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  Dataset contact e-mail or
  Data category EU MFI population statistics (based on List of MFIs)
  Short presentation of data items Statistics on EU population of MFIs - stocks & flows at end-month covering: (1) demographic changes (new/deleted MFIs) (2) attribute changes (modifications to locational characteristics) (3) foreign status data (branches)
  Analytical framework Regulation ECB/2001/13 (as amended); Guideline ECB/2007/9 (recast)
  Types of data source National data collected from EU27 NCBs
  Reference period January 1999 - ongoing
  Seasonal adjustment No
  Periodicity Monthly
  Timeliness Publication on 1st day after end of reference month
  Catalog Download the series catalogue (complete list of series) of the dataset MFI (Public) (including the metadata): Excel 2013 or the earlier Excel versions.
Access by the public
  Means of release Simultaneously to all parties outside the ESCB via:
  Publications catalogue Annual historical data only (up to end-December 2006) ISSN 1830-6748 (online)
  News release Press release at beginning of each year (January) to announce new changes.
  Other Data are disseminated to the ECB Databank end-monthly.
  Principal legislation—stat. compl. (2000/12/EC) 20 March 2000 as amended by Directives 2000/28/EC and 2000/46/EC from 18 September 2000
  Principal legislation—statistical con. (2000/12/EC) 20 March 2000 as amended by Directives 2000/28/EC and 2000/46/EC from 18 September 2000
  Revision policy Revisions to published historical reference periods are not available.
  Means of informing the public
  Concepts and Definitions ESCB harmonised definitions
  International / Supranational guidelines ESA 95: European Standard on institutional sector classification
  Geographic coverage EU 27
  Sector coverage ESA 95 sub-sectors: S.121 - National central banks S.122 - Credit institutions; Money market funds; Other MFIs.
  Transactions coverage stocks and flows
  List indicators used MFIs population statistics
  Frequency with which source gathered Ad hoc (upon occurrence of event); Daily
  Period used for gathering source data Daily
  Data checking Logical and plausibility checking
  Adjustments No adjustments
  Aggregation By each country; by euro area/non-euro area; by each category.

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