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Series Level Information
Series Key BP6.M.N.PT.W1.S1.S1.T.N.FA.D.F5._Z.EUR._T._X.N
Title Direct Investment, Equity and investment fund shares/units
Title Complement - Monthly- Neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted data- Portugal vis-a-vis Rest of the World- sector: Total economy vis-a-vis Total economy- Transactions- Net (Assets minus Liabilities)- Financial account- Direct Investment- Equity and investment fund shares/units- Euro- All currencies- Compilation methodology based on international standards
Unit Millions of Euro
Dataset BP6 : Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6)

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CL_CONF_STATUS Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free (free for publication)
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 - Monthly- Neither seasonally adjusted nor calendar adjusted data- Portugal vis-a-vis Rest of the World- sector: Total economy vis-a-vis Total economy- Transactions- Net (Assets minus Liabilities)- Financial account- Direct Investment- Equity and investment fund shares/units- Euro- All currencies- Compilation methodology based on international standards
(Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6))
Period valueobs. status
2020-03-223Estimated value (E)
2020-02517Estimated value (E)
2020-01-436Estimated value (E)
2019-12-737Estimated value (E)
2019-11-952Estimated value (E)
2019-10-666Estimated value (E)
2019-09-266Estimated value (E)
2019-08-416Estimated value (E)
2019-07-443Estimated value (E)
2019-06-65Estimated value (E)
2019-05-42Estimated value (E)
2019-04-157Estimated value (E)
2019-03-101Estimated value (E)
2019-02130Estimated value (E)
2019-01-773Estimated value (E)
2018-12-1257Estimated value (E)
2018-11-390Estimated value (E)
2018-10-95Estimated value (E)
2018-09478Estimated value (E)
2018-08-342Estimated value (E)
2018-07-348Estimated value (E)
2018-06-58Estimated value (E)
2018-05-647Estimated value (E)
2018-04-378Estimated value (E)
2018-03-629Estimated value (E)
2018-02-394Estimated value (E)
2018-01-320Estimated value (E)
2017-12-133Estimated value (E)
2017-11219Estimated value (E)
2017-10-451Estimated value (E)
2017-09185Estimated value (E)
2017-08148Estimated value (E)
2017-07119Estimated value (E)
2017-06682Estimated value (E)
2017-05-658Estimated value (E)
2017-04-122Estimated value (E)
2017-03-227Estimated value (E)
2017-02-980Estimated value (E)
2017-01-556Estimated value (E)
2016-12-890Estimated value (E)
2016-11-325Estimated value (E)
2016-10-176Estimated value (E)
2016-09433Estimated value (E)
2016-08476Estimated value (E)
2016-07103Estimated value (E)
2016-06317Estimated value (E)
2016-05-396Estimated value (E)
2016-04-4Estimated value (E)
2016-03-475Estimated value (E)
2016-02-461Estimated value (E)
2016-01-218Estimated value (E)
2015-12-1986Estimated value (E)
2015-111632Estimated value (E)
2015-10-432Estimated value (E)
2015-09-259Estimated value (E)
2015-08259Estimated value (E)
2015-07564Estimated value (E)
2015-0665Estimated value (E)
2015-05-141Estimated value (E)
2015-04-452Estimated value (E)
2015-03-774Estimated value (E)
2015-02-159Estimated value (E)
2015-01-313Estimated value (E)
2014-12-422Estimated value (E)
2014-11-207Estimated value (E)
2014-1024Estimated value (E)
2014-09-575Estimated value (E)
2014-08-482Estimated value (E)
