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Series Level Information
Title Japanese Yen 3-month British Bankers` Association (BBA) Libor - Historical close, average of observations through period
Title Complement United Kingdom - Money Market - Japanese Yen 3-month British Bankers` Association (BBA) Libor - Historical close, average of observations through period - Japanese yen, provided by Refinitiv
Unit Percent per annum
Dataset FM : Financial market data

Data Structure Definition (DSD)
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CL_OBS_CONF Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
R Discontinued from October 2006
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 United Kingdom - Money Market - Japanese Yen 3-month British Bankers` Association (BBA) Libor - Historical close, average of observations through period - Japanese yen, provided by Refinitiv
(Financial market data)
Period valueobs. statusobs. comment
2023-01-0.0262Normal value (A) 
2022-12-0.0423Normal value (A) 
2022-11-0.0402Normal value (A) 
2022-10-0.0289Normal value (A) 
2022-09-0.0189Normal value (A) 
2022-08-0.0139Normal value (A) 
2022-07-0.0181Normal value (A) 
2022-06-0.0255Normal value (A) 
2022-05-0.0177Normal value (A) 
2022-04-0.0108Normal value (A) 
2022-03-0.0079Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2022-02-0.0192Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2022-01-0.0262Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-12-0.0763Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-11-0.0886Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-10-0.0824Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-09-0.0836Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-08-0.0992Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-07-0.0824Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-06-0.0895Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-05-0.0864Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-04-0.0715Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-03-0.0801Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-02-0.0858Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2021-01-0.0783Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2020-12-0.0985Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2020-11-0.1042Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2020-10-0.1012Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2020-09-0.0896Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2020-08-0.0535Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2020-07-0.0491Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2020-06-0.0479Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2020-05-0.0280Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2020-04-0.0097Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2020-03-0.0898Normal value (A)GB00BD080J39
2020-02-0.0670Normal value (A) 
2020-01-0.0485Normal value (A) 
2019-12-0.0634Normal value (A) 
2019-11-0.1009Normal value (A) 
2019-10-0.1121Normal value (A) 
2019-09-0.0930Normal value (A) 
2019-08-0.0975Normal value (A) 
2019-07-0.0747Normal value (A) 
2019-06-0.0665Normal value (A) 
2019-05-0.0705Normal value (A) 
2019-04-0.0630Normal value (A) 
2019-03-0.0719Normal value (A) 
2019-02-0.0839Normal value (A) 
2019-01-0.0784Normal value (A) 
2018-12-0.0996Normal value (A) 
2018-11-0.1048Normal value (A) 
2018-10-0.0820Normal value (A) 
2018-09-0.0398Normal value (A) 
2018-08-0.0350Normal value (A) 
2018-07-0.0394Normal value (A) 
2018-06-0.0372Normal value (A) 
2018-05-0.0279Normal value (A) 
2018-04-0.0358Normal value (A) 
2018-03-0.0495Normal value (A) 
2018-02-0.0621Normal value (A) 
2018-01-0.0324Normal value (A) 
2017-12-0.0215Normal value (A) 
2017-11-0.0350Normal value (A) 
2017-10-0.0414Normal value (A) 
2017-09-0.0327Normal value (A) 
2017-08-0.0263Normal value (A) 
2017-07-0.0077Normal value (A) 
