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Payment services, large-value payment systems and retail payment systems

These statistics cover important aspects of payment transactions in EU countries, such as information on the availability and usage of different payment services and the main payment and settlement systems, as well as data on the general economic situation in each country for the purposes of comparison.

They are published once a year in mid-September.

The statistics on payment services, large-value payment systems and retail payment systems comprise data from several data sets.

The balance sheet items (BSP) dataset provides information on settlement media (currency in circulation, overnight deposits) used in the economy.

Structural financial indicators (SSP) include detailed breakdowns related to institutions offering payment services. The data comprise the number of institutions and offices as well as the number of different types of accounts held by payment service users.

Banknotes statistics (BKN) provide statistical data on banknotes and coins in circulation in the economy.

The payment and settlement systems (PSS) dataset comprises comprehensive information on the availability and usage of payment services, instruments and systems.

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BKN - Banknotes statistics  DataBulk downloadRelease calendar
BSP - Balance sheet items for payments statistics  DataBulk downloadRelease calendar
PSS - Payment and settlement systems statistics  DataBulk downloadRelease calendar
SSP - Structural financial indicators DataBulk downloadRelease calendar

The annual payments statistics publication comprises a set of country tables for each EU country as well as comparative tables for comparing countries. In addition, separate tables containing information on selected international payment systems are published. The publication also includes a methodological section and country-specific notes.


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