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  Title Composite indicator of systemic stress (CISS)

  Data source ECB

  Contact email address Statistical Information Request form

  Data presentation - Summary description The CISS is computed for the euro area as a whole. It includes 15 raw, mainly market-based financial stress measures that are split equally into five categories, namely the financial intermediaries sector, money markets, equity markets, bond markets and foreign exchange markets. For further details, see Hollo, D., Kremer, M. and Lo Duca, M., "CISS - A Composite Indicator of Systemic Stress in the Financial System" , Working Paper Series, No 1426, ECB, March 2012.


The SovCISS measures stress in sovereign debt markets in the euro area as a whole and in several euro area and non-euro area EU countries. The methodology is described in Garcia-de-Andoain, C. and Kremer, M., "Beyond Spreads: Measuring Sovereign Market Stress in the Euro Area"Working Paper Series, No 2185, ECB, October 2018.

  Time period Weekly (CISS), Monthly (SovCISS)

  Timeliness The CISS data is updated weekly on Monday with the figures for the previous week.

The SovCISS data is updated monthly on the first Monday of the month with the figures for the previous month.

  Metadata last update 16/JAN/2019 15:01:08

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Composite Indicator of Systemic Stress
Show/Hide section   CISS : Search result for CISS.D.U2.Z0Z.4F.EC.SS_CO.CON

Title Complement Euro area (changing composition), Stress subindice - Cross-subindex correlation, Contribution
Series Key CISS.D.U2.Z0Z.4F.EC.SS_CO.CON
ECB Last update 2019-09-24 10:19:30.0
Unit Pure number
Reference area Euro area (changing composition) (U2)
Title CISS contribution from cross-subindex correlations
Decimals Four (4)
Collection indicator Other (V)
Source agency European Central Bank (ECB) (4F0)
Publications ESRB Risk Dashboard: Table in chapter 01, section 01 (T0101)
Frequency Daily