2017-06-0.0065Normal value (A) 
2017-05-0.0073Normal value (A) 
2017-040.0154Normal value (A) 
2017-030.0007Normal value (A) 
2017-02-0.0077Normal value (A) 
2017-01-0.0230Normal value (A) 
2016-12-0.0388Normal value (A) 
2016-11-0.0583Normal value (A) 
2016-10-0.0158Normal value (A) 
2016-09-0.0313Normal value (A) 
2016-08-0.0216Normal value (A) 
2016-07-0.0322Normal value (A) 
2016-06-0.0323Normal value (A) 
2016-05-0.0252Normal value (A) 
2016-04-0.0194Normal value (A) 
2016-03-0.0055Normal value (A) 
2016-020.0138Normal value (A) 
2016-010.0796Normal value (A) 
2015-120.0789Normal value (A) 
2015-110.0755Normal value (A) 
2015-100.0811Normal value (A) 
2015-090.0840Normal value (A) 
2015-080.0930Normal value (A) 
2015-070.0977Normal value (A) 
2015-060.0972Normal value (A) 
2015-050.0995Normal value (A) 
2015-040.0953Normal value (A) 
2015-030.0966Normal value (A) 
2015-020.1016Normal value (A) 
2015-010.1034Normal value (A) 
2014-120.1096Normal value (A) 
2014-110.1060Normal value (A) 
2014-100.1121Normal value (A) 
2014-090.1216Normal value (A) 
2014-080.1290Normal value (A) 
2014-070.1321Normal value (A) 
2014-060.1339Normal value (A) 
2014-050.1350Normal value (A) 
2014-040.1356Normal value (A) 
2014-030.1382Normal value (A) 
2014-020.1392Normal value (A) 
2014-010.1445Normal value (A) 
2013-120.1461Normal value (A) 
2013-110.1428Normal value (A) 
2013-100.1451Normal value (A) 
2013-090.1534Normal value (A) 
2013-080.1545Normal value (A) 
2013-070.1568Normal value (A) 
2013-060.1548Normal value (A) 
2013-050.1550Normal value (A) 
2013-040.1563Normal value (A) 
2013-030.1603Normal value (A) 
2013-020.1634Normal value (A) 
2013-010.1700Normal value (A) 
2012-120.1807Normal value (A) 
2012-110.1884Normal value (A) 
2012-100.1892Normal value (A) 
2012-090.1934Normal value (A) 
2012-080.1945Normal value (A) 
2012-070.1957Normal value (A) 
2012-060.1957Normal value (A) 
2012-050.1957Normal value (A) 
2012-040.1957Normal value (A) 
2012-030.1957Normal value (A) 
2012-020.1957Normal value (A) 
2012-010.1957Normal value (A) 
2011-120.1959Normal value (A) 
2011-110.1963Normal value (A) 
2011-100.1948Normal value (A) 
2011-090.1934Normal value (A) 
2011-080.1934Normal value (A) 
2011-070.1953Normal value (A) 
2011-060.1953Normal value (A) 
2011-050.1956Normal value (A) 
2011-040.1981Normal value (A) 
2011-030.1965Normal value (A) 
2011-020.1898Normal value (A) 
2011-010.1883Normal value (A) 
2010-120.1846Normal value (A) 
2010-110.1940Normal value (A) 
2010-100.2015Normal value (A) 
2010-090.2250Normal value (A) 
2010-080.2387Normal value (A) 
2010-070.2441Normal value (A) 
2010-060.2436Normal value (A) 
2010-050.2444Normal value (A) 
2010-040.2385Normal value (A) 
2010-030.2460Normal value (A) 
2010-020.2538Normal value (A) 
2010-010.2605Normal value (A) 
2009-120.2802Normal value (A) 
2009-110.3105Normal value (A) 
2009-100.3348Normal value (A) 
2009-090.3607Normal value (A) 
2009-080.3992Normal value (A) 
2009-070.4306Normal value (A) 
2009-060.4889Normal value (A) 
2009-050.5326Normal value (A) 
2009-040.5667Normal value (A) 
2009-030.6201Normal value (A) 
2009-020.6438Normal value (A) 
2009-010.7341Normal value (A) 
2008-120.9221Normal value (A) 
2008-110.9094Normal value (A) 
2008-101.0377Normal value (A) 
2008-090.9070Normal value (A) 
2008-080.8873Normal value (A) 
2008-070.9158Normal value (A) 
2008-060.9240Normal value (A) 
2008-050.9163Normal value (A) 
2008-040.9206Normal value (A) 
2008-030.9663Normal value (A) 
2008-020.8957Normal value (A) 
2008-010.8943Normal value (A) 
2007-120.9903Normal value (A) 
2007-110.9109Normal value (A) 
2007-100.9711Normal value (A) 
2007-090.9865Normal value (A) 
2007-080.9182Normal value (A) 
2007-070.7733Normal value (A) 
2007-060.7338Normal value (A) 
2007-050.6709Normal value (A) 
2007-040.6639Normal value (A) 
2007-030.7071Normal value (A) 
2007-020.5892Normal value (A) 
2007-010.5621Normal value (A) 
