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Series Level Information
Series Key MNA.Q.Y.GB.W2.S1.S1.B.B1GQ._Z._Z._Z.XDC.LR.N
Title Gross domestic product at market prices
Title Complement Gross domestic product at market prices - United Kingdom - Domestic (home or reference area), Total economy, Domestic currency (incl. conversion to current currency made using a fix parity), Chain linked volume (rebased), Non transformed data, Calendar and seasonally adjusted data
Unit Millions
Dataset MNA : National accounts, Main aggregates (Eurostat ESA2010 TP, table 1)

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CL_CONF_STATUS Observation Confidentiality
A Primary confidentiality due to small counts
C Confidential statistical information
D Secondary confidentiality set by the sender, not for publication
F Free (free for publication)
G Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one or two units
M Primary confidentiality due to data declared confidential based on other measures of concentration
N Not for publication, restricted for internal use only
O Primary confidentiality due to dominance by one unit
S Secondary confidentiality set and managed by the receiver, not for publication
T Primary confidentiality due to dominance by two units

All non-Free observations are underlined.
Data Table
 Gross domestic product at market prices - United Kingdom - Domestic (home or reference area), Total economy, Domestic currency (incl. conversion to current currency made using a fix parity), Chain linked volume (rebased), Non transformed data, Calendar and seasonally adjusted data
(National accounts, Main aggregates (Eurostat ESA2010 TP, table 1))
Period valueobs. status
2019-Q2466669.17Normal value (A)
2019-Q1467569.70Normal value (A)
2018-Q4465261.96Normal value (A)
2018-Q3464228.61Normal value (A)
2018-Q2461041.25Normal value (A)
2018-Q1459170.13Normal value (A)
2017-Q4458899.06Normal value (A)
2017-Q3457067.06Normal value (A)
2017-Q2454712.92Normal value (A)
2017-Q1453527.67Normal value (A)
2016-Q4451606.52Normal value (A)
2016-Q3448282.71Normal value (A)
2016-Q2446177.82Normal value (A)
2016-Q1445481.04Normal value (A)
2015-Q4444041.08Normal value (A)
2015-Q3440765.49Normal value (A)
2015-Q2438866.17Normal value (A)
2015-Q1436382.87Normal value (A)
2014-Q4434455.35Normal value (A)
2014-Q3431582.72Normal value (A)
2014-Q2428579.11Normal value (A)
2014-Q1425041.54Normal value (A)
2013-Q4421508.51Normal value (A)
2013-Q3419545.52Normal value (A)
2013-Q2415817.84Normal value (A)
2013-Q1413550.12Normal value (A)
2012-Q4410893.07Normal value (A)
2012-Q3411835.45Normal value (A)
2012-Q2406988.92Normal value (A)
2012-Q1407208.14Normal value (A)
2011-Q4404587.48Normal value (A)
2011-Q3403917.08Normal value (A)
2011-Q2402832.80Normal value (A)
2011-Q1402238.80Normal value (A)
2010-Q4399246.11Normal value (A)
2010-Q3398726.70Normal value (A)
2010-Q2396434.42Normal value (A)
2010-Q1393058.77Normal value (A)
2009-Q4391294.08Normal value (A)
2009-Q3389944.18Normal value (A)
2009-Q2389390.21Normal value (A)
2009-Q1390129.74Normal value (A)
2008-Q4396725.51Normal value (A)
2008-Q3405531.68Normal value (A)
2008-Q2412322.11Normal value (A)
2008-Q1415396.68Normal value (A)
2007-Q4413923.07Normal value (A)
2007-Q3410507.39Normal value (A)
2007-Q2407059.87Normal value (A)
2007-Q1404143.58Normal value (A)
2006-Q4400162.11Normal value (A)
2006-Q3398755.81Normal value (A)
