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Balance of payments and other external statistics

The balance of payments is a statistical statement that summarises, for a specific period of time, the economic transactions of an economy with the rest of the world.

The international investment position is a statistical statement that shows, at a specific point in time, the value and composition of financial assets of residents of an economy and liabilities of residents of an economy to non-residents.

In addition to the official reserve assets, the international reserves statistics include the foreign currency liquidity of the monetary authorities of a country, as well as other balance-sheet and off-balance sheet activities such as forwards, futures and other financial derivatives, undrawn credit lines and loans guarantees. They present the foreign currency resources at a reference date and also inflows and outflows of foreign exchange over a future one-year period.

The external trade in goods statistics summarise on a monthly basis the exchange of goods across international borders. 

The trade weights statistics are based on bilateral data on trade in manufactured goods. 

The external debt of an economy represents, at any given time, the outstanding actual (rather than contingent) liabilities (and assets) vis-à-vis non-residents that require the payment of principal and/or interest by the debtor at a single or several points in the future. 

Balance of payments and international investment position

          Main accounts - summary

         Current account

 Total current account and subaccounts Goods Services Primary income Secondary income

         Capital account

 Total capital account and components Gross acquisitions/disposals of non-produced non-financial assets Capital transfers

         Financial account

 Total financial account and subaccounts Direct investment Portfolio investment Financial derivatives and employee stock options Other investment Reserve assets

International reserves

         Official reserve assets

 Total Monetary gold Reserve position in the IMF Special drawing rights Deposits Securities  Financial derivatives  Other claims

         Other foreign currency assets

 Total Securities not included in official reserve assets Deposits not included in official reserve assets Loans not included in official reserve assets Financial derivatives not included in official reserve assets Other

         Foreign currency drains

 Predetermined short-term net drains Contingent short-term net drains

External trade in goods

          Total trade

         Standard International Trade Classifications (SITC)

 Food, drink and tobacco Raw materials Energy Petroleum, petroleum products and related materials Machinery and transport equipment Chemicals Manufactured goods Other manufactured articles Other goods

         Broad Economic Categories (BEC)

 Capital goods Intermediate goods Consumer goods Consumption goods

          Trade weights

External debt

          Gross external debt |  External assets in debt instruments |  Net external debt