2006-120.5551Normal value (A) 
2006-110.4790Normal value (A) 
2006-100.4377Normal value (A) 
2006-090.4177Normal value (A) 
2006-080.4125Normal value (A) 
2006-070.3965Normal value (A) 
2006-060.3247Normal value (A) 
2006-050.1889Normal value (A) 
2006-040.1123Normal value (A) 
2006-030.1042Normal value (A) 
2006-020.0748Normal value (A) 
2006-010.0669Normal value (A) 
2005-120.0658Normal value (A) 
2005-110.0647Normal value (A) 
2005-100.0638Normal value (A) 
2005-090.0583Normal value (A) 
2005-080.0559Normal value (A) 
2005-070.0562Normal value (A) 
2005-060.0538Normal value (A) 
2005-050.0543Normal value (A) 
2005-040.0533Normal value (A) 
2005-030.0530Normal value (A) 
2005-020.0522Normal value (A) 
2005-010.0529Normal value (A) 
2004-120.0519Normal value (A) 
2004-110.0523Normal value (A) 
2004-100.0527Normal value (A) 
2004-090.0522Normal value (A) 
2004-080.0514Normal value (A) 
2004-070.0516Normal value (A) 
2004-060.0503Normal value (A) 
2004-050.0477Normal value (A) 
2004-040.0475Normal value (A) 
2004-030.0516Normal value (A) 
2004-020.0517Normal value (A) 
2004-010.0571Normal value (A) 
2003-120.0574Normal value (A) 
2003-110.0560Normal value (A) 
2003-100.0568Normal value (A) 
2003-090.0544Normal value (A) 
2003-080.0534Normal value (A) 
2003-070.0499Normal value (A) 
2003-060.0576Normal value (A) 
2003-050.0588Normal value (A) 
2003-040.0604Normal value (A) 
2003-030.0560Normal value (A) 
2003-020.0591Normal value (A) 
2003-010.0619Normal value (A) 
2002-120.0609Normal value (A) 
2002-110.0707Normal value (A) 
2002-100.0713Normal value (A) 
2002-090.0651Normal value (A) 
2002-080.0664Normal value (A) 
2002-070.0713Normal value (A) 
2002-060.0698Normal value (A) 
2002-050.0772Normal value (A) 
2002-040.0808Normal value (A) 
2002-030.1032Normal value (A) 
2002-020.0951Normal value (A) 
2002-010.0879Normal value (A) 
2001-120.0840Normal value (A) 
2001-110.0778Normal value (A) 
2001-100.0779Normal value (A) 
2001-090.0635Normal value (A) 
2001-080.0764Normal value (A) 
2001-070.0798Normal value (A) 
2001-060.0691Normal value (A) 
2001-050.0751Normal value (A) 
2001-040.0995Normal value (A) 
2001-030.1941Normal value (A) 
2001-020.4084Normal value (A) 
2001-010.4989Normal value (A) 
2000-120.6170Normal value (A) 
2000-110.5527Normal value (A) 
2000-100.5219Normal value (A) 
2000-090.4081Normal value (A) 
2000-080.3126Normal value (A) 
2000-070.2239Normal value (A) 
2000-060.1279Normal value (A) 
2000-050.1030Normal value (A) 
2000-040.1176Normal value (A) 
2000-030.1409Normal value (A) 
2000-020.1266Normal value (A) 
2000-010.1451Normal value (A) 
1999-120.3148Normal value (A) 
1999-110.3001Normal value (A) 
1999-100.2483Normal value (A) 
1999-090.0993Normal value (A) 
1999-080.0948Normal value (A) 
1999-070.1099Normal value (A) 
1999-060.0971Normal value (A) 
1999-050.1093Normal value (A) 
1999-040.1518Normal value (A) 
1999-030.1958Normal value (A) 
1999-020.3772Normal value (A) 
1999-010.5110Normal value (A) 
1998-120.4920Normal value (A) 
1998-110.4011Normal value (A) 
1998-100.4033Normal value (A) 
1998-090.4835Normal value (A) 
1998-080.6464Normal value (A) 
1998-070.6411Normal value (A) 
1998-060.5678Normal value (A) 
1998-050.5649Normal value (A) 
1998-040.6587Normal value (A) 
1998-030.7276Normal value (A) 
1998-020.8422Normal value (A) 
1998-010.7515Normal value (A) 
1997-120.7354Normal value (A) 
1997-110.4945Normal value (A) 
1997-100.5321Normal value (A) 
1997-090.5755Normal value (A) 
1997-080.5854Normal value (A) 
1997-070.6323Normal value (A) 
1997-060.6071Normal value (A) 
1997-050.5856Normal value (A) 
1997-040.5632Normal value (A) 
1997-030.5493Normal value (A) 
1997-020.5020Normal value (A) 
1997-010.4973Normal value (A) 
1996-120.4643Normal value (A) 
1996-110.4978Normal value (A) 
1996-100.4980Normal value (A) 
1996-090.5143Normal value (A) 
1996-080.6037Normal value (A) 
1996-070.6799Normal value (A) 
