Dataset: JVS – Job Vacancy Statistics

Data Structure Definition: Job Vacancy Statistics

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Cube dimensions and attributes
  Concept description Concept Codelist Usage on SDW portal
1. dimension Frequency FREQ CL_FREQ Frequency dimension: used in Dimension Filters on Data Selection, Data Table and Quick View pages.
2. dimension Reference area REF_AREA CL_AREA Country codes: used in Georgraphic Area filters on Data Selection pages.
3. dimension Region classification REGION CL_NUTS2_2013
4. dimension Adjustment indicator SEASONAL_ADJUST CL_ADJUSTMENT
5. dimension Indicators for business statistics INDICATOR CL_INDIC_BZ
6. dimension Activity classification ACTIVITY CL_ACTIVITY
7. dimension Employee coverage SIZECLASS CL_SIZECLASS
8. dimension Occupation classification OCCUPATION CL_OCCUPATION
Observation-level attribute Observation value OBS_VALUE
Observation-level attribute Observation status OBS_STATUS CL_OBS_STATUS Observation status: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Confidentiality status CONF_STATUS CL_CONF_STATUS Observation confidentiality: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Pre-break value PRE_BREAK_VALUE Observation pre-break value: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Comments to the observation value COMMENT_OBS Observation comment: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Embargo time EMBARGO_TIME
Time Series-level attribute Title complement, detailed description of the series COMMENT_TS Long title/description: used in the Search and displayed on Data Selection, Metadata and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Title TITLE Short title: used in the Search and displayed on Data Selection, Metadata and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Unit multiplier UNIT_MULT CL_UNIT_MULT Unit Multiplier: displayed on the Data Table, Metadata and Quick View pages, downloadable in CSV and SDMX format.
Time Series-level attribute Decimals DECIMALS CL_DECIMALS Number of decimals: used on the Data Table and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Time period collection TIME_PER_COLLECT CL_TIME_COLLECT Collection attribute: used on the Data Table, Data Chart and Quick View pages, displayed on the Metadata page.
Time Series-level attribute Compiling organisation COMPILING_ORG CL_ORGANISATION
Time Series-level attribute Underlying compilation DATA_COMP
Time Series-level attribute Unit of measure UNIT_MEASURE CL_UNIT Unit: displayed on the Data Table, Metadata and Quickview pages, downloadable in CSV and SDMX format.
Time Series-level attribute Data dissemination organisation DISS_ORG CL_ORGANISATION Source Agency: displayed on the Data Table, Data Chart and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Coverage COVERAGE

Code List Description

Code Code Description
OC0 Armed forces occupations
OC01 Commissioned armed forces officers
OC011 Commissioned armed forces officers
OC0110 Commissioned armed forces officers
OC02 Non-commissioned armed forces officers
OC021 Non-commissioned armed forces officers
OC0210 Non-commissioned armed forces officers
OC03 Armed forces occupations, other ranks
OC031 Armed forces occupations, other ranks
OC0310 Armed forces occupations, other ranks
OC1 Managers
OC11 Chief executives, senior officials and legislators
OC111 Legislators and senior officials
OC1111 Legislators
OC1112 Senior government officials
OC1113 Traditional chiefs and heads of village
OC1114 Senior officials of special-interest organizations
OC112 Managing directors and chief executives
OC1120 Managing directors and chief executives
OC12 Administrative and commercial managers
OC121 Business services and administration managers
OC1211 Finance managers
OC1212 Human resource managers
OC1213 Policy and planning managers
OC1219 Business services and administration managers not elsewhere classified
OC122 Sales, marketing and development managers
OC1221 Sales and marketing managers
OC1222 Advertising and public relations managers
OC1223 Research and development managers
OC13 Production and specialised services managers
