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Bank Lending Survey (BLS)

The main objective of the bank lending survey (BLS) is to enhance the Eurosystem's knowledge of bank lending conditions in the euro area. The BLS provides input for the ECB Governing Council's assessment of monetary and economic developments, on which it bases its monetary policy decisions.

It provides information on the lending policies of euro area banks and complements existing statistics on loans and bank lending rates with information on loan supply and demand for enterprises and households. The survey addresses issues such as credit standards for approving loans, as well as credit terms and conditions applied to new loans to enterprises and households. It also asks for an assessment of loan demand.

The bank lending survey is addressed to senior loan officers of a representative sample of euro area banks and is conducted four times a year. The sample group participating in the survey comprises around 140 banks from all euro area countries and takes into account the characteristics of their respective national banking structures.

The results of the individual banks participating in the BLS sample are aggregated in two steps. In the first step, banks’ replies can either be aggregated to national results by applying an implicit weighting through the sample selection or, alternatively, banks’ replies can be aggregated by applying an   explicit weighting scheme based on the amounts outstanding of loans to non-financial corporations and households of the individual banks in the respective national samples. In the second step, the national survey results are aggregated to euro area BLS results by applying an explicit weighting scheme based on the national shares in the amounts outstanding of loans to euro area non-financial corporations and households. For France, Malta, the Netherlands and Slovakia, net percentages are weighted based on the amounts outstanding of loans of the individual banks in the respective national samples.

Bank lending survey data presented in the ECB Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW) are organized along the lines of the questionnaire:

1. Supply

2. Demand

3. Ad-hoc

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Below you can find the list of publications and reports where Bank Lending Survey data appear.

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Euro area bank lending survey

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