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Consolidated banking data

These data contain information on the aggregate consolidated profitability, balance sheets, asset quality, liquidity, funding, capital adequacy and solvency of EU banks, and refer to all EU Member States.

The banks are divided into three size groups: small, medium-sized and large. Information on foreign-controlled institutions active in EU countries is also provided.  

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Data are published four times a year: there is a comprehensive set of end-year data and a smaller subset which is subject to more frequent reporting.

Aggregates and indicators are published for all the banks of the reporting population, which comprise

  • reporters (sources of data) applying the European Banking Authority’s implementing technical standards on supervisory reporting (IFRS-FINREP data sources)
  • reporters applying national accounting standards and the EBA’s ITS (nGAAP-FINREP data sources)
  • reporters not applying the EBA’s ITS at all (Non-FINREP data sources).

Aggregates and indicators are published depending on the availability of the underlying data.

A new framework for consolidated banking data has been in place since the implementation of the European Banking Authority’s ITS on supervisory reporting, i.e. end-2014. While the ITS ensure that supervisory data across Europe are fully harmonised, some gaps remain in the reporting of financial information and the extent to which some banks continue to be subject to national reporting requirements.

The main differences between the old (pre-ITS) and new (post-ITS) frameworks for consolidated banking data are captured in the CBD-CBD2 mapping.

DatasetBrowsing and Excel exportXML export Calendar
CBD - Statistics on Consolidated Banking Data (discontinued)  Data
CBD2 - Consolidated Banking data  DataRelease calendar

Below you can find the list of publications and reports where consolidated banking data appear.



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7.1 Banking sector size, 7.2 Banking sector leverage

Report on financial structures




For further information on the Consolidated banking data, please access the documentation below:

Consolidated banking data

Guideline ECB/2016/45 of 16 December 2016 on monetary and financial statistics