2006-Q2398500.20Normal value (A)
2006-Q1397614.22Normal value (A)
2005-Q4396558.13Normal value (A)
2005-Q3390704.63Normal value (A)
2005-Q2386186.47Normal value (A)
2005-Q1381950.30Normal value (A)
2004-Q4378363.61Normal value (A)
2004-Q3377412.13Normal value (A)
2004-Q2376790.85Normal value (A)
2004-Q1375352.72Normal value (A)
2003-Q4373309.68Normal value (A)
2003-Q3370317.89Normal value (A)
2003-Q2366569.29Normal value (A)
2003-Q1363131.77Normal value (A)
2002-Q4360760.36Normal value (A)
2002-Q3357553.89Normal value (A)
2002-Q2354864.10Normal value (A)
2002-Q1352539.07Normal value (A)
2001-Q4350872.62Normal value (A)
2001-Q3349316.24Normal value (A)
2001-Q2346732.87Normal value (A)
2001-Q1344025.80Normal value (A)
2000-Q4339542.21Normal value (A)
2000-Q3338978.23Normal value (A)
2000-Q2338029.48Normal value (A)
2000-Q1335975.53Normal value (A)
1999-Q4333163.85Normal value (A)
1999-Q3328645.69Normal value (A)
1999-Q2322883.15Normal value (A)
1999-Q1322683.03Normal value (A)
1998-Q4320870.13Normal value (A)
1998-Q3317778.28Normal value (A)
1998-Q2315426.87Normal value (A)
1998-Q1312592.45Normal value (A)
1997-Q4310235.59Normal value (A)
1997-Q3307050.95Normal value (A)
1997-Q2305551.87Normal value (A)
1997-Q1302874.82Normal value (A)
1996-Q4297146.85Normal value (A)
1996-Q3294344.26Normal value (A)
1996-Q2292347.61Normal value (A)
1996-Q1291419.78Normal value (A)
1995-Q4288815.50Normal value (A)
1995-Q3288004.10Normal value (A)
1995-Q2285202.43Normal value (A)
1995-Q1284177.27Normal value (A)
1994-Q4283265.82Normal value (A)
1994-Q3281662.13Normal value (A)
1994-Q2278499.33Normal value (A)
1994-Q1275303.78Normal value (A)
1993-Q4271993.62Normal value (A)
1993-Q3270155.25Normal value (A)
1993-Q2267998.50Normal value (A)
1993-Q1266643.14Normal value (A)
1992-Q4264704.71Normal value (A)
1992-Q3262859.97Normal value (A)
1992-Q2261187.15Normal value (A)
1992-Q1261505.53Normal value (A)
1991-Q4261526.45Normal value (A)
1991-Q3261110.74Normal value (A)
1991-Q2261709.28Normal value (A)
1991-Q1262028.57Normal value (A)
1990-Q4262767.19Normal value (A)
1990-Q3263650.45Normal value (A)
1990-Q2266415.74Normal value (A)
1990-Q1265050.37Normal value (A)
1989-Q4263256.57Normal value (A)
1989-Q3263019.16Normal value (A)
1989-Q2262773.56Normal value (A)
1989-Q1261070.72Normal value (A)
1988-Q4259939.13Normal value (A)
1988-Q3257718.72Normal value (A)
1988-Q2253836.39Normal value (A)
1988-Q1252326.40Normal value (A)
1987-Q4247843.72Normal value (A)
1987-Q3245070.24Normal value (A)
1987-Q2239284.96Normal value (A)
1987-Q1235877.47Normal value (A)
1986-Q4233791.67Normal value (A)
1986-Q3229737.43Normal value (A)
1986-Q2228738.65Normal value (A)
1986-Q1227076.75Normal value (A)
1985-Q4224518.85Normal value (A)
1985-Q3223974.89Normal value (A)
1985-Q2223762.95Normal value (A)
1985-Q1219094.70Normal value (A)
1984-Q4217261.79Normal value (A)
1984-Q3213030.16Normal value (A)
1984-Q2211652.98Normal value (A)
1984-Q1213515.00Normal value (A)
1983-Q4212053.22Normal value (A)
1983-Q3210234.86Normal value (A)
1983-Q2207945.30Normal value (A)
1983-Q1206186.98Normal value (A)
1982-Q4202520.24Normal value (A)
1982-Q3201102.12Normal value (A)
1982-Q2200572.71Normal value (A)
1982-Q1198343.20Normal value (A)
1981-Q4198033.92Normal value (A)
1981-Q3197806.51Normal value (A)
1981-Q2195677.97Normal value (A)
1981-Q1195204.05Normal value (A)
1980-Q4195513.32Normal value (A)
