Dataset: GFS – Government Finance Statistics

Data Structure Definition: National Sector Accounts

[NA_SEC agency: ESTAT] Download SDMX 2.1 Data Structure Definition of the GFS Dataflow

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Cube dimensions and attributes
  Concept description Concept Codelist Usage on SDW portal
1. dimension Frequency FREQ CL_FREQ Frequency dimension: used in Dimension Filters on Data Selection, Data Table and Quick View pages.
2. dimension Adjustment indicator ADJUSTMENT CL_ADJUSTMENT
3. dimension Reference area REF_AREA CL_AREA Country codes: used in Georgraphic Area filters on Data Selection pages.
4. dimension Counterpart area COUNTERPART_AREA CL_AREA
5. dimension Reference sector REF_SECTOR CL_SECTOR
6. dimension Counterpart sector COUNTERPART_SECTOR CL_SECTOR
7. dimension Consolidation Status CONSOLIDATION CL_NA_CONSOLIDAT
8. dimension Accounting entries ACCOUNTING_ENTRY CL_ACCOUNT_ENTRY
9. dimension Stocks, Transactions, Other Flows STO CL_NA_STO
10. dimension Instrument and assets classification INSTR_ASSET CL_INSTR_ASSET
11. dimension Maturity MATURITY CL_MATURITY
13. dimension Unit of measure UNIT_MEASURE CL_UNIT
14. dimension Currency denominator CURRENCY_DENOM CL_UNIT
15. dimension Valuation VALUATION CL_VALUATION
16. dimension Prices PRICES CL_NA_PRICES
18. dimension Custom breakdown codification CUST_BREAKDOWN CL_CUST_BREAKDOWN
Observation-level attribute Observation value OBS_VALUE
Observation-level attribute Observation status OBS_STATUS CL_OBS_STATUS Observation status: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Confidentiality status CONF_STATUS CL_CONF_STATUS Observation confidentiality: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Pre-break value PRE_BREAK_VALUE Observation pre-break value: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Comments to the observation value COMMENT_OBS Observation comment: displayed on the Data Table and Quickview pages, downloadable in SDMX format.
Observation-level attribute Embargo date EMBARGO_DATE
Observation-level attribute EDP working balance basis OBS_EDP_WBB CL_EDP_WBB
Time Series-level attribute Collection period COLL_PERIOD
Time Series-level attribute Title complement, detailed description of the series COMMENT_TS Long title/description: used in the Search and displayed on Data Selection, Metadata and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Compiling organisation COMPILING_ORG CL_ORGANISATION
Time Series-level attribute Currency CURRENCY CL_UNIT
Time Series-level attribute Custom breakdown codification label CUST_BREAKDOWN_LB
Time Series-level attribute Underlying compilation DATA_COMP
Time Series-level attribute Decimals DECIMALS CL_DECIMALS Number of decimals: used on the Data Table and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Data dissemination organisation DISS_ORG CL_ORGANISATION Source Agency: displayed on the Data Table, Data Chart and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute GFS economic function GFS_ECOFUNC CL_GFS_ECOFUNC
Time Series-level attribute GFS tax category GFS_TAXCAT CL_GFS_TAXCAT
Time Series-level attribute Last Update Date LAST_UPDATE
Time Series-level attribute Reference period detail REF_PERIOD_DETAIL CL_REF_PERIOD_DTL
Time Series-level attribute Reference year (price) REF_YEAR_PRICE
Time Series-level attribute Reference year end REPYEAREND
Time Series-level attribute Reference year start REPYEARSTART
Time Series-level attribute Table identifier TABLE_IDENTIFIER CL_NA_TABLEID
Time Series-level attribute Time period collection TIME_PER_COLLECT CL_TIME_COLLECT Collection attribute: used on the Data Table, Data Chart and Quick View pages, displayed on the Metadata page.
Time Series-level attribute Title TITLE Short title: used in the Search and displayed on Data Selection, Metadata and Quick View pages.
Time Series-level attribute Description of the time series TITLE_COMPL
Time Series-level attribute Unit multiplier UNIT_MULT CL_UNIT_MULT Unit Multiplier: displayed on the Data Table, Metadata and Quick View pages, downloadable in CSV and SDMX format.
DataSet-level attribute Dataset comment COMMENT_DSET

