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  Title TGB - TARGET balances

  Data source ECB

  Contact email address Statistical Information Request form
  Dataset last update in SDW 2023-06-01 10:01:34
  Catalog Download the series catalogue of the dataset TGB in CSV format, i.e. full list of series and associated metadata: Excel 2013 (zipped) or the earlier Excel versions.
  Legal acts and other agreements Guideline of the European Central Bank of 5 December 2012 on a Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross settlement Express Transfer system (TARGET2) (recast) (ECB/2012/27) (2013/47/EU)

  Data presentation - Summary description
TARGET balances are positions on the balance sheets of all euro area countries’ NCBs and the NCBs of non-euro area EU countries that have joined TARGET on a voluntary basis.

  Data presentation - Detailed description
Individual NCBs’ series are netted figures. They represent total TARGET claims netted against total TARGET liabilities, where positive values represent a net NCB claim on the ECB and negative values a net NCB liability. The ECB figures represent the ECB’s TARGET balances netted vis-à-vis all the NCBs participating in the TARGET system. The TARGET balances of non-euro area NCBs are also provided netted and aggregated vis-à-vis the ECB under the counterpart area code U4. National data are made available for euro area NCBs only.

By design, the sum of all TARGET balances of claims and liabilities (Eurosystem NCBs plus ECB plus non-euro area NCBs) must equal zero.

  Reference area coverage Countries participating in TARGET system.

  Time period Monthly

  Time period - collection
  • End of period
  • Average of observations through period
  Statistical concepts and definitions For information about the naming convention (series key dimensions and metadata), refer to the TGB underlying DSD (ECB_TGB1) maintained by the ECB.
  Release policy Publication after 1 month plus 1 working day after reference month.

  Dissemination format Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW)

  Metadata last update 11/MAY/2021 15:25:41

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Title Complement Monthly TARGET balances for Malta
Series Key TGB.M.MT.N.A094T.U2.EUR.E
ECB Last update 2023-06-01 10:01:18.0
Unit Millions of Euro
Reference area Malta (MT)
Collection indicator End of period (E)
Decimals Two (2)
Title TARGET balances of Malta (end of month position)
Title complement Monthly TARGET balances for Malta
Publications TARGET Balances: Table in chapter 01, section 01 (T0101)
Frequency Monthly