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  Title SUR - Opinion surveys

  Data source European Commission (DG ECFIN), Markit, DataStream

  Contact email address Statistical Information Request form
  Contact organisation unit DG-S/MOE/ECOS

  Dataset last update in SDW 2023-07-20 12:20:00
  Catalog Download the series catalogue of the dataset SUR in CSV format, i.e. full list of series and associated metadata: Excel 2013 (zipped) or the earlier Excel versions.
  Data presentation - Summary description Opinion survey data provide timely evidence of perceptions and expectations to economic conditions. Questionnaires from qualitative opinion surveys consist of a small set of questions, asking the respondent to indicate whether an economic condition (e.g. assessment of the current business situation) has improved, has remained unchanged or has deteriorated when compared with the previous situation. Business opinion surveys are conducted in different areas of economic activity (manufacturing, construction, services, retail trade) and are addressed to senior executives whereas consumer opinion surveys are based on a sample of private households. Besides qualitative questions on assessments, some opinion surveys include quantitative questions as well.

  Data presentation - Detailed description fill me in
  Time period Monthly and quarterly.

  Statistical concepts and definitions For information about the naming convention (series key dimensions and metadata), refer to the SUR underlying DSD (ECB_SUR1) maintained by the ECB.
  Metadata last update 20/MAY/2020 14:37:34

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Title Complement EU27 (fixed composition) as of 31 January 2020 (brexit), EU Commission, DG-ECFIN, Consumer survey - quantitative price trends over last 12 months - median, Total, Neither seasonally nor working day adjusted - Percentages
Series Key SUR.Q.V5.N.ECFIN.CNS051_50.TT
ECB Last update 2023-07-20 12:20:00.0
Unit Unit described in title
Reference area EU27 (fixed composition) as of 31 January 2020 (brexit) (V5)
Collection indicator Beginning of period (B)
Compilation UNITS
Decimals One (1)
Source agency European Commission (including Eurostat) (4D1)
Publication source EU Commission, DG-ECFIN
Frequency Quarterly