2748Normal value (A)
2020-030.4608Normal value (A)
2020-020.0770Normal value (A)
2020-010.0522Normal value (A)
2019-120.0468Normal value (A)
2019-110.0531Normal value (A)
2019-100.0713Normal value (A)
2019-090.0848Normal value (A)
2019-080.0829Normal value (A)
2019-070.1334Normal value (A)
2019-060.0572Normal value (A)
2019-050.0585Normal value (A)
2019-040.0836Normal value (A)
2019-030.0538Normal value (A)
2019-020.0944Normal value (A)
2019-010.0561Normal value (A)
2018-120.0766Normal value (A)
2018-110.0678Normal value (A)
2018-100.0940Normal value (A)
2018-090.1008Normal value (A)
2018-080.0789Normal value (A)
2018-070.0697Normal value (A)
2018-060.0941Normal value (A)
2018-050.1182Normal value (A)
2018-040.0639Normal value (A)
2018-030.0484Normal value (A)
2018-020.0651Normal value (A)
2018-010.0288Normal value (A)
2017-120.0419Normal value (A)
2017-110.0470Normal value (A)
2017-100.0460Normal value (A)
2017-090.0833Normal value (A)
2017-080.0908Normal value (A)
2017-070.0319Normal value (A)
2017-060.0475Normal value (A)
2017-050.0551Normal value (A)
2017-040.0334Normal value (A)
2017-030.0309Normal value (A)
2017-020.0318Normal value (A)
2017-010.0245Normal value (A)
2016-120.0405Normal value (A)
2016-110.0554Normal value (A)
2016-100.0470Normal value (A)
2016-090.0821Normal value (A)
2016-080.0780Normal value (A)
2016-070.1349Normal value (A)
2016-060.1361Normal value (A)
2016-050.0572Normal value (A)
2016-040.0529Normal value (A)
2016-030.0555Normal value (A)
2016-020.0896Normal value (A)
2016-010.1019Normal value (A)
2015-120.1217Normal value (A)
2015-110.0723Normal value (A)
2015-100.1133Normal value (A)
2015-090.1506Normal value (A)
2015-080.1105Normal value (A)
2015-070.1517Normal value (A)
2015-060.1376Normal value (A)
2015-050.1290Normal value (A)
2015-040.0881Normal value (A)
2015-030.0648Normal value (A)
2015-020.1083Normal value (A)
2015-010.1468Normal value (A)
2014-120.0611Normal value (A)
2014-110.0736Normal value (A)
2014-100.0762Normal value (A)
2014-090.0953Normal value (A)
2014-080.0794Normal value (A)
2014-070.0818Normal value (A)
2014-060.0569Normal value (A)
2014-050.0613Normal value (A)
2014-040.0467Normal value (A)
2014-030.0863Normal value (A)
2014-020.0625Normal value (A)
2014-010.0887Normal value (A)
2013-120.0807Normal value (A)
2013-110.0418Normal value (A)
2013-100.0716Normal value (A)
2013-090.1030Normal value (A)
2013-080.0654Normal value (A)
2013-070.1195Normal value (A)
2013-060.1784Normal value (A)
2013-050.1049Normal value (A)
2013-040.1704Normal value (A)
2013-030.0850Normal value (A)
2013-020.1176Normal value (A)
2013-010.1097Normal value (A)
2012-120.1048Normal value (A)
2012-110.1032Normal value (A)
2012-100.1258Normal value (A)
2012-090.2103Normal value (A)
2012-080.1579Normal value (A)
2012-070.2671Normal value (A)
2012-060.2205Normal value (A)
2012-050.3348Normal value (A)
2012-040.2548Normal value (A)
2012-030.2550Normal value (A)
2012-020.2231Normal value (A)
2012-010.4154Normal value (A)
2011-120.2404Normal value (A)
2011-110.2556Normal value (A)
2011-100.2094Normal value (A)
2011-090.1812Normal value (A)
2011-080.1432Normal value (A)
2011-070.1271Normal value (A)
2011-060.0948Normal value (A)
2011-050.0805Normal value (A)
2011-040.0906Normal value (A)
2011-030.1214Normal value (A)
2011-020.0873Normal value (A)
2011-010.0639Normal value (A)
2010-120.0791Normal value (A)
2010-110.1311Normal value (A)
2010-100.1039Normal value (A)
2010-090.1728Normal value (A)
2010-080.1696Normal value (A)
2010-070.1853Normal value (A)
2010-060.3684Normal value (A)
2010-050.3542Normal value (A)
2010-040.1480Normal value (A)