1996-060.5721Normal value (A) 
1996-050.6223Normal value (A) 
1996-040.6200Normal value (A) 
1996-030.6239Normal value (A) 
1996-020.6358Normal value (A) 
1996-010.5313Normal value (A) 
1995-120.4609Normal value (A) 
1995-110.4766Normal value (A) 
1995-100.4389Normal value (A) 
1995-090.5729Normal value (A) 
1995-080.8685Normal value (A) 
1995-070.9576Normal value (A) 
1995-061.2017Normal value (A) 
1995-051.3560Normal value (A) 
1995-041.5594Normal value (A) 
1995-032.1634Normal value (A) 
1995-022.3211Normal value (A) 
1995-012.3643Normal value (A) 
1994-122.3807Normal value (A) 
1994-112.3750Normal value (A) 
1994-102.3854Normal value (A) 
1994-092.3757Normal value (A) 
1994-082.3329Normal value (A) 
1994-072.1935Normal value (A) 
1994-062.1719Normal value (A) 
1994-052.2301Normal value (A) 
1994-042.3125Normal value (A) 
1994-032.3417Normal value (A) 
1994-022.2633Normal value (A) 
1994-012.1945Normal value (A) 
1993-122.1019Normal value (A) 
1993-112.3551Normal value (A) 
1993-102.4799Normal value (A) 
1993-092.6669Normal value (A) 
1993-083.0603Normal value (A) 
1993-073.2557Normal value (A) 
1993-063.2614Normal value (A) 
1993-053.2730Normal value (A) 
1993-043.2531Normal value (A) 
1993-033.3268Normal value (A) 
1993-023.3344Normal value (A) 
1993-013.7156Normal value (A) 
1992-123.7939Normal value (A) 
1992-113.8192Normal value (A) 
1992-103.9020Normal value (A) 
1992-094.0199Normal value (A) 
1992-083.9727Normal value (A) 
1992-074.3784Normal value (A) 
1992-064.6222Normal value (A) 
1992-054.7500Normal value (A) 
1992-044.7445Normal value (A) 
1992-035.0078Normal value (A) 
1992-025.2492Normal value (A) 
1992-015.2564Normal value (A) 
1991-126.0375Normal value (A) 
1991-116.2269Normal value (A) 
1991-106.4565Normal value (A) 
1991-096.7500Normal value (A) 
1991-087.3490Normal value (A) 
1991-077.5564Normal value (A) 
1991-067.8266Normal value (A) 
1991-057.8333Normal value (A) 
1991-047.9814Normal value (A) 
1991-038.1719Normal value (A) 
1991-028.0695Normal value (A) 
1991-018.2173Normal value (A) 
1990-128.2788Normal value (A) 
1990-118.3956Normal value (A) 
1990-108.2935Normal value (A) 
1990-098.4047Normal value (A) 
1990-088.0220Normal value (A) 
1990-077.7159Normal value (A) 
1990-067.4368Normal value (A) 
1990-057.3772Normal value (A) 
1990-047.4474Normal value (A) 
1990-037.5788Normal value (A) 
1990-027.2352Normal value (A) 
1990-017.0462Normal value (A) 
1989-126.7582Normal value (A) 
1989-116.7614Normal value (A) 
1989-106.2486Normal value (A) 
1989-095.7031Normal value (A) 
1989-085.4567Normal value (A) 
1989-075.4598Normal value (A) 
1989-065.3516Normal value (A) 
1989-055.0283Normal value (A) 
1989-044.7086Normal value (A) 
1989-034.7805Normal value (A) 
1989-024.6633Normal value (A) 
1989-014.5982Normal value (A) 
1988-124.5656Normal value (A) 
1988-114.4929Normal value (A) 
1988-104.7040Normal value (A) 
1988-095.0625Normal value (A) 
1988-084.8807Normal value (A) 
1988-074.7687Normal value (A) 
1988-064.3658Normal value (A) 
1988-054.1883Normal value (A) 
1988-044.1127Normal value (A) 
1988-034.3512Normal value (A) 
1988-024.2597Normal value (A) 
1988-014.2656Normal value (A) 
1987-124.4955Normal value (A) 
1987-114.3757Normal value (A) 
1987-104.8700Normal value (A) 
1987-094.3594Normal value (A) 
1987-084.1024Normal value (A) 
1987-074.0999Normal value (A) 
1987-063.9531Normal value (A) 
1987-053.8725Normal value (A) 
1987-044.0766Normal value (A) 
1987-034.2976Normal value (A) 
1987-024.3086Normal value (A) 
1987-014.3237Normal value (A) 
1986-124.5387Normal value (A) 
1986-114.6899Normal value (A) 
1986-105.0034Normal value (A) 
1986-094.9546Normal value (A) 
1986-084.8617Normal value (A) 
1986-074.7459Normal value (A) 
1986-064.7969Normal value (A) 
1986-054.8281Normal value (A) 
1986-044.9261Normal value (A) 
1986-035.5938Normal value (A) 
1986-026.1266Normal value (A) 
1986-016.7472Normal value (A)