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Series Level Information
Series Key BP6.M.N.PL.W1.S1.S1.T.B.IN1._Z._Z._Z.EUR._T._X.N
Title Primary income
Title Complement - Monthly- Neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted data- Poland vis-a-vis Rest of the World- sector: Total economy vis-a-vis Total economy- Transactions- Balance (Credits minus Debits)- Primary income- Euro- All currencies- Compilation methodology based on international standards
Unit Millions of Euro
Dataset BP6 : Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6)

Data Structure Definition (DSD)
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CL_CONF_STATUS Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
E Not for publication, restricted for internal use only (equivalent to the code N) until the embargo time elapses - free for publication (equivalent to the code F) after the embargo time elapses
F Free (free for publication)
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 - Monthly- Neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted data- Poland vis-a-vis Rest of the World- sector: Total economy vis-a-vis Total economy- Transactions- Balance (Credits minus Debits)- Primary income- Euro- All currencies- Compilation methodology based on international standards
(Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6))
Period valueobs. status
2021-11-2129Estimated value (E)
2021-10-2141Estimated value (E)
2021-09-2813Estimated value (E)
2021-08-2101Estimated value (E)
2021-07-2556Estimated value (E)
2021-06-2855Estimated value (E)
2021-05-1946Estimated value (E)
2021-04-2214Estimated value (E)
2021-03-2084Estimated value (E)
2021-02-2019Estimated value (E)
2021-01-377Estimated value (E)
2020-12-1325Estimated value (E)
2020-11-2353Estimated value (E)
2020-10-2153Estimated value (E)
2020-09-2054Estimated value (E)
2020-08-1713Estimated value (E)
2020-07-2294Estimated value (E)
2020-06-1772Estimated value (E)
2020-05-1129Estimated value (E)
2020-04-1052Estimated value (E)
2020-03-1231Estimated value (E)
2020-02-1810Estimated value (E)
2020-01548Estimated value (E)
2019-12-1526Estimated value (E)
2019-11-1975Estimated value (E)
2019-10-2031Estimated value (E)
2019-09-2008Estimated value (E)
2019-08-2018Estimated value (E)
2019-07-2243Estimated value (E)
2019-06-2364Estimated value (E)
2019-05-1643Estimated value (E)
2019-04-1783Estimated value (E)
2019-03-1938Estimated value (E)
2019-02-1686Estimated value (E)
2019-01116Estimated value (E)
2018-12-1672Estimated value (E)
2018-11-1786Estimated value (E)
2018-10-1750Estimated value (E)
2018-09-2241Estimated value (E)
2018-08-1533Estimated value (E)
2018-07-2449Estimated value (E)
2018-06-2164Estimated value (E)
2018-05-1636Estimated value (E)
2018-04-1506Estimated value (E)
2018-03-2382Estimated value (E)
2018-02-1399Estimated value (E)
2018-01491Estimated value (E)
2017-12-1999Estimated value (E)
2017-11-1991Estimated value (E)
2017-10-1927Estimated value (E)
2017-09-1797Estimated value (E)
2017-08-1395Estimated value (E)
2017-07-1888Estimated value (E)
2017-06-2334Estimated value (E)
2017-05-1609Estimated value (E)
2017-04-1733Estimated value (E)
2017-03-1526Estimated value (E)
2017-02-1478Estimated value (E)
2017-01610Estimated value (E)
2016-12-1114Estimated value (E)
2016-11-1404Estimated value (E)
2016-10-1538Estimated value (E)
2016-09-2066Estimated value (E)
2016-08-1503Estimated value (E)
2016-07-2175Estimated value (E)
2016-06-1049Estimated value (E)
2016-05-1045Estimated value (E)
2016-04-1540Estimated value (E)
2016-03-1502Estimated value (E)
2016-02-1651Estimated value (E)
2016-01-1109Estimated value (E)
2015-12-1417Estimated value (E)
2015-11-1217Estimated value (E)
2015-10-1534Estimated value (E)
2015-09-1628Estimated value (E)
2015-08-1160Estimated value (E)
2015-07-1802Estimated value (E)
2015-06-2549Estimated value (E)
2015-05-756Estimated value (E)
2015-04301Estimated value (E)
2015-03-348Estimated value (E)
2015-02-916Estimated value (E)
2015-01-1625Estimated value (E)
2014-12-944Estimated value (E)
2014-11-775Estimated value (E)