2014-07-283Estimated value (E)
2014-06-287Estimated value (E)
2014-05-2452Estimated value (E)
2014-041049Estimated value (E)
2014-03517Estimated value (E)
2014-02676Estimated value (E)
2014-0185Estimated value (E)
2013-121589Estimated value (E)
2013-11-270Estimated value (E)
2013-10-132Estimated value (E)
2013-09-1110Estimated value (E)
2013-08-110Estimated value (E)
2013-07-85Estimated value (E)
2013-061229Estimated value (E)
2013-05738Estimated value (E)
2013-04-779Estimated value (E)
2013-0322Estimated value (E)
2013-02-140Estimated value (E)
2013-0167Estimated value (E)
2012-123003Estimated value (E)
2012-11-192Estimated value (E)
2012-10-323Estimated value (E)
2012-09-8Estimated value (E)
2012-08-1136Estimated value (E)
2012-0779Estimated value (E)
2012-06-691Estimated value (E)
2012-05-2824Estimated value (E)
2012-04-480Estimated value (E)
2012-03-165Estimated value (E)
2012-02-295Estimated value (E)
2012-01-167Estimated value (E)
2011-12-3855Estimated value (E)
2011-11434Estimated value (E)
2011-10595Estimated value (E)
2011-09671Estimated value (E)
2011-08158Estimated value (E)
2011-07306Estimated value (E)
2011-0660Estimated value (E)
2011-05-238Estimated value (E)
2011-04-262Estimated value (E)
2011-03387Estimated value (E)
2011-02-100Estimated value (E)
2011-013791Estimated value (E)
2010-12-1188Estimated value (E)
2010-1191Estimated value (E)
2010-10-583Estimated value (E)
2010-09-7901Estimated value (E)
2010-08900Estimated value (E)
2010-07-165Estimated value (E)
2010-06545Estimated value (E)
2010-05-32Estimated value (E)
2010-04-471Estimated value (E)
2010-03-448Estimated value (E)
2010-028Estimated value (E)
2010-01-142Estimated value (E)
2009-12-31Estimated value (E)
2009-11-125Estimated value (E)
2009-10-379Estimated value (E)
2009-09-576Estimated value (E)
2009-08-370Estimated value (E)
2009-07109Estimated value (E)
2009-06-212Estimated value (E)
2009-05138Estimated value (E)
2009-04-384Estimated value (E)
2009-03-158Estimated value (E)
2009-02389Estimated value (E)
2009-0183Estimated value (E)
2008-12-1054Estimated value (E)
2008-11-20Estimated value (E)
2008-10-218Estimated value (E)
2008-09-31Estimated value (E)
2008-08516Estimated value (E)
2008-07-64Estimated value (E)
2008-06215Estimated value (E)
2008-05156Estimated value (E)
2008-04-192Estimated value (E)
2008-0378Estimated value (E)
2008-02-148Estimated value (E)
2008-01-4Estimated value (E)
2007-121835Estimated value (E)
2007-11106Estimated value (E)
2007-10-424Estimated value (E)
2007-09-198Estimated value (E)
2007-08-617Estimated value (E)
2007-07150Estimated value (E)
2007-0647Estimated value (E)
2007-05284Estimated value (E)
2007-04-223Estimated value (E)
2007-03-241Estimated value (E)
2007-02509Estimated value (E)
2007-01-391Estimated value (E)
2006-12-130Estimated value (E)
2006-11206Estimated value (E)
2006-10-594Estimated value (E)
2006-09-987Estimated value (E)
2006-08-226Estimated value (E)
2006-07-422Estimated value (E)
2006-06823Estimated value (E)
2006-05-80Estimated value (E)
2006-04-323Estimated value (E)
2006-0356Estimated value (E)
2006-02-331Estimated value (E)
2006-01-729Estimated value (E)
2005-12-11Estimated value (E)
2005-11378Estimated value (E)
2005-10136Estimated value (E)
2005-09-808Estimated value (E)
2005-08-156Estimated value (E)
2005-07-514Estimated value (E)
2005-06593Estimated value (E)
2005-05162Estimated value (E)