OC131 Production managers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries
OC1311 Agricultural and forestry production managers
OC1312 Aquaculture and fisheries production managers
OC132 Manufacturing, mining, construction, and distribution managers
OC1321 Manufacturing managers
OC1322 Mining managers
OC1323 Construction managers
OC1324 Supply, distribution and related managers
OC133 Information and communications technology service managers
OC1330 Information and communications technology service managers
OC134 Professional services managers
OC1341 Child care services managers
OC1342 Health services managers
OC1343 Aged care services managers
OC1344 Social welfare managers
OC1345 Education managers
OC1346 Financial and insurance services branch managers
OC1349 Professional services managers not elsewhere classified
OC14 Hospitality, retail and other services managers
OC141 Hotel and restaurant managers
OC1411 Hotel managers
OC1412 Restaurant managers
OC142 Retail and wholesale trade managers
OC1420 Retail and wholesale trade managers
OC143 Other services managers
OC1431 Sports, recreation and cultural centre managers
OC1439 Services managers not elsewhere classified
OC1T3 Managers, professionals, technicians and associate professionals
OC2 Professionals
OC21 Science and engineering professionals
OC211 Physical and earth science professionals
OC2111 Physicists and astronomers
OC2112 Meteorologists
OC2113 Chemists
OC2114 Geologists and geophysicists
OC212 Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians
OC2120 Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians
OC213 Life science professionals
OC2131 Biologists, botanists, zoologists and related professionals
OC2132 Farming, forestry and fisheries advisers
OC2133 Environmental protection professionals
OC214 Engineering professionals (excluding electrotechnology)
OC2141 Industrial and production engineers
OC2142 Civil engineers
OC2143 Environmental engineers
OC2144 Mechanical engineers
OC2145 Chemical engineers
OC2146 Mining engineers, metallurgists and related professionals
OC2149 Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified
OC215 Electrotechnology engineers
OC2151 Electrical engineers
OC2152 Electronics engineers
OC2153 Telecommunications engineers
OC216 Architects, planners, surveyors and designers
OC2161 Building architects
OC2162 Landscape architects
OC2163 Product and garment designers
OC2164 Town and traffic planners
OC2165 Cartographers and surveyors
OC2166 Graphic and multimedia designers
OC22 Health professionals
OC221 Medical doctors
OC2211 Generalist medical practitioners
OC2212 Specialist medical practitioners
OC222 Nursing and midwifery professionals
OC2221 Nursing professionals
OC2222 Midwifery professionals
OC223 Traditional and complementary medicine professionals
OC2230 Traditional and complementary medicine professionals
OC224 Paramedical practitioners
OC2240 Paramedical practitioners
OC225 Veterinarians
OC2250 Veterinarians
OC226 Other health professionals
OC2261 Dentists
OC2262 Pharmacists
OC2263 Environmental and occupational health and hygiene professionals
OC2264 Physiotherapists
OC2265 Dieticians and nutritionists
OC2266 Audiologists and speech therapists
OC2267 Optometrists and ophthalmic opticians
OC2269 Health professionals not elsewhere classified
OC23 Teaching professionals
OC231 University and higher education teachers
OC2310 University and higher education teachers
OC232 Vocational education teachers
OC2320 Vocational education teachers
OC233 Secondary education teachers
OC2330 Secondary education teachers
OC234 Primary school and early childhood teachers
OC2341 Primary school teachers
OC2342 Early childhood educators
OC235 Other teaching professionals
OC2351 Education methods specialists
OC2352 Special needs teachers
OC2353 Other language teachers
OC2354 Other music teachers
OC2355 Other arts teachers
OC2356 Information technology trainers
OC2359 Teaching professionals not elsewhere classified
OC24 Business and administration professionals
OC241 Finance professionals
OC2411 Accountants
OC2412 Financial and investment advisers
