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Internal liquidity management (ILM) statistics

  Data source

European Central Bank

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  Data presentation - Summary description

ILM statistics refer to the statistics on the consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem and on the banking system’s liquidity position.

  Reference area coverage

Euro area

  Sector coverage

The data refer to or are derived from the consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem.

  Time period

Banking system’s liquidity position: monthly euro area aggregates.

Consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem: weekly and monthly. Weekly data refer to end-of-week positions of the Eurosystem as a whole; monthly ECB and NCB contributions to the Eurosystem consolidated financial statement refer to end-of-period outstanding amount (calendar for reference day available here); monthly Eurosystem data refer to the averages of daily positions over the corresponding maintenance periods. Hence when no maintenance period is ending at a given month, data cannot be compiled by definition and the corresponding data point shows a missing value.

  Frequency of data collection

1) Monthly euro area aggregates are updated at the end of each maintenance period.

2) Monthly ECB and NCB contributions to the Eurosystem consolidated financial statement are updated every month on the publication date specified here.

  Release policy

Monthly banking system’s liquidity position data pertaining to euro area aggregates are published two days after the maintenance period has ended. As a general rule, the consolidated weekly financial statements of the Eurosystem are published on a Tuesday, and they relate to the preceding Friday. Monthly ECB and NCB contributions to the Eurosystem consolidated financial statement are published with a time lag of not less than one month following the first Friday of the month or the last Friday of the preceding month if the last working day

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Internal Liquidity Management
Show/Hide section   ILM: ILM.M.BE.N.L020200.U2.EUR

Title Complement Belgium, NCBs reporting sector - Deposit facility, Euro - Euro area (changing composition) counterpart
Series Key ILM.M.BE.N.L020200.U2.EUR
ECB Last update 2018-10-30 15:05:00.0
Unit Millions of Euro
Reference area Belgium (BE)
Title Deposit facility - Belgium
Decimals Zero (0)
Collection indicator End of period (E)
Publications Other monetary statistics: Table in chapter 01, section 03 (T0103)
Frequency Monthly