2005-04316Estimated value (E)
2005-03-86Estimated value (E)
2005-02-224Estimated value (E)
2005-01-951Estimated value (E)
2004-12923Estimated value (E)
2004-11-112Estimated value (E)
2004-10-36Estimated value (E)
2004-0991Estimated value (E)
2004-08-165Estimated value (E)
2004-07288Estimated value (E)
2004-06-48Estimated value (E)
2004-05106Estimated value (E)
2004-04119Estimated value (E)
2004-03-313Estimated value (E)
2004-02-143Estimated value (E)
2004-0128Estimated value (E)
2003-12-391Estimated value (E)
2003-11-38Estimated value (E)
2003-10-96Estimated value (E)
2003-09-415Estimated value (E)
2003-08-97Estimated value (E)
2003-07-469Estimated value (E)
2003-06-242Estimated value (E)
2003-05-12Estimated value (E)
2003-04-587Estimated value (E)
2003-031606Estimated value (E)
2003-02-274Estimated value (E)
2003-01-46Estimated value (E)
2002-12-677Estimated value (E)
2002-11-78Estimated value (E)
2002-10-587Estimated value (E)
2002-09-2993Estimated value (E)
2002-08515Estimated value (E)
2002-071307Estimated value (E)
2002-06207Estimated value (E)
2002-05-30Estimated value (E)
2002-0447Estimated value (E)
2002-03-420Estimated value (E)
2002-02-508Estimated value (E)
2002-01-263Estimated value (E)
2001-12350Estimated value (E)
2001-11175Estimated value (E)
2001-10-210Estimated value (E)
2001-09-317Estimated value (E)
2001-08467Estimated value (E)
2001-07146Estimated value (E)
2001-063174Estimated value (E)
2001-05302Estimated value (E)
2001-04-149Estimated value (E)
2001-03379Estimated value (E)
2001-02-23Estimated value (E)
2001-01738Estimated value (E)
2000-12540Estimated value (E)
2000-11177Estimated value (E)
2000-10316Estimated value (E)
2000-09-181Estimated value (E)
2000-08-142Estimated value (E)
2000-07-1330Estimated value (E)
2000-06976Estimated value (E)
2000-05-22Estimated value (E)
2000-04-432Estimated value (E)
2000-03456Estimated value (E)
2000-02-39Estimated value (E)
2000-01969Estimated value (E)
1999-12371Estimated value (E)
1999-1120Estimated value (E)
1999-10-401Estimated value (E)
1999-09-85Estimated value (E)
1999-08478Estimated value (E)
1999-071150Estimated value (E)
1999-0617Estimated value (E)
1999-05-283Estimated value (E)
1999-041498Estimated value (E)
1999-033Estimated value (E)
1999-02-81Estimated value (E)
1999-01-14Estimated value (E)
1998-12171Estimated value (E)
1998-11349Estimated value (E)
1998-10221Estimated value (E)
1998-09137Estimated value (E)
1998-08138Estimated value (E)
1998-07-1495Estimated value (E)
1998-06927Estimated value (E)
1998-0519Estimated value (E)
1998-0491Estimated value (E)
1998-030Estimated value (E)
1998-02-30Estimated value (E)
1998-01-19Estimated value (E)
1997-12729Estimated value (E)
1997-1113Estimated value (E)
1997-10-506Estimated value (E)
1997-09286Estimated value (E)
1997-08-26Estimated value (E)
1997-07-65Estimated value (E)
1997-06374Estimated value (E)
1997-05-146Estimated value (E)
1997-04-61Estimated value (E)
1997-03-75Estimated value (E)
1997-02-68Estimated value (E)
1997-01-276Estimated value (E)
1996-1218Estimated value (E)
1996-1115Estimated value (E)
1996-10-128Estimated value (E)
1996-09-73Estimated value (E)
1996-08-237Estimated value (E)
1996-07-16Estimated value (E)
1996-0626Estimated value (E)
1996-05-37Estimated value (E)
1996-04-11Estimated value (E)
1996-03-47Estimated value (E)
1996-02-115Estimated value (E)
1996-01-32Estimated value (E)