2010-030.1544Normal value (A)
2010-020.2217Normal value (A)
2010-010.1349Normal value (A)
2009-120.1855Normal value (A)
2009-110.1953Normal value (A)
2009-100.2172Normal value (A)
2009-090.2001Normal value (A)
2009-080.2155Normal value (A)
2009-070.2428Normal value (A)
2009-060.2954Normal value (A)
2009-050.4237Normal value (A)
2009-040.3631Normal value (A)
2009-030.4236Normal value (A)
2009-020.4723Normal value (A)
2009-010.3972Normal value (A)
2008-120.4273Normal value (A)
2008-110.2806Normal value (A)
2008-100.3551Normal value (A)
2008-090.1500Normal value (A)
2008-080.1572Normal value (A)
2008-070.1733Normal value (A)
2008-060.1146Normal value (A)
2008-050.1243Normal value (A)
2008-040.2014Normal value (A)
2008-030.2323Normal value (A)
2008-020.1270Normal value (A)
2008-010.0907Normal value (A)
2007-120.0904Normal value (A)
2007-110.0687Normal value (A)
2007-100.0761Normal value (A)
2007-090.0586Normal value (A)
2007-080.0534Normal value (A)
2007-070.0361Normal value (A)
2007-060.0362Normal value (A)
2007-050.0238Normal value (A)
2007-040.0322Normal value (A)
2007-030.0487Normal value (A)
2007-020.0460Normal value (A)
2007-010.0401Normal value (A)
2006-120.0364Normal value (A)
2006-110.0418Normal value (A)
2006-100.0625Normal value (A)
2006-090.0606Normal value (A)
2006-080.0325Normal value (A)
2006-070.0810Normal value (A)
2006-060.0992Normal value (A)
2006-050.0676Normal value (A)
2006-040.0274Normal value (A)
2006-030.0308Normal value (A)
2006-020.0289Normal value (A)
2006-010.0261Normal value (A)
2005-120.0250Normal value (A)
2005-110.0372Normal value (A)
2005-100.0638Normal value (A)
2005-090.0417Normal value (A)
2005-080.0652Normal value (A)
2005-070.0904Normal value (A)
2005-060.1057Normal value (A)
2005-050.0822Normal value (A)
2005-040.0816Normal value (A)
2005-030.0806Normal value (A)
2005-020.0867Normal value (A)
2005-010.0752Normal value (A)
2004-120.0782Normal value (A)
2004-110.0916Normal value (A)
2004-100.1082Normal value (A)
2004-090.0442Normal value (A)
2004-080.0726Normal value (A)
2004-070.0551Normal value (A)
2004-060.0468Normal value (A)
2004-050.0889Normal value (A)
2004-040.0579Normal value (A)
2004-030.0865Normal value (A)
2004-020.0387Normal value (A)
2004-010.0797Normal value (A)
2003-120.0327Normal value (A)
2003-110.0257Normal value (A)
2003-100.0336Normal value (A)
2003-090.0319Normal value (A)
2003-080.0376Normal value (A)
2003-070.0527Normal value (A)
2003-060.0591Normal value (A)
2003-050.1390Normal value (A)
2003-040.0693Normal value (A)
2003-030.0892Normal value (A)
2003-020.0846Normal value (A)
2003-010.1270Normal value (A)
2002-120.0606Normal value (A)
2002-110.0635Normal value (A)
2002-100.1398Normal value (A)
2002-090.0594Normal value (A)
2002-080.0324Normal value (A)
2002-070.0307Normal value (A)
2002-060.0200Normal value (A)
2002-050.0094Normal value (A)
2002-040.0112Normal value (A)
2002-030.0158Normal value (A)
2002-020.0199Normal value (A)
2002-010.0277Normal value (A)
2001-120.0482Normal value (A)
2001-110.0614Normal value (A)
2001-100.0679Normal value (A)
2001-090.0544Normal value (A)
2001-080.0360Normal value (A)
2001-070.0449Normal value (A)
2001-060.0529Normal value (A)
2001-050.0905Normal value (A)
2001-040.0927Normal value (A)
2001-030.1043Normal value (A)
2001-020.1324Normal value (A)
2001-010.0911Normal value (A)
2000-120.1100Normal value (A)
2000-110.0622Normal value (A)
2000-100.0802Normal value (A)
2000-090.0746Normal value (A)
2000-080.0862Normal value (A)
2000-070.0994Normal value (A)
2000-060.1107Normal value (A)
2000-050.1321Normal value (A)
2000-040.1262Normal value (A)
2000-030.1501Normal value (A)
