Dataset: MNA – National accounts, Main aggregates (Eurostat ESA2010 TP, table 1)

Data Structure Definition: National Account Main Aggregates

[NA_MAIN agency: ESTAT] Download SDMX 2.1 Data Structure Definition of the MNA Dataflow

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Cube dimensions and attributes
  Concept description Concept Codelist Usage on SDW portal
1. dimension Frequency FREQ CL_FREQ Frequency dimension: used in Dimension Filters on Data Selection, Data Table and Quick View pages.
2. dimension Adjustment indicator ADJUSTMENT CL_ADJUSTMENT
3. dimension Reference area REF_AREA CL_AREA Country codes: used in Georgraphic Area filters on Data Selection pages.
4. dimension Counterpart area COUNTERPART_AREA CL_AREA
5. dimension Reference sector REF_SECTOR CL_SECTOR
6. dimension Counterpart sector COUNTERPART_SECTOR CL_SECTOR
7. dimension Accounting entries ACCOUNTING_ENTRY CL_ACCOUNT_ENTRY
8. dimension Stocks, Transactions, Other Flows STO CL_NA_STO
9. dimension Instrument and assets classification INSTR_ASSET CL_INSTR_ASSET
10. dimension Activity classification ACTIVITY CL_ACTIVITY
12. dimension Unit of measure UNIT_MEASURE CL_UNIT Unit: displayed on the Data Table, Metadata and Quickview pages, downloadable in CSV and SDMX format.
13. dimension Prices PRICES CL_NA_PRICES
Observation-level attribute Observation value OBS_VALUE
Observation-level attribute Observation status OBS_STATUS CL_OBS_STATUS Observation status: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Confidentiality status CONF_STATUS CL_CONF_STATUS Observation confidentiality: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Pre-break value PRE_BREAK_VALUE Observation pre-break value: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Comments to the observation value COMMENT_OBS Observation comment: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Embargo date EMBARGO_DATE
Time Series-level attribute Title complement, detailed description of the series COMMENT_TS Long title/description: used in the Search and displayed on Data Selection, Metadata and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Compiling organisation COMPILING_ORG CL_ORGANISATION
Time Series-level attribute Currency CURRENCY CL_UNIT
Time Series-level attribute Underlying compilation DATA_COMP
Time Series-level attribute Decimals DECIMALS CL_DECIMALS Number of decimals: used on the Data Table and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Data dissemination organisation DISS_ORG CL_ORGANISATION Source Agency: displayed on the Data Table, Data Chart and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Last Update Date LAST_UPDATE
Time Series-level attribute Reference period detail REF_PERIOD_DETAIL CL_REF_PERIOD_DTL
Time Series-level attribute Reference year (price) REF_YEAR_PRICE
Time Series-level attribute Reference year end REPYEAREND
Time Series-level attribute Reference year start REPYEARSTART
Time Series-level attribute Table identifier TABLE_IDENTIFIER CL_NA_TABLEID
Time Series-level attribute Time period collection TIME_PER_COLLECT CL_TIME_COLLECT Collection attribute: used on the Data Table, Data Chart and Quick View pages, displayed on the Metadata page.
Time Series-level attribute Title TITLE Short title: used in the Search and displayed on Data Selection, Metadata and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Description of the time series TITLE_COMPL
Time Series-level attribute Unit multiplier UNIT_MULT CL_UNIT_MULT Unit Multiplier: displayed on the Data Table, Metadata and Quick View pages, downloadable in CSV and SDMX format.
