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Series Level Information
Series Key TGB.M.IE.N.A094T.U2.EUR.A
Title TARGET balances of Ireland (average over the reference period)
Title Complement Monthly TARGET balances for Ireland
Unit Millions of Euro
Dataset TGB : Target Balances

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CL_CONF_STATUS Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free (free for publication)
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 Monthly TARGET balances for Ireland
(Target Balances)
Period valueobs. status
2019-0727422.94Provisional value (P)
2019-0623305.06Estimated value (E)
2019-0519965.84Estimated value (E)
2019-0420446.44Estimated value (E)
2019-0319935.19Estimated value (E)
2019-0219925.05Estimated value (E)
2019-0116061.17Estimated value (E)
2018-1214506.59Estimated value (E)
2018-1111922.31Estimated value (E)
2018-1013248.21Estimated value (E)
2018-0915854.92Provisional value (P)
2018-0815608.69Provisional value (P)
2018-0714932.09Provisional value (P)
2018-0614551.32Estimated value (E)
2018-0513346.93Estimated value (E)
2018-0410156.79Estimated value (E)
2018-035961.44Estimated value (E)
2018-022504.42Estimated value (E)
2018-011818.38Estimated value (E)
2017-123640.92Estimated value (E)
2017-112743.09Estimated value (E)
2017-104582.83Estimated value (E)
2017-094854.74Estimated value (E)
2017-085451.60Estimated value (E)
2017-077266.03Estimated value (E)
2017-063970.57Estimated value (E)
2017-05-618.47Estimated value (E)
2017-042035.19Estimated value (E)
2017-032634.99Estimated value (E)
2017-02-423.53Estimated value (E)
2017-01-1309.42Estimated value (E)
2016-12-1009.13Estimated value (E)
2016-11-2047.27Estimated value (E)
2016-10929.80Estimated value (E)
2016-09-473.40Estimated value (E)
2016-08-3012.74Estimated value (E)
2016-07-6539.64Estimated value (E)
2016-06-6572.02Estimated value (E)
2016-05-6894.01Estimated value (E)
2016-04-3828.55Estimated value (E)
2016-03-822.36Estimated value (E)
2016-02220.10Estimated value (E)
2016-01-1381.36Estimated value (E)
2015-12-2572.33Estimated value (E)
2015-11-4912.58Estimated value (E)
2015-10-2142.50Estimated value (E)
2015-09-6193.48Estimated value (E)
2015-08-7763.94Estimated value (E)
2015-07-11593.13Estimated value (E)
2015-06-10886.60Estimated value (E)
2015-05-12085.95Estimated value (E)
2015-04-17897.12Estimated value (E)
2015-03-16043.10Estimated value (E)
2015-02-14252.56Estimated value (E)
2015-01-18414.04Estimated value (E)
2014-12-18946.89Estimated value (E)
2014-11-19406.39Estimated value (E)
2014-10-21479.21Estimated value (E)
2014-09-24233.27Estimated value (E)
2014-08-26445.14Estimated value (E)
2014-07-28635.85Estimated value (E)
2014-06-31004.44Estimated value (E)
2014-05-40216.34Estimated value (E)
2014-04-43190.75Estimated value (E)
2014-03-49219.03Estimated value (E)
2014-02-50631.66Estimated value (E)
2014-01-54687.05Estimated value (E)
2013-12-52089.70Estimated value (E)
2013-11-56831.02Estimated value (E)
2013-10-56112.63Estimated value (E)
2013-09-57575.93Estimated value (E)
2013-08-56026.46Estimated value (E)
2013-07-55054.73Estimated value (E)
2013-06-59534.13Estimated value (E)
2013-05-65075.27Estimated value (E)
2013-04-62532.22Estimated value (E)
2013-03-64671.15Estimated value (E)
2013-02-70612.08Estimated value (E)
2013-01-76502.62Estimated value (E)
2012-12-81530.15Estimated value (E)
2012-11-84110.78Estimated value (E)
2012-10-86016.36Estimated value (E)
2012-09-88255.40Estimated value (E)
2012-08-90957.97Estimated value (E)
2012-07-96328.95Estimated value (E)
2012-06-99634.51Estimated value (E)
2012-05-98912.09Estimated value (E)
2012-04-96620.99Estimated value (E)
2012-03-101018.56Estimated value (E)
2012-02-102204.66Estimated value (E)
2012-01-113343.25Estimated value (E)
2011-12-120891.83Estimated value (E)
2011-11-117859.73Estimated value (E)
2011-10-120042.31Estimated value (E)
2011-09-122416.09Estimated value (E)
2011-08-124003.67Estimated value (E)
2011-07-128322.00Estimated value (E)
2011-06-128283.67Estimated value (E)
2011-05-130195.39Estimated value (E)
2011-04-132197.82Estimated value (E)
2011-03-141179.60Estimated value (E)
2011-02-136492.16Estimated value (E)
2011-01-141410.35Estimated value (E)
