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Show/Hide section   RA - International Reserves of the Eurosystem (discontinued)

  Title RA - International Reserves of the Eurosystem (discontinued)

  Data source National Central Banks and ECB

  Contact email address Statistical Information Request form
  Contact organisation European Central Bank

  Contact organisation unit DGS/ESSA/ETS

  Dataset last update in SDW 2014-09-30 12:15:00
  Catalog Download the series catalogue of the dataset RA in CSV format, i.e. full list of series and associated metadata: Excel 2013 (zipped) or the earlier Excel versions.
  Data presentation - Summary description The dataset contains the official reserve assets for the euro area as a whole and at national level for the Monetary Union"s participant countries. The statistics generally follow the breakdown of the 5th edition of the IMF Balance of Payments Manual (BPM5). Methodological notes on the reserve assets of the euro area and of the ECB are available on the ECB website.

  Data presentation - Detailed description The ECB publicationThe statistical treatment of Eurosystem"s international reserves, also available on the ECB website, contains further details on the compilation of euro area reserve assets statistics.

  Time period Monthly

  Time period - collection monthly, quarterly, annual

  Statistical concepts and definitions For information about the naming convention (series key dimensions and metadata), refer to the RA underlying DSD (ECB_BOP1) maintained by the ECB.
  Adjustment non-seasonally adjusted data

  Data validation
Manual checks

Automatised FAME processin

  Data revision - policy MSs may report revisions to the ECB at any time (See Section 6.2 of the BOP data exchange booklet).

  Coherence Money and Banking, BIS

  Dissemination format - publications The data are published on the Website on the last working day of each month with reference to the previous month (see Section 6.2 of the BOP data exchange booklet).

  Dissemination format - other formats Statistics Bulletin

  Metadata last update 09/JAN/2020 10:51:00

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Show/Hide section  RA - International Reserves of the Eurosystem (discontinued)

Title Complement Financial account, Official reserve assets, foreign exchange (including financial derivatives) - Netherlands vis-a-vis Extra Euro area - Outstanding amounts at the end of the period (stocks) - Neither seasonally nor working day adjusted
Series Key RA.M.NL.N.8.803.N.U4.E
ECB Last update 2014-09-30 12:00:01.0
Unit Millions of Euro
Reference area Netherlands (NL)
BoP data collection basis Unspecified (Z)
Collection indicator End of period (E)
Compilation Data converted using fixed exchange rates before accession to the euro area
Decimals Zero (0)
Frequency Monthly