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  Documentation Some more detailed background information on the Consolidated Banking Data released by the ECB may be found here: CBD Website.
  Source agency National Supervisory Authorities
  Data category Financial accounting: stocks and flows
  Data characteristics Banking data
  Short presentation of data items
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Asset quality
  • Capital adequacy
  National currency All data (for outstanding amounts and financial transactions) are reported in euro.
  Types of data source Income statements and balance sheets of banks
  Reference period 6 months to full year
  Periodicity Semi-annual, except for certain detailed breakdowns which are collected only annually
  Timeliness Publication approximately 8 months after the reference period
  Update frequency Semi-annual
  Catalog Download the series catalogue (complete list of series) of the dataset CBD (Public) (including the metadata): Excel 2013 or the earlier Excel versions.
Access by the public
  Dissemination formats ECB website
  Publications catalogue Statistical Annex in "EU banking sector stability"
  Principal legislation—stat. compl. Guideline ECB/2014/15 on monetary, financial institutions and market statistics (recast)
  Scope / Coverage of the data Credit institutions operating in the EU28 countries
  Geographic coverage European Union
  Sector coverage Domestic credit institutions - Foreign EU & non-EU controlled subsidiaries and branches
  Statistical adjustments Semi-annual flows are annualised by being multiplied by 2.
  Aggregation The data received at national level are aggregated by reference sector.
  • Large domestic banks
  • Medium-sized domestic banks
  • Small domestic banks
  • Foreign EU controlled subsidiaries
  • Foreign non-EU controlled subsidiaries
  • Foreign EU controlled branches
  • Foreign non-EU controlled branches
  Consolidation Data for banking groups are reported on a consolidated basis.
  Base period / reference period
  • 6 months (semi-annual data)
  • full year (annual data)
  Sample size See data on the number of reporters
  Sample frame Credit institutions (IFRS and non-IFRS reporters)
  Verification of data Accounting identities
  Weights Data are not weighted.

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