2000-020.1799Normal value (A)
2000-010.2188Normal value (A)
1999-120.1271Normal value (A)
1999-110.2641Normal value (A)
1999-100.1892Normal value (A)
1999-090.2953Normal value (A)
1999-080.1849Normal value (A)
1999-070.2309Normal value (A)
1999-060.2613Normal value (A)
1999-050.1663Normal value (A)
1999-040.2169Normal value (A)
1999-030.1479Normal value (A)
1999-020.1239Normal value (A)
1999-010.1271Normal value (A)
1998-120.1112Normal value (A)
1998-110.1583Normal value (A)
1998-100.2254Normal value (A)
1998-090.1779Normal value (A)
1998-080.1112Normal value (A)
1998-070.0386Normal value (A)
1998-060.0501Normal value (A)
1998-050.0548Normal value (A)
1998-040.0536Normal value (A)
1998-030.0649Normal value (A)
1998-020.0900Normal value (A)
1998-010.0938Normal value (A)
1997-120.0858Normal value (A)
1997-110.1164Normal value (A)
1997-100.2031Normal value (A)
1997-090.1746Normal value (A)
1997-080.1844Normal value (A)
1997-070.2476Normal value (A)
1997-060.1395Normal value (A)
1997-050.0753Normal value (A)
1997-040.0950Normal value (A)
1997-030.0651Normal value (A)
1997-020.1117Normal value (A)
1997-010.1878Normal value (A)
1996-120.1038Normal value (A)
1996-110.0528Normal value (A)
1996-100.0579Normal value (A)
1996-090.1135Normal value (A)
1996-080.0617Normal value (A)
1996-070.0930Normal value (A)
1996-060.0909Normal value (A)
1996-050.1495Normal value (A)
1996-040.1824Normal value (A)
1996-030.1266Normal value (A)
1996-020.2225Normal value (A)
1996-010.1974Normal value (A)
1995-120.2728Normal value (A)
1995-110.1667Normal value (A)
1995-100.2511Normal value (A)
1995-090.2030Normal value (A)
1995-080.1113Normal value (A)
1995-070.1649Normal value (A)
1995-060.0962Normal value (A)
1995-050.1618Normal value (A)
1995-040.0794Normal value (A)
1995-030.1728Normal value (A)
1995-020.0632Normal value (A)
1995-010.0789Normal value (A)
1994-120.0516Normal value (A)
1994-110.0793Normal value (A)
1994-100.0798Normal value (A)
1994-090.1128Normal value (A)
1994-080.1203Normal value (A)
1994-070.1365Normal value (A)
1994-060.0985Normal value (A)
1994-050.0834Normal value (A)
1994-040.1222Normal value (A)
1994-030.0877Normal value (A)
1994-020.0840Normal value (A)
1994-010.0614Normal value (A)
1993-120.0795Normal value (A)
1993-110.1024Normal value (A)
1993-100.1228Normal value (A)
1993-090.1682Normal value (A)
1993-080.1970Normal value (A)
1993-070.2494Normal value (A)
1993-060.2422Normal value (A)
1993-050.1915Normal value (A)
1993-040.1838Normal value (A)
1993-030.2339Normal value (A)
1993-020.2689Normal value (A)
1993-010.3059Normal value (A)
1992-120.2913Normal value (A)
1992-110.2771Normal value (A)
1992-100.3163Normal value (A)
1992-090.3083Normal value (A)
1992-080.3247Normal value (A)
1992-070.2542Normal value (A)
1992-060.1641Normal value (A)
1992-050.1664Normal value (A)
1992-040.1884Normal value (A)
1992-030.2168Normal value (A)
1992-020.2445Normal value (A)
1992-010.3035Normal value (A)
1991-120.2195Normal value (A)
1991-110.2585Normal value (A)
1991-100.4153Normal value (A)
1991-090.2483Normal value (A)
1991-080.3012Normal value (A)
1991-070.1679Normal value (A)
1991-060.1084Normal value (A)
1991-050.0701Normal value (A)
1991-040.1087Normal value (A)
1991-030.0510Normal value (A)
1991-020.0879Normal value (A)
1991-010.0641Normal value (A)
1990-120.0584Normal value (A)
1990-110.0741Normal value (A)
1990-100.0856Normal value (A)
1990-090.1351Normal value (A)
1990-080.1309Normal value (A)
1990-070.0660Normal value (A)
1990-060.0362Normal value (A)
1990-050.0584Normal value (A)
1990-040.0762Normal value (A)
1990-030.0908Normal value (A)
