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Series Level Information
Series Key MIR.M.DK.B.A2Z.A.B.A.2240.DKK.N
Title Bank business volumes - revolving loans & overdrafts, convenience & extended credit card credit to corporations - Denmark
Title Complement Denmark, Business volume (outstanding amount / new business), Credit and other institutions (MFI except MMFs and central banks) reporting sector - Revolving loans and overdrafts, convenience and extended credit card debt, Total original maturity, New business coverage, Non-Financial corporations (S.11) sector, denominated in Danish krone
Unit Millions of Danish krone
Dataset MIR : MFI Interest Rate Statistics

Data Structure Definition (DSD)
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CL_OBS_CONF Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
R Discontinued from October 2006
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
Dataset Source : Danmarks Nationalbank (Denmark)
 Denmark, Business volume (outstanding amount / new business), Credit and other institutions (MFI except MMFs and central banks) reporting sector - Revolving loans and overdrafts, convenience and extended credit card debt, Total original maturity, New business coverage, Non-Financial corporations (S.11) sector, denominated in Danish krone
(MFI Interest Rate Statistics)
Period valueobs. status
2023-07168914.00Normal value (A)
2023-06167969.00Normal value (A)
2023-05169324.00Normal value (A)
2023-04173596.00Normal value (A)
2023-03169513.00Normal value (A)
2023-02168533.00Normal value (A)
2023-01167687.00Normal value (A)
2022-12165754.00Normal value (A)
2022-11167115.00Normal value (A)
2022-10166839.00Normal value (A)
2022-09166963.00Normal value (A)
2022-08167869.00Normal value (A)
2022-07166359.00Normal value (A)
2022-06164471.00Normal value (A)
2022-05162052.00Normal value (A)
2022-04161536.00Normal value (A)
2022-03152959.00Normal value (A)
2022-02148262.00Normal value (A)
2022-01148504.00Normal value (A)
2021-12126156.00Normal value (A)
2021-11122917.00Normal value (A)
2021-10123286.00Normal value (A)
2021-09131617.00Normal value (A)
2021-08128924.00Normal value (A)
2021-07129786.00Normal value (A)
2021-06130372.00Normal value (A)
2021-05133868.00Normal value (A)
2021-04137698.00Normal value (A)
2021-03135994.00Normal value (A)
2021-02133285.00Normal value (A)
2021-01134869.00Normal value (A)
2020-12129907.00Normal value (A)
2020-11133710.00Normal value (A)
2020-10135254.00Normal value (A)
2020-09133179.00Normal value (A)
2020-08134325.00Normal value (A)
2020-07134898.00Normal value (A)
2020-06137427.00Normal value (A)
2020-05142969.00Normal value (A)
2020-04151164.00Normal value (A)
2020-03150933.00Normal value (A)
2020-02148757.00Normal value (A)
2020-01150415.00Normal value (A)
2019-12147319.00Normal value (A)
2019-11145219.00Normal value (A)
2019-10146579.00Normal value (A)
2019-09145449.00Normal value (A)
2019-08144794.00Normal value (A)
2019-07148281.00Normal value (A)
2019-06148026.00Normal value (A)
2019-05148910.00Normal value (A)
2019-04149091.00Normal value (A)
2019-03147384.00Normal value (A)
2019-02143881.00Normal value (A)
2019-01146174.00Normal value (A)
2018-12144853.00Normal value (A)
2018-11143845.00Normal value (A)
2018-10145321.00Normal value (A)
2018-09145257.00Normal value (A)
2018-08142197.00Normal value (A)
2018-07144622.00Normal value (A)
2018-06141879.00Normal value (A)
2018-05141558.00Normal value (A)
2018-04143293.00Normal value (A)
2018-03140887.00Normal value (A)
2018-02137781.00Normal value (A)
2018-01139301.00Normal value (A)
2017-12131016.00Normal value (A)
2017-11127804.00Normal value (A)
2017-10128646.00Normal value (A)
2017-09128696.00Normal value (A)
2017-08125693.00Normal value (A)
2017-07129572.00Normal value (A)
2017-06127503.00Normal value (A)
2017-05126981.00Normal value (A)
2017-04128902.00Normal value (A)
2017-03124313.00Normal value (A)
2017-02121043.00Normal value (A)
2017-01122728.00Normal value (A)
2016-12123974.00Normal value (A)
2016-11123287.00Normal value (A)
2016-10124917.00Normal value (A)
2016-09121961.00Normal value (A)
2016-08120106.00Normal value (A)
2016-07123438.00Normal value (A)
2016-06123257.00Normal value (A)
2016-05125004.00Normal value (A)
2016-04125831.00Normal value (A)
2016-03122715.00Normal value (A)
2016-02119662.00Normal value (A)
2016-01121853.00Normal value (A)
2015-12120538.00Normal value (A)
2015-11123635.00Normal value (A)
2015-10123804.00Normal value (A)
2015-09121789.00Normal value (A)
2015-08119330.00Normal value (A)
2015-07121161.00Normal value (A)
2015-06121913.00Normal value (A)
2015-05124035.00Normal value (A)
2015-04121890.00Normal value (A)
2015-03118518.00Normal value (A)
2015-02118243.00Normal value (A)