OC2413 Financial analysts
OC242 Administration professionals
OC2421 Management and organization analysts
OC2422 Policy administration professionals
OC2423 Personnel and careers professionals
OC2424 Training and staff development professionals
OC243 Sales, marketing and public relations professionals
OC2431 Advertising and marketing professionals
OC2432 Public relations professionals
OC2433 Technical and medical sales professionals (excluding ICT)
OC2434 Information and communications technology sales professionals
OC25 Information and communications technology professionals
OC251 Software and applications developers and analysts
OC2511 Systems analysts
OC2512 Software developers
OC2513 Web and multimedia developers
OC2514 Applications programmers
OC2519 Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified
OC252 Database and network professionals
OC2521 Database designers and administrators
OC2522 Systems administrators
OC2523 Computer network professionals
OC2529 Database and network professionals not elsewhere classified
OC26 Legal, social and cultural professionals
OC261 Legal professionals
OC2611 Lawyers
OC2612 Judges
OC2619 Legal professionals not elsewhere classified
OC262 Librarians, archivists and curators
OC2621 Archivists and curators
OC2622 Librarians and related information professionals
OC263 Social and religious professionals
OC2631 Economists
OC2632 Sociologists, anthropologists and related professionals
OC2633 Philosophers, historians and political scientists
OC2634 Psychologists
OC2635 Social work and counselling professionals
OC2636 Religious professionals
OC264 Authors, journalists and linguists
OC2641 Authors and related writers
OC2642 Journalists
OC2643 Translators, interpreters and other linguists
OC265 Creative and performing artists
OC2651 Visual artists
OC2652 Musicians, singers and composers
OC2653 Dancers and choreographers
OC2654 Film, stage and related directors and producers
OC2655 Actors
OC2656 Announcers on radio, television and other media
OC2659 Creative and performing artists not elsewhere classified
OC3 Technicians and associate professionals
OC31 Science and engineering associate professionals
OC311 Physical and engineering science technicians
OC3111 Chemical and physical science technicians
OC3112 Civil engineering technicians
OC3113 Electrical engineering technicians
OC3114 Electronics engineering technicians
OC3115 Mechanical engineering technicians
OC3116 Chemical engineering technicians
OC3117 Mining and metallurgical technicians
OC3118 Draughtspersons
OC3119 Physical and engineering science technicians not elsewhere classified
OC312 Mining, manufacturing and construction supervisors
OC3121 Mining supervisors
OC3122 Manufacturing supervisors
OC3123 Construction supervisors
OC313 Process control technicians
OC3131 Power production plant operators
OC3132 Incinerator and water treatment plant operators
OC3133 Chemical processing plant controllers
OC3134 Petroleum and natural gas refining plant operators
OC3135 Metal production process controllers
OC3139 Process control technicians not elsewhere classified
OC314 Life science technicians and related associate professionals
OC3141 Life science technicians (excluding medical)
OC3142 Agricultural technicians
OC3143 Forestry technicians
OC315 Ship and aircraft controllers and technicians
OC3151 Ships engineers
OC3152 Ships` deck officers and pilots
OC3153 Aircraft pilots and related associate professionals
OC3154 Air traffic controllers
OC3155 Air traffic safety electronics technicians
OC32 Health associate professionals
OC321 Medical and pharmaceutical technicians
OC3211 Medical imaging and therapeutic equipment technicians
OC3212 Medical and pathology laboratory technicians
OC3213 Pharmaceutical technicians and assistants
OC3214 Medical and dental prosthetic technicians
OC322 Nursing and midwifery associate professionals
OC3221 Nursing associate professionals
OC3222 Midwifery associate professionals
OC323 Traditional and complementary medicine associate professionals
OC3230 Traditional and complementary medicine associate professionals
