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 Contact person Statistical Information Request form
European Central Bank
 Address PO Box 16 03 19
Frankfurt am Main
Germany, D-60066
  Source agency European Central Bank
  Data category Other financial intermediaries (OFIs) balance sheet items statistics.
  Short presentation of data items OFI statistics currently contain:
  • balance sheet items for total investment funds
  • balance sheet items for investment funds broken down by investment policy (equity funds, bond funds, mixed funds, real estate funds, other funds).
  • balance sheet items for investment funds broken down by type of investor (general public funds, special investors funds).
  National currency EUR
  Types of data source The data are collected and compiled by the NCBs or national statistical institutes and transmitted to the ECB.
  Seasonal adjustment none
  Periodicity Quarterly
  Timeliness Publication approximately two weeks after the end of the following quarter.
  Catalog Download the series catalogue (complete list of series) of the dataset OFI (Public) (including the metadata): Excel 2013 or the earlier Excel versions.
Access by the public
  Means of release GESMES/TS to ESCB
  Monthly bulletin Monthly Bulletin, Section 2.9 and 2.10 of the "Euro area statistics" section.
  Hardcopy issn: 1830-0081
  Electronic issn: 1830-0073
  Other ECB website
  Revision policy Revisions to previous period are accepted routinely, while revisions to periods further in history are taken into account under certain conditions.
  Timing At the time of implementation.
  Means of informing the public Monthly Bulletin
Quality references
  Component breakdown - Data type Assets and liabilities with further breakdowns of balance sheet items, time series data for outstanding amounts.
  Concepts and Definitions The framework for the transmission of OFI statistics is laid down in the Guideline ECB/2003/2, as amended, annex XVIII.
  International / Supranational guidelines ESA95
  Scope / Coverage of the data Balance sheet items of euro area investment funds.
  Geographic coverage Euro area.
  Data collection Quarterly
  Frequency with which source gathered Quarterly
  Aggregation Data are aggregated across individual investment funds in each Member State by NCBs or national statistical institutes to derive contributions to the aggregated balance sheet of the investment fund sector.
  Validation Based on the verification of balance sheet constraints, plus checks on plausibility of developments at various levels of aggregation based on time-series techniques and judgement.

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