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  Title ST1 - Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, national data (discontiued)

  Data source National Central Banks or National Statistics Offices. IMF SDDS Website.

  Contact email address Statistical Information Request Form

  Data presentation - Summary description The dataset contains the balance of payments (b.o.p.) and the international investment position (i.i.p.) for European Union countries.

The b.o.p. and the i.i.p statistics generally follow the IMF Balance of Payments Manual(BPM5). The ECB publication European Union balance of Payments/International Investment Position Statistical Methods ("B.o.p. book"), available on the ECB Website, contains details on the compilation of the national b.o.p/i.i.p. collection systems.

National Currency: EUR

  Data presentation - Detailed description European Union balance of payments/international investment position statistical methods

  Source data type The ECB publication European Union Balance of payments/International Investment Position Statistical Methods ( b.o.p book), also avilable on the ECB website, contains further details on national collection systems.

  Data collection method Concept and Definitions: EU countries may accommodate different national concepts in ST1 data with respect to the ECB requirements, definitions and methods.


  Time period Monthly and Quarterly (b.o.p.) and Quarterly and Annual (I.I.P.)

  Frequency of data collection Monthly, Quarterly, Annual

  Data compilation Net i.i.p. for France is only available at annual frequency.

  Adjustment The data are non seasonally adjusted.

  Data revision EU countries may send revisions according to internal release timetables and in order to synchronize their databases with the SDW.

  Dissemination format National; Press Releases; ECB Orange Book;

  Dissemination format - publications The data are released according to national compilers" production and release calendars

  Metadata last update 18/SEP/2019 19:31:20

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