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SDW Home page

The Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW) is the ECB's online data delivery service for statistics. This interactive interface features financial and economic data for the euro area and its member countries. The application is owned by the Statistical division in ECB which is responsible to develop, collect, compile and disseminate statistical data.

The home page presents you an expandable navigation menu which features the inflation rate for a number of different goods within the euro area, but it also offers data on a wide range of other topics. Using the selection menu you can access:

  • a list of publications released by the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) and other institutions;
  • a list of economic concepts like exchange rates, monetary aggregates, financial indicators;
  • a customized basket for personal reports;
  • a customized basked for storing personal data groups;
  • several service functions (Currency Converter, Glossary, Site Directory, etc.).

For a specific data browsing, the search functionality would be more useful. It can be found in the top right corner of the page and it allows you to look for a specific series or concept. The autocomplete function comes up with suggestions meant to simplify your work for getting the right data .

In addition, you may observe a table with the latest key figures for the euro area (see the Selected Indicators). Based on indicator selected by the user, a dynamic and a static chart draw the evolution of the values over a specific period of time. For a full list of indicators click the See more link in the top right corner of the Selected Indicators table.

Dynamic Chart

The interaction with the dynamic chart can be done in multiple ways:

On mouse hovering Find the exact date-value pairs by hovering the dynamic chart.
From/to date The observation values can be displayed for a specific period of time. To do so, change the from/to date in the fields up in chart's header. The Full Period button allows you to reset the fields to their initial state.
Period adjustment Just below the graph's legend, the cursor arrows offer you the possibility to limit the observation values for a specific period of time (very useful for year intervals).
Hide/show the chart legend Hiding/showing the legend elements is one click away. The visibility of the chart legend items can be changed with a click on the specific legend item.
Export chart The Export button offers you mutiple options to download the chart in different formats (PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF), to save the data as a CSV, Excel or JSON file, to make notes and add shapes using the Annotation option and also to print the chart.

The Static Chart shows the evolution over the years for a selected indicator. Click on the chart to see the full series. You will be redirected to the Quickview page to get more information about metadata and observation values.

The last updated datasets together with an archive of the latest news (including the maintenance activities) are exposed in the adjoining area: News & Updates / News Archive.

As a user you have to be kept informed about the next releases of the datasets, therefore 5 of the upcoming realeases are displayed at the bottom of the page, but you can get the full list by clicking the See more link in the top right corner of the Release Calendar table.

Click the help icons spread all over the page to find out more about certain areas or specific topics.

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