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Sector accounts

The European sector accounts provide a comprehensive and comparable overview of the European economy as a whole.

The data are part of the national accounts and show how economic value is generated and distributed in the euro area economy, how savings are invested and how investment is financed. They are based on an analytical grouping of economic agents into institutional sectors following the methodological framework established in the European System of Accounts 2010 (ESA 2010).

This includes data on income, consumption, saving, investment, financing, financial investment and net lending/borrowing of households, non-financial corporations, financial corporations and its sub-sectors as well as the government sector in the euro area. It also includes data on financial and non-financial assets, debt and wealth for all sectors.

Financial accounts

         By sector

 All series Total economy Non-financial corporations Financial corporations Monetary financial institutions Other financial institutions Insurance corporations and pension funds Government Households and non-profit institutions serving households Rest of the world

         By instrument

 All series Monetary gold and SDRs Currency and deposits Debt securities Loans Equity and investment fund shares Insurance, pension and standardised guarantees Financial derivatives Other accounts payable/receivable and trade credit

Non-financial accounts

         By sector

 All series Total economy Non-financial corporations Financial corporations Government Households and non-profit institutions serving households Rest of the world

         By sequence of accounts

 All series Production Generation of income Allocation of primary income Secondary distribution of income Use of disposable income Saving and capital trasfers Acquisitions of non-financial assets Balancing items

Non-financial assets

         By sector

 All series Total economy Non-financial corporations Financial corporations Government  Households and non-profit institutions serving households

         By asset type

 All series Fixed assets Dwellings Other buildings and structures Machinery and equipment + weapon systems Housing wealth Non-produced non-financial assets

Analytical indicators

          Financial accounts |  Non-financial accounts