OC324 Veterinary technicians and assistants
OC3240 Veterinary technicians and assistants
OC325 Other health associate professionals
OC3251 Dental assistants and therapists
OC3252 Medical records and health information technicians
OC3253 Community health workers
OC3254 Dispensing opticians
OC3255 Physiotherapy technicians and assistants
OC3256 Medical assistants
OC3257 Environmental and occupational health inspectors and associates
OC3258 Ambulance workers
OC3259 Health associate professionals not elsewhere classified
OC33 Business and administration associate professionals
OC331 Financial and mathematical associate professionals
OC3311 Securities and finance dealers and brokers
OC3312 Credit and loans officers
OC3313 Accounting associate professionals
OC3314 Statistical, mathematical and related associate professionals
OC3315 Valuers and loss assessors
OC332 Sales and purchasing agents and brokers
OC3321 Insurance representatives
OC3322 Commercial sales representatives
OC3323 Buyers
OC3324 Trade brokers
OC333 Business services agents
OC3331 Clearing and forwarding agents
OC3332 Conference and event planners
OC3333 Employment agents and contractors
OC3334 Real estate agents and property managers
OC3339 Business services agents not elsewhere classified
OC334 Administrative and specialised secretaries
OC3341 Office supervisors
OC3342 Legal secretaries
OC3343 Administrative and executive secretaries
OC3344 Medical secretaries
OC335 Regulatory government associate professionals
OC3351 Customs and border inspectors
OC3352 Government tax and excise officials
OC3353 Government social benefits officials
OC3354 Government licensing officials
OC3355 Police inspectors and detectives
OC3359 Regulatory government associate professionals not elsewhere classified
OC34 Legal, social, cultural and related associate professionals
OC341 Legal, social and religious associate professionals
OC3411 Legal and related associate professionals
OC3412 Social work associate professionals
OC3413 Religious associate professionals
OC342 Sports and fitness workers
OC3421 Athletes and sports players
OC3422 Sports coaches, instructors and officials
OC3423 Fitness and recreation instructors and program leaders
OC343 Artistic, cultural and culinary associate professionals
OC3431 Photographers
OC3432 Interior designers and decorators
OC3433 Gallery, museum and library technicians
OC3434 Chefs
OC3435 Other artistic and cultural associate professionals
OC35 Information and communications technicians
OC351 Information and communications technology operations and user support technicians
OC3511 Information and communications technology operations technicians
OC3512 Information and communications technology user support technicians
OC3513 Computer network and systems technicians
OC3514 Web technicians
OC352 Telecommunications and broadcasting technicians
OC3521 Broadcasting and audio-visual technicians
OC3522 Telecommunications engineering technicians
OC4 Clerical support workers
OC41 General and keyboard clerks
OC411 General office clerks
OC4110 General office clerks
OC412 Secretaries (general)
OC4120 Secretaries (general)
OC413 Keyboard operators
OC4131 Typists and word processing operators
OC4132 Data entry clerks
OC42 Customer services clerks
OC421 Tellers, money collectors and related clerks
OC4211 Bank tellers and related clerks
OC4212 Bookmakers, croupiers and related gaming workers
OC4213 Pawnbrokers and money-lenders
OC4214 Debt-collectors and related workers
OC422 Client information workers
OC4221 Travel consultants and clerks
OC4222 Contact centre information clerks
OC4223 Telephone switchboard operators
OC4224 Hotel receptionists
OC4225 Enquiry clerks
OC4226 Receptionists (general)
OC4227 Survey and market research interviewers
OC4229 Client information workers not elsewhere classified
OC43 Numerical and material recording clerks
OC431 Numerical clerks
OC4311 Accounting and bookkeeping clerks
OC4312 Statistical, finance and insurance clerks
OC4313 Payroll clerks
OC432 Material-recording and transport clerks
OC4321 Stock clerks
OC4322 Production clerks
OC4323 Transport clerks
OC44 Other clerical support workers
