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Data structure

The SDW is a fully metadata driven application based on the SDMX data model. SDW's data structure and dataset concept gives an overview of such metadata. The list of datasets describes the SDW data content and the SDW functions show how the users can access them. More information can be accessed through the site directory and glossary.


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Information display

SDW offers different views to the data tables, data charts and displays their associated Metadata page by using the top of the page toolbar. Pre-defined Reports are also accessible with the underlying data from the side navigation hierarchy. Access the quick view and quick chart for different series keys and apply various transformations to the data.


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Downloading data

Data in SDW can be downloaded on demand and in various formats. Semi-regular downloads can be performed but for more regular downloads, a SDMX 2.1 Restful Web Service is offered and more appropriate. Users can be notified about changes in data using their Data Group(s).