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  Title MFI Interest Rate Statistics (MIR Statistics)

  Data source Monetary financial institutions in the euro area are legally obliged to report data to their National Central Banks, which in turn report to the ECB.

  Contact email address Statistical Information Request form

  Legal acts and other agreements Regulation ECB/2013/34:    

Regulation ECB/2014/30:

Guideline ECB/2014/15:

Council regulation (EC) No 2533/98 of 23 November 1998 concerning the collection of statistical information by the European Central Bank:

ECB legal framework:

  Data presentation - Summary description Statistics on interest rates applied by monetary financial institutions (except central banks and money market funds) to deposits and loans vis-á-vis households and non-financial corporations, both for New Business and Outstanding Amounts.

  Data presentation - Detailed description Interest rates and corresponding volumes on: Deposits with MFIs from households, Deposits with MFIs from non-financial corporations, Loans granted by MFIs to households, Loans granted by MFIs to non-financial corporations.

  Reference area coverage Euro area Member States

  Sector coverage MFI sector vis-à-vis households (including non-profit institutions serving households) and non-financial corporations.

  Source data type Sources of weights: for the aggregation of interest rates within each instrument category, the respective business volumes are used as weights. To calculate an individual institution"s aggregate interest rate per instrument category, the volumes of each contract within that instrument category are used as weights.

Nature of weights: weighted averages

  Time period Months from January 2003 to ongoing

  Base period No base period

  Frequency of data collection Monthly

  Classification system ESA2010

  Statistical unit For interest rates: percent per annum

For business volumes: national currency

  Accounting conventions For Oustanding amounts: stocks and interest rates observed at end of month (exceptionally period averages for implicit rates)

For New business: all new agreements on interest rates, including renegotiations of existing agreements, as agreed on during the course of one month

  Valuation For Interest rates: annualized agreed rate (AAR), or narrowly defined effective rate (NDER)

For Stocks: book value or volumes agreed on (in the case of new business)

  Data validation Verification of processing

  Data revision - policy Revisions are taken on board to improve data quality, as and when they occur.

  Data revision - practice Permanent

  Quality management Logical and plausibility checking

  Release policy - release calendar Release calendar schedule on the ECB"s website:

  Dissemination format - news release For the MIR press release on the ECB"s website, see:

  Dissemination format - other formats For the main page of MIR statistics on the ECB"s website, see:

  Documentation on methodology MFI Interest Rate Statistics Manual: 

Cost of borrowing indicators methodology:

  Methodology - Advance notice Major conceptual / methodological changes take place at large intervals (minimum 5 years) and are explained, at the latest with the revised statistics.

  Metadata last update 13/DEC/2018 11:38:19

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MFI Interest Rate Statistics
Show/Hide section   MIR : Search result for MIR.M.LT.B.A2C.P.R.A.2250.EUR.N

Title Complement Lithuania, Annualised agreed rate (AAR) / Narrowly defined effective rate (NDER), Credit and other institutions (MFI except MMFs and central banks) reporting sector - Lending for house purchase excluding revolving loans and overdrafts, convenience and extended credit card debt, Over 10 years initial rate fixation, New business coverage, Households and non-profit institutions serving households (S.14 and S.15) sector, denominated in Euro
Series Key MIR.M.LT.B.A2C.P.R.A.2250.EUR.N
ECB Last update 2019-10-02 10:00:01.0
Unit Percent per annum
Reference area Lithuania (LT)
Decimals Four (4)
Collection indicator Average of observations through period (A)
Source agency Bank of Lithuania (LT2)
Title Bank interest rates - loans to households for house purchase with an IRF period of over ten years (new business) - Lithuania
Frequency Monthly