Code List Description

Code Code Description
C01 Custom 01
C02 Custom 02
C03 Custom 03
C04 Custom 04
C05 Custom 05
C06 Custom 06
C07 Custom 07
C08 Custom 08
C09 Custom 09
C10 Custom 10
C11 Custom 11
C12 Custom 12
C13 Custom 13
C14 Custom 14
C15 Custom 15
C16 Custom 16
C17 Custom 17
C18 Custom 18
C19 Custom 19
C20 Custom 20
C21 Custom 21
C22 Custom 22
C23 Custom 23
C24 Custom 24
C25 Custom 25
C26 Custom 26
C27 Custom 27
C28 Custom 28
C29 Custom 29
C30 Custom 30
C31 Custom 31
C32 Custom 32
C33 Custom 33
C34 Custom 34
C35 Custom 35
C36 Custom 36
C37 Custom 37
C38 Custom 38
C39 Custom 39
C40 Custom 40
C41 Custom 41
C42 Custom 42
C43 Custom 43
C44 Custom 44
C45 Custom 45
C46 Custom 46
C47 Custom 47
C48 Custom 48
C49 Custom 49
C50 Custom 50
C51 Custom 51
C52 Custom 52
C53 Custom 53
C54 Custom 54
C55 Custom 55
C56 Custom 56
C57 Custom 57
C58 Custom 58
C59 Custom 59
C60 Custom 60
C61 Custom 61
C62 Custom 62
C63 Custom 63
C64 Custom 64
C65 Custom 65
C66 Custom 66
C67 Custom 67
C68 Custom 68
C69 Custom 69
C70 Custom 70
C71 Custom 71
C72 Custom 72
C73 Custom 73
C74 Custom 74
C75 Custom 75
C76 Custom 76
C77 Custom 77
C78 Custom 78
C79 Custom 79
C80 Custom 80
C81 Custom 81
C82 Custom 82
C83 Custom 83
C84 Custom 84
C85 Custom 85
C86 Custom 86
C87 Custom 87
C88 Custom 88
C89 Custom 89
C90 Custom 90
C91 Custom 91
C92 Custom 92
C93 Custom 93
C94 Custom 94
C95 Custom 95
C96 Custom 96
C97 Custom 97
C98 Custom 98
C99 Custom 99
FAM Government assistance to the financial sector
FC EDP Financial Crisis concept
FND Direct Investment
FND1 Direct investor in direct investment enterprises
FND1D2 Direct investment excluding direct investment between fellow enterprises
FND2 Direct investment enterprises in direct investor
FND3 Direct Investment between fellow enterprises
FNF Financial Derivatives and Employee Stock Options
FNO Other Investment
FNP Portfolio Investment
FNR Reserve Assets
FNTXD All functional categories (total) excluding Direct Investment
L LCD table
L_EFSF EFSF guarantor (Intergovernmental lending ) - LCD concept
L_I Imputed - LCD concept
L_ICC Cash collateral related to financial derivatives - LCD concept
L_ICL Cashless at inception - LCD concept
L_ICP Cash payment at inception - LCD concept
L_IDBK Rerouted from Development Banks - LCD concept
L_IPEC Public-Private Partnership (PPP), EPC and Concessions on GG BS - LCD concept
L_IRXR Other imputations or rearrangements - LCD concept
L_ISL Loan component in Off Market Swaps - LCD concept
L_IT Long Term payables, including trade credits (F.89 reclassified in F.4) - LCD concept
L_LSM Assistance [INSTR_ASSET] under [REF_AREA] stability mechanism - LCD concept
L_N_F Nominal/face value difference - LCD concept
L_OA Methodological adjustments to EDP perimeter - LCD concept
L_S Serviced - LCD concept
L_X Not allocated/unallocated - LCD concept
L_XLSM [INSTR_ASSET] other than Assistance [INSTR_ASSET] under [REF_AREA] stability mechanism (L_LSM) - LCD concept
VFCA Looking through via financing conduits, extended concept (direct + indirect)
VFCI Looking through (via) financing conduits - indirect approach
VIFA Looking through via investment fund shares, total (direct + indirect holdings)
VIFI Looking through (via) non-MMF investment fund shares - indirect approach
VIFM Looking through (via) money market fund shares - indirect approach
_T Total