OC441 Other clerical support workers
OC4411 Library clerks
OC4412 Mail carriers and sorting clerks
OC4413 Coding, proof-reading and related clerks
OC4414 Scribes and related workers
OC4415 Filing and copying clerks
OC4416 Personnel clerks
OC4419 Clerical support workers not elsewhere classified
OC4_5 Clerical support workers, service and sales workers
OC5 Service and sales workers
OC51 Personal service workers
OC511 Travel attendants, conductors and guides
OC5111 Travel attendants and travel stewards
OC5112 Transport conductors
OC5113 Travel guides
OC512 Cooks
OC5120 Cooks
OC513 Waiters and bartenders
OC5131 Waiters
OC5132 Bartenders
OC514 Hairdressers, beauticians and related workers
OC5141 Hairdressers
OC5142 Beauticians and related workers
OC515 Building and housekeeping supervisors
OC5151 Cleaning and housekeeping supervisors in offices, hotels and other establishments
OC5152 Domestic housekeepers
OC5153 Building caretakers
OC516 Other personal services workers
OC5161 Astrologers, fortune-tellers and related workers
OC5162 Companions and valets
OC5163 Undertakers and embalmers
OC5164 Pet groomers and animal care workers
OC5165 Driving instructors
OC5169 Personal services workers not elsewhere classified
OC52 Sales workers
OC521 Street and market salespersons
OC5211 Stall and market salespersons
OC5212 Street food salespersons
OC522 Shop salespersons
OC5221 Shop keepers
OC5222 Shop supervisors
OC5223 Shop sales assistants
OC523 Cashiers and ticket clerks
OC5230 Cashiers and ticket clerks
OC524 Other sales workers
OC5241 Fashion and other models
OC5242 Sales demonstrators
OC5243 Door to door salespersons
OC5244 Contact centre salespersons
OC5245 Service station attendants
OC5246 Food service counter attendants
OC5249 Sales workers not elsewhere classified
OC53 Personal care workers
OC531 Child care workers and teachers` aides
OC5311 Child care workers
OC5312 Teachers` aides
OC532 Personal care workers in health services
OC5321 Health care assistants
OC5322 Home-based personal care workers
OC5329 Personal care workers in health services not elsewhere classified
OC54 Protective services workers
OC541 Protective services workers
OC5411 Fire-fighters
OC5412 Police officers
OC5413 Prison guards
OC5414 Security guards
OC5419 Protective services workers not elsewhere classified
OC6 Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers
OC61 Market-oriented skilled agricultural workers
OC611 Market gardeners and crop growers
OC6111 Field crop and vegetable growers
OC6112 Tree and shrub crop growers
OC6113 Gardeners, horticultural and nursery growers
OC6114 Mixed crop growers
OC612 Animal producers
OC6121 Livestock and dairy producers
OC6122 Poultry producers
OC6123 Apiarists and sericulturists
OC6129 Animal producers not elsewhere classified
OC613 Mixed crop and animal producers
OC6130 Mixed crop and animal producers
OC62 Market-oriented skilled forestry, fishery and hunting workers
OC621 Forestry and related workers
OC6210 Forestry and related workers
OC622 Fishery workers, hunters and trappers
OC6221 Aquaculture workers
OC6222 Inland and coastal waters fishery workers
OC6223 Deep-sea fishery workers
OC6224 Hunters and trappers
OC63 Subsistence farmers, fishers, hunters and gatherers
OC631 Subsistence crop farmers
OC6310 Subsistence crop farmers
OC632 Subsistence livestock farmers
OC6320 Subsistence livestock farmers
OC633 Subsistence mixed crop and livestock farmers
OC6330 Subsistence mixed crop and livestock farmers
OC634 Subsistence fishers, hunters, trappers and gatherers
OC6340 Subsistence fishers, hunters, trappers and gatherers
OC6_7 Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers, craft and related trades workers
OC7 Craft and related trades workers
OC71 Building and related trades workers, excluding electricians
OC711 Building frame and related trades workers
OC7111 House builders
OC7112 Bricklayers and related workers
OC7113 Stonemasons, stone cutters, splitters and carvers
OC7114 Concrete placers, concrete finishers and related workers
OC7115 Carpenters and joiners
OC7119 Building frame and related trades workers not elsewhere classified