2010-12-144389.76Estimated value (E)
2010-11-127087.53Estimated value (E)
2010-10-112111.86Estimated value (E)
2010-09-81760.25Estimated value (E)
2010-08-55611.75Estimated value (E)
2010-07-54335.21Estimated value (E)
2010-06-61022.23Estimated value (E)
2010-05-51581.55Estimated value (E)
2010-04-39730.13Estimated value (E)
2010-03-38205.90Estimated value (E)
2010-02-43711.14Estimated value (E)
2010-01-50559.24Estimated value (E)
2009-12-44058.82Estimated value (E)
2009-11-39976.40Estimated value (E)
2009-10-42696.30Estimated value (E)
2009-09-51755.27Estimated value (E)
2009-08-64741.40Estimated value (E)
2009-07-81365.65Estimated value (E)
2009-06-91821.31Estimated value (E)
2009-05-93316.34Estimated value (E)
2009-04-91750.39Estimated value (E)
2009-03-83946.73Estimated value (E)
2009-02-50078.20Estimated value (E)
2009-01-41993.43Estimated value (E)
2008-12-39870.87Estimated value (E)
2008-11-40317.35Estimated value (E)
2008-10-35725.31Estimated value (E)
2008-09-18883.73Estimated value (E)
2008-08-13545.45Estimated value (E)
2008-07-12712.36Estimated value (E)
2008-06-3730.13Estimated value (E)
2008-05-1792.40Estimated value (E)
2008-04-2027.77Estimated value (E)
2008-03-338.48Estimated value (E)
2008-02-498.24Estimated value (E)
2008-01-5181.29Estimated value (E)
2007-12441.48Estimated value (E)
2007-117215.64Estimated value (E)
2007-106372.65Estimated value (E)
2007-094690.95Estimated value (E)
2007-082556.61Estimated value (E)
2007-07-989.82Estimated value (E)
2007-06-1599.90Estimated value (E)
2007-058.35Estimated value (E)
2007-0499.14Estimated value (E)
2007-03-1549.33Estimated value (E)
2007-02-2311.60Estimated value (E)
2007-01-5802.86Estimated value (E)
2006-12-6126.00Estimated value (E)
2006-11-8688.41Estimated value (E)
2006-10-10291.32Estimated value (E)
2006-09-10232.62Estimated value (E)
2006-08-8000.09Estimated value (E)
2006-07-7197.05Estimated value (E)
2006-06-5652.27Estimated value (E)
2006-05-5158.52Estimated value (E)
2006-04-2679.65Estimated value (E)
2006-03-2762.57Estimated value (E)
2006-02-2120.95Estimated value (E)
2006-01-5374.68Estimated value (E)
2005-12-3918.95Estimated value (E)
2005-11-6373.24Estimated value (E)
2005-10-7588.24Estimated value (E)
2005-09-7100.55Estimated value (E)
2005-08-6981.87Estimated value (E)
2005-07-6465.33Estimated value (E)
2005-06-5336.35Estimated value (E)
2005-05-5185.09Estimated value (E)
2005-04-4789.30Estimated value (E)
2005-03-3437.91Estimated value (E)
2005-02-3400.05Estimated value (E)
2005-01-5495.00Estimated value (E)
2004-12-3360.39Estimated value (E)
2004-11-3893.68Estimated value (E)
2004-10-4488.24Estimated value (E)
2004-09-3314.95Estimated value (E)
2004-08-2945.73Estimated value (E)
2004-07-3639.09Estimated value (E)
2004-06-4715.09Estimated value (E)
2004-05-6635.67Estimated value (E)
2004-04-6546.32Estimated value (E)
2004-03-7267.50Estimated value (E)
2004-02-6753.90Estimated value (E)
2004-01-8714.23Estimated value (E)
2003-12-6879.41Estimated value (E)
2003-11-7857.80Estimated value (E)
2003-10-9533.74Estimated value (E)
2003-09-8980.23Estimated value (E)
2003-08-9200.95Estimated value (E)
2003-07-7127.77Estimated value (E)
2003-06-4660.24Estimated value (E)
2003-05-5566.60Estimated value (E)
2003-04-6791.05Estimated value (E)
2003-03-5067.80Estimated value (E)
2003-02-5019.85Estimated value (E)
2003-01-4238.43Estimated value (E)
2002-12-1385.38Estimated value (E)
2002-11-3078.86Estimated value (E)
2002-10-2502.00Estimated value (E)
2002-09-3225.29Estimated value (E)
2002-08-3509.59Estimated value (E)
2002-07-4149.48Estimated value (E)
2002-06-5352.26Estimated value (E)
2002-05-5304.13Estimated value (E)
2002-04-6156.65Estimated value (E)
2002-03-5778.35Estimated value (E)
2002-02-5188.50Estimated value (E)
2002-01-5031.04Estimated value (E)
2001-12-3613.71Estimated value (E)
2001-11-2981.36Estimated value (E)
2001-10-5978.91Estimated value (E)
2001-09-6578.70Estimated value (E)
2001-08-5563.00Estimated value (E)
2001-07-4593.18Estimated value (E)
2001-06-4833.43Estimated value (E)
2001-05-4743.13Estimated value (E)
2001-04-3493.30Estimated value (E)
2001-03-3889.77Estimated value (E)
2001-02-4317.45Estimated value (E)
2001-01-2983.82Estimated value (E)