1980-Q3197611.85Normal value (A)
1980-Q2197857.45Normal value (A)
1980-Q1201853.48Normal value (A)
1979-Q4203834.66Normal value (A)
1979-Q3201717.03Normal value (A)
1979-Q2206225.18Normal value (A)
1979-Q1197470.86Normal value (A)
1978-Q4198248.59Normal value (A)
1978-Q3196457.52Normal value (A)
1978-Q2193835.04Normal value (A)
1978-Q1191519.11Normal value (A)
1977-Q4189880.86Normal value (A)
1977-Q3186645.29Normal value (A)
1977-Q2185360.88Normal value (A)
1977-Q1186715.33Normal value (A)
1976-Q4186622.55Normal value (A)
1976-Q3182766.61Normal value (A)
1976-Q2180520.72Normal value (A)
1976-Q1180840.91Normal value (A)
1975-Q4177981.92Normal value (A)
1975-Q3175994.37Normal value (A)
1975-Q2176590.18Normal value (A)
1975-Q1179525.58Normal value (A)
1974-Q4179437.34Normal value (A)
1974-Q3182080.74Normal value (A)
1974-Q2180908.22Normal value (A)
1974-Q1178334.86Normal value (A)
1973-Q4183331.49Normal value (A)
1973-Q3184113.77Normal value (A)
1973-Q2185892.11Normal value (A)
1973-Q1185627.41Normal value (A)
1972-Q4176863.07Normal value (A)
1972-Q3174138.72Normal value (A)
1972-Q2173666.62Normal value (A)
1972-Q1169139.36Normal value (A)
1971-Q4168961.98Normal value (A)
1971-Q3168296.13Normal value (A)
1971-Q2165418.05Normal value (A)
1971-Q1162515.40Normal value (A)
1970-Q4163480.52Normal value (A)
1970-Q3162064.22Normal value (A)
1970-Q2160473.27Normal value (A)
1970-Q1156776.51Normal value (A)
1969-Q4157784.39Normal value (A)
1969-Q3156981.18Normal value (A)
1969-Q2156100.65Normal value (A)
1969-Q1154968.16Normal value (A)
1968-Q4155313.82Normal value (A)
1968-Q3154694.36Normal value (A)
1968-Q2151676.19Normal value (A)
1968-Q1152335.67Normal value (A)
1967-Q4146991.57Normal value (A)
1967-Q3146212.92Normal value (A)
1967-Q2145572.54Normal value (A)
1967-Q1143557.70Normal value (A)
1966-Q4141629.27Normal value (A)
1966-Q3142224.17Normal value (A)
1966-Q2141756.62Normal value (A)
1966-Q1140937.95Normal value (A)
1965-Q4140705.99Normal value (A)
1965-Q3139840.02Normal value (A)
1965-Q2138687.51Normal value (A)
1965-Q1138540.15Normal value (A)
1964-Q4138927.65Normal value (A)
1964-Q3136845.50Normal value (A)
1964-Q2136307.90Normal value (A)
1964-Q1133994.70Normal value (A)
1963-Q4133193.31Normal value (A)
1963-Q3130299.76Normal value (A)
1963-Q2129640.28Normal value (A)
1963-Q1124308.91Normal value (A)
1962-Q4123671.25Normal value (A)
1962-Q3124118.79Normal value (A)
1962-Q2123369.26Normal value (A)
1962-Q1122233.12Normal value (A)
1961-Q4121659.14Normal value (A)
1961-Q3121853.80Normal value (A)
1961-Q2122494.19Normal value (A)
1961-Q1122002.98Normal value (A)
1960-Q4120047.27Normal value (A)
1960-Q3119318.65Normal value (A)
1960-Q2117535.77Normal value (A)
1960-Q1118384.46Normal value (A)
1959-Q4115561.86Normal value (A)
1959-Q3112695.60Normal value (A)
1959-Q2110383.31Normal value (A)
1959-Q1108594.05Normal value (A)
1958-Q4108028.26Normal value (A)
1958-Q3107918.19Normal value (A)
1958-Q2105592.26Normal value (A)
1958-Q1108047.36Normal value (A)
1957-Q4105846.95Normal value (A)
1957-Q3105669.58Normal value (A)
1957-Q2106324.51Normal value (A)
1957-Q1106345.43Normal value (A)
1956-Q4104281.47Normal value (A)
1956-Q3103821.20Normal value (A)
1956-Q2103920.35Normal value (A)
1956-Q1104189.60Normal value (A)
1955-Q4103086.21Normal value (A)
1955-Q3103598.34Normal value (A)
1955-Q2101502.54Normal value (A)
1955-Q1101406.12Normal value (A)