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ECB surveys

This section contains data related to the ECB surveys.

Survey on the access to finance of enterprises (SAFE): The survey covers micro, small, medium-sized and large firms and it provides evidence on the financing conditions faced by SMEs compared with those of large firms during the past six months. In addition to a breakdown into firm size classes, it provides evidence across branches of economic activity, euro area countries, firm age, financial autonomy of the firms, and ownership of the firms.

Bank Lending Survey (BLS): The main objective of the bank lending survey (BLS) is to enhance the Eurosystem's knowledge of bank lending conditions in the euro area. The BLS provides input for the ECB Governing Council's assessment of monetary and economic developments, on which it bases its monetary policy decisions.

Survey of Professional Forecasters (SPF): The ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters (SPF) is a quarterly survey of expectations for the rates of inflation, real GDP growth and unemployment in the euro area for several horizons, together with a quantitative assessment of the uncertainty surrounding them. The participants are experts affiliated with financial or non-financial institutions based within the European Union.