Dataset: IDCS – National accounts, Sector Accounts in the International Data Cooperation TF context

Data Structure Definition: National Sector Accounts

[NA_SEC agency: ESTAT] Download SDMX 2.1 Data Structure Definition of the IDCS Dataflow

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Cube dimensions and attributes
  Concept description Concept Codelist Usage on SDW portal
1. dimension Frequency FREQ CL_FREQ Frequency dimension: used in Dimension Filters on Data Selection, Data Table and Quick View pages.
2. dimension Adjustment indicator ADJUSTMENT CL_ADJUSTMENT
3. dimension Reference area REF_AREA CL_AREA Country codes: used in Georgraphic Area filters on Data Selection pages.
4. dimension Counterpart area COUNTERPART_AREA CL_AREA
5. dimension Reference sector REF_SECTOR CL_SECTOR
6. dimension Counterpart sector COUNTERPART_SECTOR CL_SECTOR
7. dimension Consolidation Status CONSOLIDATION CL_NA_CONSOLIDAT
8. dimension Accounting entries ACCOUNTING_ENTRY CL_ACCOUNT_ENTRY
9. dimension Stocks, Transactions, Other Flows STO CL_NA_STO
10. dimension Instrument and assets classification INSTR_ASSET CL_INSTR_ASSET
11. dimension Maturity MATURITY CL_MATURITY
13. dimension Unit of measure UNIT_MEASURE CL_UNIT
14. dimension Currency denominator CURRENCY_DENOM CL_UNIT
15. dimension Valuation VALUATION CL_VALUATION
16. dimension Prices PRICES CL_NA_PRICES
18. dimension Custom breakdown codification CUST_BREAKDOWN CL_CUST_BREAKDOWN
Observation-level attribute Observation value OBS_VALUE
Observation-level attribute Observation status OBS_STATUS CL_OBS_STATUS Observation status: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Confidentiality status CONF_STATUS CL_CONF_STATUS Observation confidentiality: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Pre-break value PRE_BREAK_VALUE Observation pre-break value: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Comments to the observation value COMMENT_OBS Observation comment: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Embargo date EMBARGO_DATE
Observation-level attribute EDP working balance basis OBS_EDP_WBB CL_EDP_WBB
Time Series-level attribute Collection period COLL_PERIOD
Time Series-level attribute Title complement, detailed description of the series COMMENT_TS Long title/description: used in the Search and displayed on Data Selection, Metadata and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Compiling organisation COMPILING_ORG CL_ORGANISATION
Time Series-level attribute Currency CURRENCY CL_UNIT
Time Series-level attribute Custom breakdown codification label CUST_BREAKDOWN_LB
Time Series-level attribute Underlying compilation DATA_COMP
Time Series-level attribute Decimals DECIMALS CL_DECIMALS Number of decimals: used on the Data Table and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Data dissemination organisation DISS_ORG CL_ORGANISATION Source Agency: displayed on the Data Table, Data Chart and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute GFS economic function GFS_ECOFUNC CL_GFS_ECOFUNC
Time Series-level attribute GFS tax category GFS_TAXCAT CL_GFS_TAXCAT
Time Series-level attribute Last Update Date LAST_UPDATE
Time Series-level attribute Reference period detail REF_PERIOD_DETAIL CL_REF_PERIOD_DTL
Time Series-level attribute Reference year (price) REF_YEAR_PRICE
Time Series-level attribute Reference year end REPYEAREND
Time Series-level attribute Reference year start REPYEARSTART
Time Series-level attribute Table identifier TABLE_IDENTIFIER CL_NA_TABLEID
Time Series-level attribute Time period collection TIME_PER_COLLECT CL_TIME_COLLECT Collection attribute: used on the Data Table, Data Chart and Quick View pages, displayed on the Metadata page.
Time Series-level attribute Title TITLE Short title: used in the Search and displayed on Data Selection, Metadata and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Description of the time series TITLE_COMPL
Time Series-level attribute Unit multiplier UNIT_MULT CL_UNIT_MULT Unit Multiplier: displayed on the Data Table, Metadata and Quick View pages, downloadable in CSV and SDMX format.
DataSet-level attribute Dataset comment COMMENT_DSET

Code List Description

Code Code Description
GF01 General public services
GF0101 Executive and legislative organs, financial and fiscal affairs, external affairs
GF0102 Foreign economic aid
GF0103 General services
GF0104 Basic research
GF0105 R&D General public services
GF0106 General public services n.e.c.
GF0107 Public debt transactions
GF0108 Transfers of a general character between different levels of government
GF02 Defence
GF0201 Military defence
GF0202 Civil defence
GF0203 Foreign military aid
GF0204 R&D Defence
GF0205 Defence n.e.c.
GF03 Public order and safety
GF0301 Police services
GF0302 Fire-protection services
GF0303 Law courts
GF0304 Prisons
GF0305 R&D Public order and safety
GF0306 Public order and safety n.e.c.
GF04 Economic affairs
GF0401 General economic, commercial and labour affairs
GF0402 Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
GF0403 Fuel and energy
GF0404 Mining, manufacturing and construction
GF0405 Transport
GF0406 Communication
GF0407 Other industries
GF0408 R&D Economic affairs
GF0409 Economic affairs n.e.c.
GF05 Environment protection
GF0501 Waste management
GF0502 Waste water management
GF0503 Pollution abatement
GF0504 Protection of biodiversity and landscape
GF0505 R&D Environmental protection
GF0506 Environmental protection n.e.c.
GF06 Housing and community amenities
GF0601 Housing development
GF0602 Community development
GF0603 Water supply
GF0604 Street lighting
GF0605 R&D Housing and community amenities
GF0606 Housing and community amenities n.e.c.
GF07 Health
GF0701 Medical products, appliances and equipment
GF0702 Outpatient services
GF0703 Hospital services
GF0704 Public health services
GF0705 R&D Health
GF0706 Health n.e.c.
GF08 Recreation, culture and religion
GF0801 Recreational and sporting services
GF0802 Cultural services
GF0803 Broadcasting and publishing services
GF0804 Religious and other community services
GF0805 R&D Recreation, culture and religion
GF0806 Recreation, culture and religion n.e.c.
GF09 Education
GF0901 Pre-primary and primary education
GF0902 Secondary education
GF0903 Post-secondary non-tertiary education
GF0904 Tertiary education
GF0905 Education not definable by level
GF0906 Subsidiary services to education
GF0907 R&D Education
GF0908 Education n.e.c.
GF10 Social protection
GF1001 Sickness and disability
GF1002 Old age
GF1002_3 Old age and survivors
GF1003 Survivors
GF1004 Family and children
GF1005 Unemployment
GF1006 Housing
GF1007 Social exclusion n.e.c.
GF1008 R&D Social protection
GF1009 Social protection n.e.c.
_T Total
_Z Not applicable