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Selected Indicators for the Euro Area
Chart (annual percentage changes unless otherwise stated) Euro Area Reference Period
Inflation rate (HICP) -0.6 2015Jan
Monetary aggregate M3 4.1 2015Jan
GDP in prices of the previous year (economic growth) 0.9 2014Q4
Unit labour costs 1.1 2014Q3
Population (in millions) 335 2013
Unemployment rate (as a % of labour force) 11.4 2014Dec
Labour productivity 0.2 2014Q3
Current account balance (as a % of GDP) 2.87 2014Q3
US dollar / Euro exchange rate 1.1317 26 Feb 2015
Government deficit (-) / surplus (+) (as a % of GDP) -2.5 2014Q3
Government debt (as a % of GDP) 92.1 2014Q3
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Inflation rate (HICP)
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Release Calendar for Euro Area Statistics (next 5 publications)
Release Date Indicator Reference Period
2015-03-04 Latest national aggregated balance sheets of non-participating Member States' MFIs, excluding the ESCB Jan-2015
2015-03-04 MFI interest rate statistics Jan-2015
2015-03-09 Harmonised Competitiveness Indicators Feb-2015
2015-03-11 Long term interest rates statistics Feb-2015
2015-03-11 Euro area securities issues statistics Jan-2015