DataSet-level attribute Dataset comment COMMENT_DSET

Code List Description

Code Code Description
CP00 All-items HICP
CP01 Food and non-alcoholic beverages
CP011 Food
CP0111 Bread and cereals
CP01111 Rice
CP01112 Flours and other cereals
CP01113 Bread
CP01114 Other bakery products
CP01115 Pizza and quiche
CP01116 Pasta products and couscous
CP01117 Breakfast cereals
CP01118 Other cereal products
CP0112 Meat
CP01121 Beef and veal
CP01122 Pork
CP01123 Lamb and goat
CP01124 Poultry
CP01125 Other meats
CP01126 Edible offal
CP01127 Dried, salted or smoked meat
CP01128 Other meat preparations
CP0113 Fish and seafood
CP01131 Fresh or chilled fish
CP01132 Frozen fish
CP01133 Fresh or chilled seafood
CP01134 Frozen seafood
CP01135 Dried, smoked or salted fish and seafood
CP01136 Other preserved or processed fish and seafood and fish and seafood preparations
CP0114 Milk, cheese and eggs
CP01141 Whole milk
CP01142 Low fat milk
CP01143 Preserved milk
CP01144 Yoghurt
CP01145 Cheese and curd
CP01146 Other milk products
CP01147 Eggs
CP0115 Oils and fats
CP01151 Butter
CP01152 Margarine and other vegetable fats
CP01153 Olive oil
CP01154 Other edible oils
CP01155 Other edible animal fats
CP0116 Fruit
CP01161 Fresh or chilled fruit
CP01162 Frozen fruit
CP01163 Dried fruit and nuts
CP01164 Preserved fruit and fruit-based products
CP0117 Vegetables
CP01171 Fresh or chilled vegetables other than potatoes and other tubers
CP01172 Frozen vegetables other than potatoes and other tubers
CP01173 Dried vegetables, other preserved or processed vegetables
CP01174 Potatoes
CP01175 Crisps
CP01176 Other tubers and products of tuber vegetables
CP0118 Sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and confectionery
CP01181 Sugar
CP01182 Jams, marmalades and honey
CP01183 Chocolate
CP01184 Confectionery products
CP01185 Edible ices and ice cream
CP01186 Artificial sugar substitutes
CP0119 Food products n.e.c.
CP01191 Sauces, condiments
CP01192 Salt, spices and culinary herbs
CP01193 Baby food
CP01194 Ready-made meals
CP01199 Other food products n.e.c.
CP012 Non-alcoholic beverages
CP0121 Coffee, tea and cocoa
CP01211 Coffee
CP01212 Tea
CP01213 Cocoa and powdered chocolate
CP0122 Mineral waters, soft drinks, fruit and vegetable juices
CP01221 Mineral or spring waters
CP01222 Soft drinks
CP01223 Fruit and vegetables juices
CP02 Alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics
CP021 Alcoholic beverages
CP0211 Spirits
CP02111 Spirits and liqueurs
CP02112 Alcoholic soft drinks
CP0212 Wine
CP02121 Wine from grapes
CP02122 Wine from other fruits
CP02123 Fortified wines
CP02124 Wine-based drinks
CP0213 Beer
CP02131 Lager beer
CP02132 Other alcoholic beer
CP02133 Low and non-alcoholic beer
CP02134 Beer-based drinks
CP022 Tobacco
CP0220 Tobacco
CP02201 Cigarettes
CP02202 Cigars
CP02203 Other tobacco products
CP023 Narcotics
CP0230 Narcotics
CP02300 Narcotics
CP03 Clothing and footwear
CP031 Clothing
CP0311 Clothing materials
CP03110 Clothing materials
CP0312 Garments
CP03121 Garments for men
CP03122 Garments for women
CP03123 Garments for infants (0 to 2 years) and children (3 to 13 years)
CP0313 Other articles of clothing and clothing accessories
CP03131 Other articles of clothing
CP03132 Clothing accessories
CP0314 Cleaning, repair and hire of clothing
CP03141 Cleaning of clothing
CP03142 Repair and hire of clothing
CP032 Footwear
CP0321 Shoes and other footwear
CP03211 Footwear for men
CP03212 Footwear for women
CP03213 Footwear for infants and children
CP0322 Repair and hire of footwear
CP03220 Repair and hire of footwear
CP04 Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels
CP041 Actual rentals for housing
CP0411 Actual rentals paid by tenants
CP04110 Actual rentals paid by tenants
CP0412 Other actual rentals
CP04121 Actual rentals paid by tenants for secondary residences
CP04122 Garage rentals and other rentals paid by tenants
CP042 Imputed rentals for housing
CP0421 Imputed rentals of owner-occupiers
CP04210 Imputed rentals of owner-occupiers
CP0422 Other imputed rentals
CP04220 Other imputed rentals
CP043 Maintenance and repair of the dwelling
CP0431 Materials for the maintenance and repair of the dwelling
CP04310 Materials for the maintenance and repair of the dwelling
CP0432 Services for the maintenance and repair of the dwelling
CP04321 Services of plumbers
CP04322 Services of electricians
CP04323 Maintenance services for heating systems
CP04324 Services of painters
CP04325 Services of carpenters
CP04329 Other services for maintenance and repair of the dwelling
CP044 Water supply and miscellaneous services relating to the dwelling
CP0441 Water supply
CP04410 Water supply
CP0442 Refuse collection
CP04420 Refuse collection
CP0443 Sewerage collection
CP04430 Sewerage collection
CP0444 Other services relating to the dwelling n.e.c.