1990-020.0930Normal value (A)
1990-010.1172Normal value (A)
1989-120.1557Normal value (A)
1989-110.1365Normal value (A)
1989-100.0980Normal value (A)
1989-090.0589Normal value (A)
1989-080.0578Normal value (A)
1989-070.0878Normal value (A)
1989-060.0750Normal value (A)
1989-050.1038Normal value (A)
1989-040.1217Normal value (A)
1989-030.0651Normal value (A)
1989-020.0921Normal value (A)
1989-010.0891Normal value (A)
1988-120.0449Normal value (A)
1988-110.0842Normal value (A)
1988-100.0787Normal value (A)
1988-090.0742Normal value (A)
1988-080.0542Normal value (A)
1988-070.0639Normal value (A)
1988-060.0706Normal value (A)
1988-050.0726Normal value (A)
1988-040.0609Normal value (A)
1988-030.1282Normal value (A)
1988-020.0959Normal value (A)
1988-010.1416Normal value (A)
1987-120.1307Normal value (A)
1987-110.1937Normal value (A)
1987-100.1399Normal value (A)
1987-090.1097Normal value (A)
1987-080.0853Normal value (A)
1987-070.1179Normal value (A)
1987-060.1542Normal value (A)
1987-050.1880Normal value (A)
1987-040.1804Normal value (A)
1987-030.1921Normal value (A)
1987-020.2633Normal value (A)
1987-010.4115Normal value (A)
1986-120.2308Normal value (A)
1986-110.2372Normal value (A)
1986-100.2763Normal value (A)
1986-090.2102Normal value (A)
1986-080.3501Normal value (A)
1986-070.3380Normal value (A)
1986-060.2887Normal value (A)
1986-050.2997Normal value (A)
1986-040.4179Normal value (A)
1986-030.3428Normal value (A)
1986-020.3521Normal value (A)
1986-010.4242Normal value (A)
1985-120.3295Normal value (A)
1985-110.2129Normal value (A)
1985-100.2472Normal value (A)
1985-090.2076Normal value (A)
1985-080.3133Normal value (A)
1985-070.1145Normal value (A)
1985-060.1083Normal value (A)
1985-050.1043Normal value (A)
1985-040.1000Normal value (A)
1985-030.0927Normal value (A)
1985-020.1538Normal value (A)
1985-010.1159Normal value (A)
1984-120.1226Normal value (A)
1984-110.0898Normal value (A)
1984-100.1087Normal value (A)
1984-090.1709Normal value (A)
1984-080.0284Normal value (A)
1984-070.0420Normal value (A)
1984-060.0531Normal value (A)
1984-050.0444Normal value (A)
1984-040.0370Normal value (A)
1984-030.0765Normal value (A)
1984-020.0607Normal value (A)
1984-010.0928Normal value (A)
1983-120.0857Normal value (A)
1983-110.0556Normal value (A)
1983-100.1154Normal value (A)
1983-090.0623Normal value (A)
1983-080.0629Normal value (A)
1983-070.0776Normal value (A)
1983-060.1189Normal value (A)
1983-050.1096Normal value (A)
1983-040.2748Normal value (A)
1983-030.3107Normal value (A)
1983-020.1505Normal value (A)
1983-010.2585Normal value (A)
1982-120.2559Normal value (A)
1982-110.1538Normal value (A)
1982-100.2646Normal value (A)
1982-090.2501Normal value (A)
1982-080.1755Normal value (A)
1982-070.1341Normal value (A)
1982-060.2986Normal value (A)
1982-050.2777Normal value (A)
1982-040.2556Normal value (A)
1982-030.3960Normal value (A)
1982-020.3473Normal value (A)
1982-010.4254Normal value (A)
1981-120.3457Normal value (A)
1981-110.3486Normal value (A)
1981-100.2672Normal value (A)
1981-090.3247Normal value (A)
1981-080.2352Normal value (A)
1981-070.2013Normal value (A)
1981-060.2511Normal value (A)
1981-050.2629Normal value (A)
1981-040.0934Normal value (A)
1981-030.2590Normal value (A)
1981-020.2431Normal value (A)
1981-010.1238Normal value (A)
1980-120.1154Normal value (A)
1980-110.1348Normal value (A)
1980-100.0595Normal value (A)
1980-090.0678Normal value (A)
1980-080.0225Normal value (A)
1980-070.0357Normal value (A)
1980-060.0397Normal value (A)
1980-050.0352Normal value (A)
1980-040.0412Normal value (A)
1980-030.0469Normal value (A)
1980-020.0584Normal value (A)