OC712 Building finishers and related trades workers
OC7121 Roofers
OC7122 Floor layers and tile setters
OC7123 Plasterers
OC7124 Insulation workers
OC7125 Glaziers
OC7126 Plumbers and pipe fitters
OC7127 Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics
OC713 Painters, building structure cleaners and related trades workers
OC7131 Painters and related workers
OC7132 Spray painters and varnishers
OC7133 Building structure cleaners
OC72 Metal, machinery and related trades workers
OC721 Sheet and structural metal workers, moulders and welders, and related workers
OC7211 Metal moulders and coremakers
OC7212 Welders and flamecutters
OC7213 Sheet-metal workers
OC7214 Structural-metal preparers and erectors
OC7215 Riggers and cable splicers
OC722 Blacksmiths, toolmakers and related trades workers
OC7221 Blacksmiths, hammersmiths and forging press workers
OC7222 Toolmakers and related workers
OC7223 Metal working machine tool setters and operators
OC7224 Metal polishers, wheel grinders and tool sharpeners
OC723 Machinery mechanics and repairers
OC7231 Motor vehicle mechanics and repairers
OC7232 Aircraft engine mechanics and repairers
OC7233 Agricultural and industrial machinery mechanics and repairers
OC7234 Bicycle and related repairers
OC73 Handicraft and printing workers
OC731 Handicraft workers
OC7311 Precision-instrument makers and repairers
OC7312 Musical instrument makers and tuners
OC7313 Jewellery and precious-metal workers
OC7314 Potters and related workers
OC7315 Glass makers, cutters, grinders and finishers
OC7316 Sign writers, decorative painters, engravers and etchers
OC7317 Handicraft workers in wood, basketry and related materials
OC7318 Handicraft workers in textile, leather and related materials
OC7319 Handicraft workers not elsewhere classified
OC732 Printing trades workers
OC7321 Pre-press technicians
OC7322 Printers
OC7323 Print finishing and binding workers
OC74 Electrical and electronic trades workers
OC741 Electrical equipment installers and repairers
OC7411 Building and related electricians
OC7412 Electrical mechanics and fitters
OC7413 Electrical line installers and repairers
OC742 Electronics and telecommunications installers and repairers
OC7421 Electronics mechanics and servicers
OC7422 Information and communications technology installers and servicers
OC75 Food processing, wood working, garment and other craft and related trades workers
OC751 Food processing and related trades workers
OC7511 Butchers, fishmongers and related food preparers
OC7512 Bakers, pastry-cooks and confectionery makers
OC7513 Dairy-products makers
OC7514 Fruit, vegetable and related preservers
OC7515 Food and beverage tasters and graders
OC7516 Tobacco preparers and tobacco products makers
OC752 Wood treaters, cabinet-makers and related trades workers
OC7521 Wood treaters
OC7522 Cabinet-makers and related workers
OC7523 Woodworking-machine tool setters and operators
OC753 Garment and related trades workers
OC7531 Tailors, dressmakers, furriers and hatters
OC7532 Garment and related pattern-makers and cutters
OC7533 Sewing, embroidery and related workers
OC7534 Upholsterers and related workers
OC7535 Pelt dressers, tanners and fellmongers
OC7536 Shoemakers and related workers
OC754 Other craft and related workers
OC7541 Underwater divers
OC7542 Shotfirers and blasters
OC7543 Product graders and testers (excluding foods and beverages)
OC7544 Fumigators and other pest and weed controllers
OC7549 Craft and related workers not elsewhere classified
OC8 Plant and machine operators, and assemblers
OC81 Stationary plant and machine operators
OC811 Mining and mineral processing plant operators
OC8111 Miners and quarriers
OC8112 Mineral and stone processing plant operators
OC8113 Well drillers and borers and related workers
OC8114 Cement, stone and other mineral products machine operators
OC812 Metal processing and finishing plant operators
OC8121 Metal processing plant operators
OC8122 Metal finishing, plating and coating machine operators
OC813 Chemical and photographic products plant and machine operators
OC8131 Chemical products plant and machine operators