CP04441 Maintenance charges in multi-occupied buildings
CP04442 Security services
CP04449 Other services related to dwelling
CP045 Electricity, gas and other fuels
CP0451 Electricity
CP04510 Electricity
CP0452 Gas
CP04521 Natural gas and town gas
CP04522 Liquefied hydrocarbons (butane, propane, etc.)
CP0453 Liquid fuels
CP04530 Liquid fuels
CP0454 Solid fuels
CP04541 Coal
CP04549 Other solid fuels
CP0455 Heat energy
CP04550 Heat energy
CP05 Furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance
CP051 Furniture and furnishings, carpets and other floor coverings
CP0511 Furniture and furnishings
CP05111 Household furniture
CP05112 Garden furniture
CP05113 Lighting equipment
CP05119 Other furniture and furnishings
CP0512 Carpets and other floor coverings
CP05121 Carpet and rugs
CP05122 Other floor coverings
CP05123 Services of laying of fitted carpets and floor coverings
CP0513 Repair of furniture, furnishings and floor coverings
CP05130 Repair of furniture, furnishings and floor coverings
CP052 Household textiles
CP0520 Household textiles
CP05201 Furnishings fabrics and curtains
CP05202 Bed linen
CP05203 Table linen and bathroom linen
CP05209 Other household textiles
CP053 Household appliances
CP0531 Major household appliances whether electric or not
CP05311 Refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers
CP05312 Clothes washing machines, clothes drying machines and dish washing machines
CP05313 Cookers
CP05314 Heaters, air conditioners
CP05315 Cleaning equipment
CP05316 Sewing and knitting machines
CP05319 Other major household appliances
CP0531_0532 Major household appliances whether electric or not and small electric household appliances
CP0532 Small electric household appliances
CP05321 Food processing appliances
CP05322 Coffee machines, tea-makers and similar appliances
CP05323 Irons
CP05324 Toasters and grills
CP05329 Other small electric household appliances
CP0533 Repair of household appliances
CP05330 Repair of household appliances
CP054 Glassware, tableware and household utensils
CP0540 Glassware, tableware and household utensils
CP05401 Glassware, crystal-ware, ceramic ware and chinaware
CP05402 Cutlery, flatware and silverware
CP05403 Non-electric kitchen utensils and articles
CP05404 Repair of glasseware, tableware and household ustensils
CP055 Tools and equipment for house and garden
CP0551 Major tools and equipment
CP05511 Motorized major tools and equipment
CP05512 Repair, leasing and rental of major tools and equipment
CP0552 Small tools and miscellaneous accessories
CP05521 Non-motorised small tools
CP05522 Miscellaneous small tool accessories
CP05523 Repair of non-motorised small tools and miscellaneous accessories
CP056 Goods and services for routine household maintenance
CP0561 Non-durable household goods
CP05611 Cleaning and maintenance products
CP05612 Other non-durable small household articles
CP0562 Domestic services and household services
CP05621 Domestic services by paid staff
CP05622 Cleaning services
CP05623 Hire of furniture and furnishings
CP05629 Other domestic services and household services
CP06 Health
CP061 Medical products, appliances and equipment
CP0611 Pharmaceutical products
CP06110 Pharmaceutical products
CP0612 Other medical products
CP0612_0613 Other medical products, therapeutic appliances and equipment
CP0613 Therapeutic appliances and equipment
CP06131 Corrective eye-glasses and contact lenses
CP06132 Hearing aids
CP06133 Repair of therapeutic appliances and equipment
CP06139 Other therapeutic appliances and equipment
CP062 Out-patient services
CP0621 Medical services
CP06211 General practice
CP06212 Specialist practice
CP0621_0623 Medical services; paramedical services
CP0622 Dental services
CP06220 Dental services
CP0623 Paramedical services
CP06231 Services of medical analysis laboratories and X-ray centres
CP06232 Thermal-baths, corrective-gymnastic therapy, ambulance and hire of therapeutic equipment
CP06233 Other paramedical services
CP063 Hospital services
CP0630 Hospital services
CP06300 Hospital services
CP07 Transport
CP071 Purchase of vehicles
CP0711 Motor cars
CP07111 New motor cars
CP07112 Second-hand motor cars
CP0712 Motor cycles
CP07120 Motor cycles
CP0712T0714 Motor cycles, bicycles and animal drawn vehicles
CP0712_713 Motor cycles and bicycles
CP0713 Bicycles
CP07130 Bicycles
CP0714 Animal drawn vehicles
CP07140 Animal drawn vehicles
CP072 Operation of personal transport equipment
CP0721 Spares parts and accessories for personal transport equipment
CP07211 Tyres
CP07212 Spare parts for personal transport equipment
