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Balance Sheet Items   (1) Monetary aggregate M2
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Balance Sheet Items Deposits with agreed maturity, Up to two years
Balance Sheet Items Deposits/agreed maturity & redeemable at notice; Agreed maturity up to 2 years and redeemable at notice up to 3 months
Balance Sheet Items Deposits redeemable at notice; Up to three months

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Dataset name: Balance Sheet Items ; Frequency: Monthly ; Reference area: Euro area (changing composition) ; Adjustment indicator: Working day and seasonally adjusted ; BS reference sector breakdown: MFIs, central government and post office giro institutions ; Balance sheet item: Monetary aggregate M2 ; Original maturity: Not applicable ; Data type: Index of Notional Stocks ; Counterpart area: Euro area (changing composition) ; BS counterpart sector: Non-MFIs excluding central government ; Currency of transaction: All currencies combined ; Balance sheet suffix: 3-month annualised growth rate

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