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Economic Concepts

The ECB – assisted by the national central banks (NCBs) and other national (statistical and supervisory) authorities of the European Union – develops, collects, compiles and disseminates statistics. The Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW) is a platform where euro area statistics, including in some cases national breakdowns are made available. The ECB statistics: a brief overview provides a brief introduction to the topics covered.

There are several ways to access the data:

  • selecting data from the left navigation menu via the 'Economic Concept' hierarchy;
  • searching using free text field or 'Series key';
  • browsing data within a data set. Please find below the complete list of data sets, with reference to the metadata and data pages, and a fast bulk download option using the ECB SDMX 2.1 RESTful web services;
  • via your tailored selection 'My Reports' and 'My Data Groups'.

AME - AMECO  Data Bulk donwload
BKN - Banknotes statistics DataBulk donwload
BLS - Bank Lending Survey Statistics DataBulk donwload
BOP - Euro Area Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics DataBulk donwload
BP6 - Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6) DataBulk donwload
BSI - Balance Sheet Items  DataBulk donwload
BSP - Balance Sheet Items Statistics (tables 2 to 5 of the Blue Book) DataBulk donwload
CBD - Statistics on Consolidated Banking Data DataBulk donwload
CBD2 - Consolidated Banking data DataBulk donwload
CCP - Central Counterparty Clearing Statistics DataBulk donwload
CISS - Composite Indicator of Systemic Stress DataBulk donwload
CPP - Commercial Property Price Statistics DataBulk donwload
DCM - Dealogic DCM analytics data DataBulk donwload
DD - Derived Data DataBulk donwload
E09 - Government Tax and Social Contributions Receipts Statistics (Eurostat ESA2010 TP, table 9) DataBulk donwload
E11 - Classification of the Functions of Government Statistics (Eurostat ESA2010 TP, table 11) DataBulk donwload
EDP - EDP tables DataBulk donwload
EON - EONIA: Euro Interbank Offered Rate DataBulk donwload
ESA - ESA95 National Accounts DataBulk donwload
ESB - European Union Balance of Payments (Source Eurostat) DataBulk donwload
EXR - Exchange Rates  DataBulk donwload
FM - Financial market data DataBulk donwload
FVC - Financial Vehicle Corporation DataBulk donwload
GFS - Government Finance Statistics DataBulk donwload
GST - Government Statistics DataBulk donwload
ICP - Indices of Consumer prices DataBulk donwload
ICPF - Insurance Corporations & Pension Funds Statistics DataBulk donwload
IDCM - National accounts, Main aggregates in the International Data Cooperation TF context DataBulk donwload
IEAF - Quarterly non-financial accounts, QSA by country DataBulk donwload
IEAQ - Quarterly Euro Area Accounts DataBulk donwload
IFI - Indicators of Financial Integration DataBulk donwload
ILM - Internal Liquidity Management  DataBulk donwload
IRS - Long-term interest rate statistics DataBulk donwload
IVF - Investment Funds Balance Sheet Statistics DataBulk donwload
JVC - Eurostat Job Vacancy Statistics DataBulk donwload
KRI - EBA Key Risk Indicators DataBulk donwload
LIG - Large Insurance Groups Statistics DataBulk donwload
MFI - List of MFIs DataBulk donwload
MIR - MFI Interest Rate Statistics DataBulk donwload
MMS - Money Market Survey DataBulk donwload
MNA - National accounts, Main aggregates (Eurostat ESA2010 TP, table 1) DataBulk donwload
OFI - Other Financial Intermediaries DataBulk donwload
PSS - Payments and Settlement Systems Statistics DataBulk donwload
QSA - Quarterly Sector Accounts (MUFA and NFA Eurostat ESA2010 TP, table 801) DataBulk donwload
RA - International Reserves of the Eurosystem DataBulk donwload
RA6 - International Reserves of the Eurosystem (BPM6) DataBulk donwload
RAI - Risk Assessment Indicators DataBulk donwload
RDE - Risk Dashboard data DataBulk donwload
RDF - Risk Dashboard data DataBulk donwload
RIR - Retail Interest Rates DataBulk donwload
RPP - Residential Property Price Index Statistics DataBulk donwload
RPV - Residential Property Valuation DataBulk donwload
RTD - Real Time Database (research database) DataBulk donwload
SAFE - Survey on Access to Finance of Enterprises DataBulk donwload
SEC - Securities DataBulk donwload
SEE - Securities exchange - Trading Statistics DataBulk donwload
SHS - Securities Holding Statistics DataBulk donwload
SPF - Survey of Professional Forecasters DataBulk donwload
SSI - Banking Structural Financial Indicators DataBulk donwload
SSP - Structural Financial Indicators for Payments DataBulk donwload
SST - Securities Settlement Statistics DataBulk donwload
ST1 - Balance of Payments statistics, national data DataBulk donwload
ST3 - Euro Area Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics, Geographical Breakdown DataBulk donwload
STP - STEP data DataBulk donwload
STS - Short-Term Statistics DataBulk donwload
TGB - Target Balances DataBulk donwload
TRD - External Trade  DataBulk donwload
WTS - Trade weights DataBulk donwload
YC - Financial market data - yield curve DataBulk donwload