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  Title DD - Derived data
  Data source European Central Bank (ECB)
  Contact email address Statistical Information Request form
  Reference area coverage Country data, European Union and Euro area aggregates, US, Japan
  Source data type The underlying data are taken from the bis, sts, stp, sad, ecb, icp, fmdb, esa2010, fiscal_ncb and ameco databases. The database includes time series at national level for the 27 EU Member States and, for some subsets of data, time series for the aggregates: euro area (current composition, Euro area 11, Euro area 12, Euro area 13 and Euro area 15).
  Time period Business, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual
  Frequency of data collection The underlying data are taken from the bis, sts, stp, sad, ecb, icp, fmdb, esa95, fiscal_ncb and ameco databases. As soon as one of these databases is updated, the relevant derived data series are automatically updated.
  Timeliness Automatically as soon as one of the underlying databases is updated.
  Metadata last update 12/DEC/2018 11:03:02

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Derived Data
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Title Complement Denmark, Share of central bank funding in credit institutions liabilities (total liabilities exclude capital and reserves as well as remaining liabilities; credit institutions are MFIs excluding the ESCB and money markets funds, and ESCB funding comprises loans to the other MFIs and excludes holdings of securities other than shares issued by other MFIs)Banks' funding by central banks (share of total liabilities), Ratio - ECB Neither seasonally or working day adjusted
Series Key DD.M.DK.BSI_STF.RO.4F_N
ECB Last update 2018-12-04 13:26:59.0
Unit Percent
Reference area Denmark (DK)
Title Denmark, Banks' funding by central banks (share of total liabilities), Neither seasonally or working day adjusted
Decimals Two (2)
Collection indicator End of period (E)
Compilation 100*(BSI.M.DK.N.A.L20.A.1.U6.1120.Z01.E /(BSI.M.DK.N.A.T00.A.1.Z5.0000.Z01.E - BSI.M.DK.N.A.L70.X.1.Z5.0000.Z01.E - BSI.M.DK.N.A.L60.X.1.Z5.0000.Z01.E - BSI.M.DK.N.A.L30.A.1.Z5.0000.Z01.E))
Source agency European Central Bank (ECB) (4F0)
Publications ESRB Risk Dashboard: Table in chapter 04, section 03 (T0403)
Frequency Monthly