CP07213 Accessories for personal transport equipment
CP0722 Fuels and lubricants for personal transport equipment
CP07221 Diesel
CP07222 Petrol
CP07223 Other fuels for personal transport equipment
CP07224 Lubricants
CP0723 Maintenance and repair of personal transport equipment
CP07230 Maintenance and repair of personal transport equipment
CP0724 Other services in respect of personal transport equipment
CP07241 Hire of garages, parking spaces and personal transport equipment
CP07242 Toll facilities and parking meters
CP07243 Driving lessons, tests, licences and road worthiness tests
CP073 Transport services
CP0731 Passenger transport by railway
CP07311 Passenger transport by train
CP07312 Passenger transport by underground and tram
CP0732 Passenger transport by road
CP07321 Passenger transport by bus and coach
CP07322 Passenger transport by taxi and hired car with driver
CP0733 Passenger transport by air
CP07331 Domestic flights
CP07332 International flights
CP0734 Passenger transport by sea and inland waterway
CP07341 Passenger transport by sea
CP07342 Passenger transport by inland waterway
CP0735 Combined passenger transport
CP07350 Combined passenger transport
CP0736 Other purchased transport services
CP07361 Funicular, cable-car and chair-lift transport
CP07362 Removal and storage services
CP07369 Other purchased transport services n.e.c.
CP08 Communications
CP081 Postal services
CP0810 Postal services
CP08101 Letter handling services
CP08109 Other postal services
CP082 Telephone and telefax equipment
CP0820 Telephone and telefax equipment
CP08201 Fixed telephone equipment
CP08202 Mobile telephone equipment
CP08203 Other equipment of telephone and telefax equipment
CP08204 Repair of telephone or telefax equipment
CP082_083 Telephone and telefax equipment and services
CP083 Telephone and telefax services
CP0830 Telephone and telefax services
CP08301 Wired telephone services
CP08302 Wireless telephone services
CP08303 Internet access provision services
CP08304 Bundled telecommunication services
CP08305 Other information transmission services
CP09 Recreation and culture
CP091 Audio-visual, photographic and information processing equipment
CP0911 Equipment for the reception, recording and reproduction of sound and picture
CP09111 Equipment for the reception, recording and reproduction of sound
CP09112 Equipment for the reception, recording and reproduction of sound and vision
CP09113 Portable sound and vision devices
CP09119 Other equipment for the reception, recording and reproduction of sound and picture
CP0912 Photographic and cinematographic equipment and optical instruments
CP09121 Cameras
CP09122 Accessories for photographic and cinematographic equipment
CP09123 Optical instruments
CP0913 Information processing equipment
CP09131 Personal computers
CP09132 Accessories for information processing equipment
CP09133 Software
CP09134 Calculators and other information processing equipment
CP0914 Recording media
CP09141 Pre-recorded recording media
CP09142 Unrecorded recording media
CP09149 Other recording media
CP0915 Repair of audio-visual, photographic and information processing equipment
CP09150 Repair of audio-visual, photographic and information processing equipment
CP092 Other major durables for recreation and culture
CP0921 Major durables for outdoor recreation
CP09211 Camper vans, caravans and trailers
CP09212 Aeroplanes, microlight aircraft, gliders, hang-gliders and hot-air balloons
CP09213 Boats, outboard motors and fitting out of boats
CP09214 Horses, ponies and accessories
CP09215 Major items for games and sport
CP0921_0922 Major durables for indoor and outdoor recreation including musical instruments
CP0922 Musical instruments and major durables for indoor recreation
CP09221 Musical instruments
CP09222 Major durables for indoor recreation
CP0923 Maintenance and repair of other major durables for recreation and culture
CP09230 Maintenance and repair of other major durables for recreation and culture
CP093 Other recreational items and equipment, gardens and pets
CP0931 Games, toys and hobbies
CP09311 Games and hobbies
CP09312 Toys and celebration articles
CP0932 Equipment for sport, camping and open-air recreation
CP09321 Equipment for sport
CP09322 Equipment for camping and open-air recreation
CP09323 Repair of equipment for sport, camping and open-air recreation
CP0933 Gardens, plants and flowers
CP09331 Garden products
CP09332 Plants and flowers
CP0934 Pets and related products
CP09341 Purchase of pets
CP09342 Products for pets