1980-010.0546Normal value (A)
1979-120.0526Normal value (A)
1979-110.0633Normal value (A)
1979-100.1043Normal value (A)
1979-090.0719Normal value (A)
1979-080.0525Normal value (A)
1979-070.0775Normal value (A)
1979-060.0441Normal value (A)
1979-050.0642Normal value (A)
1979-040.0690Normal value (A)
1979-030.0578Normal value (A)
1979-020.0706Normal value (A)
1979-010.0856Normal value (A)
1978-120.0622Normal value (A)
1978-110.0705Normal value (A)
1978-100.1266Normal value (A)
1978-090.1010Normal value (A)
1978-080.1308Normal value (A)
1978-070.2370Normal value (A)
1978-060.0677Normal value (A)
1978-050.0756Normal value (A)
1978-040.0797Normal value (A)
1978-030.0809Normal value (A)
1978-020.1420Normal value (A)
1978-010.0883Normal value (A)
1977-120.1123Normal value (A)
1977-110.1364Normal value (A)
1977-100.1287Normal value (A)
1977-090.1434Normal value (A)
1977-080.0819Normal value (A)
1977-070.0978Normal value (A)
1977-060.1249Normal value (A)
1977-050.0513Normal value (A)
1977-040.0283Normal value (A)
1977-030.0311Normal value (A)
1977-020.0512Normal value (A)
1977-010.0392Normal value (A)
1976-120.0289Normal value (A)
1976-110.0300Normal value (A)
1976-100.0445Normal value (A)
1976-090.0346Normal value (A)
1976-080.0693Normal value (A)
1976-070.0564Normal value (A)
1976-060.0275Normal value (A)
1976-050.0470Normal value (A)
1976-040.1224Normal value (A)
1976-030.1045Normal value (A)
1976-020.0537Normal value (A)
1976-010.0603Normal value (A)
1975-120.0430Normal value (A)
1975-110.1166Normal value (A)
1975-100.0422Normal value (A)
1975-090.1191Normal value (A)
1975-080.0905Normal value (A)
1975-070.0505Normal value (A)
1975-060.0770Normal value (A)
1975-050.0915Normal value (A)
1975-040.1315Normal value (A)
1975-030.1237Normal value (A)
1975-020.1687Normal value (A)
1975-010.1401Normal value (A)
1974-120.1035Normal value (A)
1974-110.1038Normal value (A)
1974-100.1401Normal value (A)
1974-090.1825Normal value (A)
1974-080.1057Normal value (A)
1974-070.1085Normal value (A)
1974-060.1950Normal value (A)
1974-050.2012Normal value (A)
1974-040.0801Normal value (A)
1974-030.0560Normal value (A)
1974-020.1044Normal value (A)
1974-010.0952Normal value (A)
1973-120.1066Normal value (A)
1973-110.1866Normal value (A)
1973-100.0964Normal value (A)
1973-090.1536Normal value (A)
1973-080.1501Normal value (A)
1973-070.1433Normal value (A)
1973-060.1080Normal value (A)
1973-050.0987Normal value (A)
1973-040.0724Normal value (A)
1973-030.0572Normal value (A)
1973-020.0723Normal value (A)
1973-010.1256Normal value (A)
1972-120.0415Normal value (A)
1972-110.0718Normal value (A)
1972-100.0884Normal value (A)
1972-090.0624Normal value (A)
1972-080.1041Normal value (A)
1972-070.1032Normal value (A)
1972-060.0597Normal value (A)
1972-050.0559Normal value (A)
1972-040.1112Normal value (A)
1972-030.0514Normal value (A)
1972-020.0669Normal value (A)
1972-010.0630Normal value (A)
1971-120.0489Normal value (A)
1971-110.0743Normal value (A)
1971-100.0603Normal value (A)
1971-090.0611Normal value (A)
1971-080.1046Normal value (A)
1971-070.0596Normal value (A)
1971-060.0791Normal value (A)
1971-050.0628Normal value (A)
1971-040.0772Normal value (A)
1971-030.0598Normal value (A)
1971-020.1726Normal value (A)
1971-010.0873Normal value (A)
1970-120.0445Normal value (A)
1970-110.0317Normal value (A)
1970-100.0495Normal value (A)
1970-090.0143Normal value (A)
1970-080.0488Normal value (A)
1970-070.0249Normal value (A)
1970-060.0385Normal value (A)
1970-050.0235Normal value (A)
1970-040.0463Normal value (A)
1970-030.0623Normal value (A)
1970-020.0925Normal value (A)
1970-010.0548Normal value (A)