2015-01124309.00Normal value (A)
2014-12123163.00Normal value (A)
2014-11122934.00Normal value (A)
2014-10123901.00Normal value (A)
2014-09122221.00Normal value (A)
2014-08119346.00Normal value (A)
2014-07124098.00Normal value (A)
2014-06126515.00Normal value (A)
2014-05124121.00Normal value (A)
2014-04129423.00Normal value (A)
2014-03127949.00Normal value (A)
2014-02128928.00Normal value (A)
2014-01129814.00Normal value (A)
2013-12139601.00Normal value (A)
2013-11141591.00Normal value (A)
2013-10130196.00Normal value (A)
2013-09131600.00Normal value (A)
2013-08142307.00Normal value (A)
2013-07137950.00Normal value (A)
2013-06148432.00Normal value (A)
2013-05146394.00Normal value (A)
2013-04149348.00Normal value (A)
2013-03151010.00Normal value (A)
2013-02148277.00Normal value (A)
2013-01144886.00Normal value (A)
2012-12149419.00Normal value (A)
2012-11148662.00Normal value (A)
2012-10143790.00Normal value (A)
2012-09149901.00Normal value (A)
2012-08143551.00Normal value (A)
2012-07140614.00Normal value (A)
2012-06151834.00Normal value (A)
2012-05148191.00Normal value (A)
2012-04153701.00Normal value (A)
2012-03154560.00Normal value (A)
2012-02149914.00Normal value (A)
2012-01146584.00Normal value (A)
2011-12148421.00Normal value (A)
2011-11149331.00Normal value (A)
2011-10148600.00Normal value (A)
2011-09148827.00Normal value (A)
2011-08140896.00Normal value (A)
2011-07136450.00Normal value (A)
2011-06147753.00Normal value (A)
2011-05142876.00Normal value (A)
2011-04152538.00Normal value (A)
2011-03153529.00Normal value (A)
2011-02153161.00Normal value (A)
2011-01151166.00Normal value (A)
2010-12152007.00Normal value (A)
2010-11148204.00Normal value (A)
2010-10147311.00Normal value (A)
2010-09151013.00Normal value (A)
2010-08145700.00Normal value (A)
2010-07141530.00Normal value (A)
2010-06150808.00Normal value (A)
2010-05150136.00Normal value (A)
2010-04152235.00Normal value (A)
2010-03152745.00Normal value (A)
2010-02150714.00Normal value (A)
2010-01149640.00Normal value (A)
2009-12153379.00Normal value (A)
2009-11147459.00Normal value (A)
2009-10147078.00Normal value (A)
2009-09148947.00Normal value (A)
2009-08149834.00Normal value (A)
2009-07150818.00Normal value (A)
2009-06160481.00Normal value (A)
2009-05159428.00Normal value (A)
2009-04169079.00Normal value (A)
2009-03174520.00Normal value (A)
2009-02173615.00Normal value (A)
2009-01188516.00Normal value (A)
2008-12201903.00Normal value (A)
2008-11201480.00Normal value (A)
2008-10198432.00Normal value (A)
2008-09204971.00Normal value (A)
2008-08202185.00Normal value (A)
2008-07194701.00Normal value (A)
2008-06209684.00Normal value (A)
2008-05202238.00Normal value (A)
2008-04202022.00Normal value (A)
2008-03205195.00Normal value (A)
2008-02194537.00Normal value (A)
2008-01192938.00Normal value (A)
2007-12199306.00Normal value (A)
2007-11188968.00Normal value (A)
2007-10180352.00Normal value (A)
2007-09183053.00Normal value (A)
2007-08175737.00Normal value (A)
2007-07168537.00Normal value (A)
2007-06181764.00Normal value (A)
2007-05168429.00Normal value (A)
2007-04173155.00Normal value (A)
2007-03167301.00Normal value (A)
2007-02160703.00Normal value (A)
2007-01152425.00Normal value (A)
2006-12150972.00Normal value (A)
2006-11147058.00Normal value (A)
2006-10137607.00Normal value (A)
2006-09140111.00Normal value (A)
2006-08133830.00Normal value (A)
2006-07128471.00Normal value (A)
2006-06136390.00Normal value (A)
2006-05128011.00Normal value (A)
2006-04128511.00Normal value (A)
2006-03125807.00Normal value (A)
2006-02120016.00Normal value (A)
2006-01118992.00Normal value (A)
2005-12116136.00Normal value (A)
2005-11110756.00Normal value (A)
2005-10107833.00Normal value (A)
2005-09107238.00Normal value (A)
2005-08101780.00Normal value (A)
2005-0797648.00Normal value (A)
2005-06104903.00Normal value (A)
2005-05103174.00Normal value (A)
2005-04102925.00Normal value (A)
2005-03105572.00Normal value (A)
2005-02100434.00Normal value (A)
2005-01102598.00Normal value (A)
2004-12104387.00Normal value (A)
2004-1196877.00Normal value (A)
2004-1096285.00Normal value (A)
2004-0994304.00Normal value (A)
2004-0890679.00Normal value (A)
2004-0766035.00Normal value (A)
2004-0672481.00Normal value (A)
2004-0572854.00Normal value (A)
2004-0472350.00Normal value (A)
2004-0369822.00Normal value (A)
2004-0266519.00Normal value (A)
2004-0165918.00Normal value (A)
2003-1269843.00Normal value (A)
2003-1159966.00Normal value (A)
2003-1058350.00Normal value (A)
2003-0962037.00Normal value (A)
2003-0860238.00Normal value (A)
2003-0758184.00Normal value (A)
2003-0665306.00Normal value (A)
2003-0564009.00Normal value (A)
2003-0467773.00Normal value (A)
2003-0366868.00Normal value (A)
2003-0265238.00Normal value (A)
2003-0163932.00Normal value (A)