CP0934_0935 Pets and related products; veterinary and other services for pets
CP0935 Veterinary and other services for pets
CP09350 Veterinary and other services for pets
CP094 Recreational and cultural services
CP0941 Recreational and sporting services
CP09411 Recreational and sporting services - Attendance
CP09412 Recreational and sporting services - Participation
CP0942 Cultural services
CP09421 Cinemas, theatres, concerts
CP09422 Museums, libraries, zoological gardens
CP09423 Television and radio licence fees, subscriptions
CP09424 Hire of equipment and accessories for culture
CP09425 Photographic services
CP09429 Other cultural services
CP0943 Games of chance
CP09430 Games of chance
CP095 Newspapers, books and stationery
CP0951 Books
CP09511 Fiction books
CP09512 Educational text books
CP09513 Other non-fiction books
CP09514 Binding services and E-book downloads
CP0952 Newspapers and periodicals
CP09521 Newspapers
CP09522 Magazines and periodicals
CP0953 Miscellaneous printed matter
CP09530 Miscellaneous printed matter
CP0953_954 Miscellaneous printed matter; stationery and drawing materials
CP0954 Stationery and drawing materials
CP09541 Paper products
CP09549 Other stationery and drawing materials
CP096 Package holidays
CP0960 Package holidays
CP09601 Package domestic holidays
CP09602 Package international holidays
CP10 Education
CP101 Pre-primary and primary education
CP1010 Pre-primary and primary education
CP10101 Pre-primary education
CP10102 Primary education
CP102 Secondary education
CP1020 Secondary education
CP10200 Secondary education
CP103 Post-secondary non-tertiary education
CP1030 Post-secondary non-tertiary education
CP10300 Post-secondary non-tertiary education
CP104 Tertiary education
CP1040 Tertiary education
CP10400 Tertiary education
CP105 Education not definable by level
CP1050 Education not definable by level
CP10500 Education not definable by level
CP11 Restaurants and hotels
CP111 Catering services
CP1111 Restaurants, cafes and the like
CP11111 Restaurants, cafes and dancing establishments
CP11112 Fast food and take away food services
CP1112 Canteens
CP11120 Canteens
CP112 Accommodation services
CP1120 Accommodation services
CP11201 Hotels, motels, inns and similar accommodation services
CP11202 Holiday centres, camping sites, youth hostels and similar accommodation services
CP11203 Accommodation services of other establishments
CP12 Miscellaneous goods and services
CP121 Personal care
CP1211 Hairdressing salons and personal grooming establishments
CP12111 Hairdressing for men and children
CP12112 Hairdressing for women
CP12113 Personal grooming treatments
CP1212 Electrical appliances for personal care
CP12121 Electric appliances for personal care
CP12122 Repair of electric appliances for personal care
CP1212_1213 Electrical appliances for personal care; other appliances, articles and products for personal care
CP1213 Other appliances, articles and products for personal care
CP12131 Non-electrical appliances
CP12132 Articles for personal hygiene and wellness, esoteric products and beauty products
CP122 Prostitution
CP1220 Prostitution
CP12200 Prostitution
CP122_127 Prostitution; other services n.e.c.
CP123 Personal effects n.e.c.
CP1231 Jewellery, clocks and watches
CP12311 Jewellery
CP12312 Clocks and watches
CP12313 Repair of jewellery, clocks and watches
CP1232 Other personal effects
CP12321 Travel goods
CP12322 Articles for babies
CP12323 Repair of other personal effects
CP12329 Other personal effects n.e.c.
CP124 Social protection
CP1240 Social protection
CP12401 Child care services
CP12402 Retirement homes for elderly persons and residences for disabled persons
CP12403 Services to maintain people in their private homes
CP12404 Counselling
CP125 Insurance
CP1251 Life insurance
CP12510 Life insurance
CP1252 Insurance connected with the dwelling
CP12520 Insurance connected with the dwelling
CP1253 Insurance connected with health
CP12531 Public insurance connected with health
CP12532 Private insurance connected with health
CP1254 Insurance connected with transport
CP12541 Motor vehicle insurance
CP12542 Travel insurance
CP1255 Other insurance
CP12550 Other insurance
CP126 Financial services n.e.c.
CP1262 Other financial services n.e.c.
CP12621 Charges by banks and post offices
CP12622 Fees and service charges of brokers, investment counsellors
CP127 Other services n.e.c.
CP1270 Other services n.e.c.
CP12701 Administrative fees
CP12702 Legal services and accountancy
CP12703 Funeral services
CP12704 Other fees and services
_T Total
_TXCP041_042 Total except actual rents
_Z Not applicable