2014-10-684Estimated value (E)
2014-09-1351Estimated value (E)
2014-08-1200Estimated value (E)
2014-07-1815Estimated value (E)
2014-06-2870Estimated value (E)
2014-05-748Estimated value (E)
2014-04-524Estimated value (E)
2014-03-442Estimated value (E)
2014-02-1006Estimated value (E)
2014-01-1658Estimated value (E)
2013-12-1413Estimated value (E)
2013-11-1587Estimated value (E)
2013-10-1655Estimated value (E)
2013-09-697Estimated value (E)
2013-0860Estimated value (E)
2013-07-2180Estimated value (E)
2013-06-1996Estimated value (E)
2013-05-59Estimated value (E)
2013-04-625Estimated value (E)
2013-0329Estimated value (E)
2013-02-725Estimated value (E)
2013-01-1024Estimated value (E)
2012-12-1331Estimated value (E)
2012-11-1252Estimated value (E)
2012-10-993Estimated value (E)
2012-09-1259Estimated value (E)
2012-08-628Estimated value (E)
2012-07-2424Estimated value (E)
2012-06-1616Estimated value (E)
2012-05-260Estimated value (E)
2012-04-437Estimated value (E)
2012-03-725Estimated value (E)
2012-02-215Estimated value (E)
2012-01-1106Estimated value (E)
2011-12-1066Estimated value (E)
2011-11-1041Estimated value (E)
2011-10-1371Estimated value (E)
2011-09-1271Estimated value (E)
2011-08-484Estimated value (E)
2011-07-1903Estimated value (E)
2011-06-2660Estimated value (E)
2011-05-613Estimated value (E)
2011-04-78Estimated value (E)
2011-03-1022Estimated value (E)
2011-02371Estimated value (E)
2011-01-1033Estimated value (E)
2010-12-1201Estimated value (E)
2010-11-1274Estimated value (E)
2010-10-1190Estimated value (E)
2010-09-1384Estimated value (E)
2010-08-753Estimated value (E)
2010-07-1715Estimated value (E)
2010-06-1657Estimated value (E)
2010-05-113Estimated value (E)
2010-04-413Estimated value (E)
2010-03-1176Estimated value (E)
2010-02212Estimated value (E)
2010-01-1032Estimated value (E)
2009-12-905Estimated value (E)
2009-11-1094Estimated value (E)
2009-10-1133Estimated value (E)
2009-09-912Estimated value (E)
2009-08-184Estimated value (E)
2009-07-1031Estimated value (E)
2009-06-697Estimated value (E)
2009-05-897Estimated value (E)
2009-04-980Estimated value (E)
2009-03-591Estimated value (E)
2009-02300Estimated value (E)
2009-01-864Estimated value (E)
2008-12-468Estimated value (E)
2008-11-605Estimated value (E)
2008-10-553Estimated value (E)
2008-09-961Estimated value (E)
2008-08-59Estimated value (E)
2008-07161Estimated value (E)
2008-06-1097Estimated value (E)
2008-05-857Estimated value (E)
2008-04-616Estimated value (E)
2008-03-668Estimated value (E)
2008-02-275Estimated value (E)
2008-01-836Estimated value (E)
2007-12-1063Estimated value (E)
2007-11-734Estimated value (E)
2007-10-1194Estimated value (E)
2007-09-411Estimated value (E)
2007-08-681Estimated value (E)
2007-07-866Estimated value (E)
2007-06-1165Estimated value (E)
2007-05-1059Estimated value (E)
2007-04-399Estimated value (E)
2007-03-584Estimated value (E)
2007-02-504Estimated value (E)
2007-01-913Estimated value (E)
2006-12-507Estimated value (E)
2006-11-979Estimated value (E)
2006-10-991Estimated value (E)
2006-09129Estimated value (E)
2006-08-524Estimated value (E)
2006-07-240Estimated value (E)
2006-06-549Estimated value (E)
2006-05-131Estimated value (E)
2006-04-600Estimated value (E)
2006-03-537Estimated value (E)
2006-02-446Estimated value (E)
2006-01-330Estimated value (E)
2005-12-469Estimated value (E)
2005-11-458Estimated value (E)
2005-10-518Estimated value (E)
2005-09-349Estimated value (E)
2005-08-345Estimated value (E)
2005-07-360Estimated value (E)
2005-06-150Estimated value (E)
2005-05-461Estimated value (E)
2005-04-189Estimated value (E)
2005-03-202Estimated value (E)
2005-02-423Estimated value (E)
2005-01-213Estimated value (E)
2004-12-600Estimated value (E)
2004-11-318Estimated value (E)
2004-10-684Estimated value (E)
2004-09-552Estimated value (E)
2004-08-359Estimated value (E)
2004-07-598Estimated value (E)
2004-06-651Estimated value (E)
2004-05-497Estimated value (E)
2004-04-418Estimated value (E)
2004-03-732Estimated value (E)
2004-02-655Estimated value (E)
2004-01-443Estimated value (E)