OC8132 Photographic products machine operators
OC814 Rubber, plastic and paper products machine operators
OC8141 Rubber products machine operators
OC8142 Plastic products machine operators
OC8143 Paper products machine operators
OC815 Textile, fur and leather products machine operators
OC8151 Fibre preparing, spinning and winding machine operators
OC8152 Weaving and knitting machine operators
OC8153 Sewing machine operators
OC8154 Bleaching, dyeing and fabric cleaning machine operators
OC8155 Fur and leather preparing machine operators
OC8156 Shoemaking and related machine operators
OC8157 Laundry machine operators
OC8159 Textile, fur and leather products machine operators not elsewhere classified
OC816 Food and related products machine operators
OC8160 Food and related products machine operators
OC817 Wood processing and papermaking plant operators
OC8171 Pulp and papermaking plant operators
OC8172 Wood processing plant operators
OC818 Other stationary plant and machine operators
OC8181 Glass and ceramics plant operators
OC8182 Steam engine and boiler operators
OC8183 Packing, bottling and labelling machine operators
OC8189 Stationary plant and machine operators not elsewhere classified
OC82 Assemblers
OC821 Assemblers
OC8211 Mechanical machinery assemblers
OC8212 Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers
OC8219 Assemblers not elsewhere classified
OC83 Drivers and mobile plant operators
OC831 Locomotive engine drivers and related workers
OC8311 Locomotive engine drivers
OC8312 Railway brake, signal and switch operators
OC832 Car, van and motorcycle drivers
OC8321 Motorcycle drivers
OC8322 Car, taxi and van drivers
OC833 Heavy truck and bus drivers
OC8331 Bus and tram drivers
OC8332 Heavy truck and lorry drivers
OC834 Mobile plant operators
OC8341 Mobile farm and forestry plant operators
OC8342 Earthmoving and related plant operators
OC8343 Crane, hoist and related plant operators
OC8344 Lifting truck operators
OC835 Ships` deck crews and related workers
OC8350 Ships` deck crews and related workers
OC8_9 Plant and machine operators and assemblers and elementary occupations
OC9 Elementary occupations
OC91 Cleaners and helpers
OC911 Domestic, hotel and office cleaners and helpers
OC9111 Domestic cleaners and helpers
OC9112 Cleaners and helpers in offices, hotels and other establishments
OC912 Vehicle, window, laundry and other hand cleaning workers
OC9121 Hand launderers and pressers
OC9122 Vehicle cleaners
OC9123 Window cleaners
OC9129 Other cleaning workers
OC92 Agricultural, forestry and fishery labourers
OC921 Agricultural, forestry and fishery labourers
OC9211 Crop farm labourers
OC9212 Livestock farm labourers
OC9213 Mixed crop and livestock farm labourers
OC9214 Garden and horticultural labourers
OC9215 Forestry labourers
OC9216 Fishery and aquaculture labourers
OC93 Labourers in mining, construction, manufacturing and transport
OC931 Mining and construction labourers
OC9311 Mining and quarrying labourers
OC9312 Civil engineering labourers
OC9313 Building construction labourers
OC932 Manufacturing labourers
OC9321 Hand packers
OC9329 Manufacturing labourers not elsewhere classified
OC933 Transport and storage labourers
OC9331 Hand and pedal vehicle drivers
OC9332 Drivers of animal-drawn vehicles and machinery
OC9333 Freight handlers
OC9334 Shelf fillers
OC94 Food preparation assistants
OC941 Food preparation assistants
OC9411 Fast food preparers
OC9412 Kitchen helpers
OC95 Street and related sales and service workers
OC951 Street and related service workers
OC9510 Street and related service workers
OC952 Street vendors (excluding food)
OC9520 Street vendors (excluding food)
OC96 Refuse workers and other elementary workers
OC961 Refuse workers
OC9611 Garbage and recycling collectors
OC9612 Refuse sorters
OC9613 Sweepers and related labourers
OC962 Other elementary workers
OC9621 Messengers, package deliverers and luggage porters
OC9622 Odd job persons
OC9623 Meter readers and vending-machine collectors
OC9624 Water and firewood collectors
OC9629 Elementary workers not elsewhere classified
_T Total
_U Unknown